Friday, January 23, 2009

Illuminati Orders Obama to Poison Babies

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of
Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
Safety and Happiness

Obama announced that he would continue the maiming of babies, worldwide, when he released his policy statement on autism. Of course, he can not come out and state this overtly. You have to know the truth about how George H W Bush began ratcheting up the design to decrease intelligence for the great unwashed. Autism and other neurological disabilities are just an unfortunate offshoot for about 1 out of 6 children who are most susceptible to having mercury and aluminum shot into them via vaccines.

In the Illuminati's grand scheme, they are following an old maxim of war, burn the books and bury the scholars. They write the books and they control the media so they have that part covered. It's easier to make the population stupid than it is to kill them so that's what they are doing through poisons in vaccines.

Vaccines have been laced with thimerosal since 1931, a preservative that contains mercury and aluminum. It seems that it wasn't until the 1970's that any scientists figured out that thimerosal was the cause of neurological problems. I have talked with scientists who worked for vaccine manufacturers and reported these findings to superiors, only to have their concerns ignored. This is about the time that ADD appeared in children making it very difficult for them to pay attention and learn their lessons in school.

Autism also began a slow increase in the 1970's coupled with an increase in vaccines. As vaccines increased in the 1980's, autism and ADD increased slowly. Then, in 1991, while George HW Bush was president, the onslaught really began to maim every baby's brain that was born. That's when they started using the needless HepB shot on the day of birth to intentionally cause brain damage for everyone. Since babies don't develop a blood brain barrier that helps filter out the mercury and aluminum until they are about a month old, delivering the poison to them when they are first born is the most effective way to kill brain cells for most and cause grave damage for about one percent like SIDS and autism. Here is an explanation of why some are seriously affected and why most don't show obvious damage.

It wasn't until 1999 that the CDC told us that thimerosal was the cause of this brain damage. Then in 2000, a group of drug company and government scientists met at Simpsonwood Retreat in Norcross, Georgia and decided to try to cover all of this information up. So, we see that Clinton, George W Bush and now Obama are continuing this coverup.

In 2000, Dr Amy Holmes did a study on chelation, a method to remove mercury and other toxic metals from the brains of autistic children to see if it would improve their conditions. Autism had always been considered incurable. Holmes was right. Others continued her work and we began curing autistic children for the first time by removing mercury from their brains and addressing the residual damage.

These are things that are never reported by the media. The Illuminati will not allow it. They have allowed ex Playboy Centerfold Jenny McCarthy to go on TV and talk about her autistic son but they always put up a message from the CDC advising the public that vaccines do not cause autism to discredit her. Sometimes, they let her go on a TV program opposite a doctor or two so the public sees doctors versus a centerfold and she is immediately ignored by most of the general public. This is done by design to help discredit everyone like me who knows the truth. I have partially recovered a severely autistic son by chelation. I was told to stick him in an asylum when he was only three years old. Now, he's twelve, still at home and functions well enough that he should be able to live outside an asylum with some assistance. And, he keeps improving.

That's the background. Obama knows that he should end the use of thimerosal. He knows it is causing all of this damage. Every politician in Washington DC knows this. People like me have been bugging the hell out of all of them for ten years now to ask them to stop poisoning our babies. They simply refuse to stop it.

Obama's statement on autism never mentions thimerosal. It is still in the vaccines, even though the public has been led to believe otherwise. The most dangerous vaccine is the flu shot that is given to pregnant women. As with the HepB shot, this puts the mercury and aluminum in the brain of the fetus while it is defenseless and causes more damage than giving it to an older baby. Obama is well aware of this, as are all politicians. The fact that he did not act to stop this child abuse immeidately proves he is following orders from above. No person who is aware of how thimerosal causes brain damage could allow business as usual to poison babies.

Any sane and decent person would ban thimerosal and inform the public how to reverse the brain damage as soon as they took office. This poisoning can only be by design. The only way to stop it is to spread the word that all parents have to avoid vaccines for their children until politicians can be pressured to tell the whole truth.

Another problem here is that the handful of parents who know the facts are being led astray by an author named David Kirby who keeps insisting that they wait for more studies to be done to prove what we already know. Kirby wrote a book called Evidence of Harm that reported a lot of the facts about how thimerosal causes autism. Then he became a spokesman for the cause and used weasel words to make it look like he didn't know what he was talking about when he made public appearances. Lots of young parents fell for his act and saw him as a savior while he continues to make them look like idiots by pretending we don't have the proof that thimerosal caused the brain damage.

I can only hope that those who understand the insidious nature of the Illuminati can help spread this story so that everyone understands it and learns that they must refuse vaccines. For extra credit, this study shows plans for future lies that will convince parents to abort healthy babies.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

David Kirby Agrees with Obama, Keep Poisoning Babies

"How could anyone, on any side of the autism argument, be unhappy with this?" David Kirby

This is a comment I saw from David Kirby regarding Obama's autism plan.

Wake the fuck up Kirby! How many more kids have already been poisoned since this bastard took office. Open your fucking mouth, demand the truth or stop getting in the way of solving the problem!

Kirby pretends he can't see the obfuscation of the truth that I noted in my previous blog entry. The right question to ask is how can anyone be stupid enough to agree with Obama's bullshit. Any idiot, even Kirby, can see that Obama's plan is to just waste more time and do nothing.

Why don't you question why Obama won't ban all thimerosal, Kirby? Whose fucking side are you on here? Will you tell the mothers of the fetuses who were poisoned in the last two days by Obama that they should be happy? You fucking asshole!

Obama's Plan to Poison Babies, Fuck You Barack

Here is Obama's plan to try to fool us all into poisoning more babies into autism. Obama knows the solution because I told him. I told him how to cure autism and I told him how to prevent it. Obama ignored this information and is going ahead with the grand plan to inject mercury and aluminum into every person in the USA to intentionally cause brain damage.

Obama has had two days to outlaw the use of thimerosal. The fact that he did not do this immediately upon taking the oath of office proves he favors poisoning every citizen. Mothers who are injected with mercury via the flu shot will have autistic babies. Lots of other kids will develop ADD, some will be murdered and it will be called SIDS and millions will be less intelligent than they should have been by virtue of mercury killing enough brain cells to lower IQ's.

President Obama and Vice President Biden are committed to supporting Americans with Autism Spectrum Disorders (“ASD”), their families, and their communities. There are a few key elements to their support, which are as follows:

First, President Obama and Vice President Biden support increased funding for autism research, treatment, screenings, public awareness, and support services. There must be research of the treatments for, and the causes of, ASD.

***This is carefully worded bullshit. We don't need any research since we have had the answers to this for ten years. This bogus call for resarch is the standard delaying tactic that is used by David Kirby to lead stupid parents astray so they won't question this nonsense. The time to act was ten years ago. Obama knows this but he, like Bush and Clinton, will not admit the truth.

Second, President Obama and Vice President Biden support improving life-long services for people with ASD for treatments, interventions and services for both children and adults with ASD.

***Sure Barack, support the life-long service of locking our kids up in asylums instead of telling everyone how to remove the mercury from their brains that turned them into zombies. You don't need any damn services if you just cure them, asshole!

Third, President Obama and Vice President Biden support funding the Combating Autism Act and working with Congress, parents and ASD experts to determine how to further improve federal and state programs for ASD.

***Here, Obama is talking about improving programs that have never worked to cure autism. All this will do is waste some more money and keep the kids autistic. And, note the wording...he only claims to want to determine how to do this...he won't actually state that he will do anything.

Fourth, President Obama and Vice President Biden support universal screening of all infants and re-screening for all two-year-olds, the age at which some conditions, including ASD, begin to appear. These screenings will be safe and secure, and available for every American that wants them. Screening is essential so that disabilities can be identified early enough for those children and families to get the supports and services they need

***Thanks a lot, pal. One more part of the plan to prevent anyone from curing Autism, Asperger's, ALS, Alzheimer's, ADD, ADHD, Speech Delay, etc.. That's it scumbag, just keep supporting people whose brains you mangled with mercury and aluminum instead of preventing those brains from being mangled. Yup, keep up the status quo of not doing one damn thing to reverse the brain damage.

You could have stopped this crap Tuesday with an immediate executive order banning thimerosal. Already, you have proven you belong in prison for all the babies you have just maimed for life by allowing this poisoning to continue. Four more years of baby poisoning coming up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Natural Solutions Foundation, Evidence of Bullshit

Just go here and read this. See what other people have to say about Rima Laibow and General Stubblebine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Autism in Finland, Treatment Strategies, David Andrews

This is the Finnish psychologist David Andrews. Below is a discussion of how Mr Andrews treats autism.

Andrews threatened me with legal action so I took his picture down. The link shows him looking like a stumblebum in a Youtube video.

David Andrews is a psychologist with a Master's Degree from Oulu U. who might now be working someplace in the field of psychology. I don't know if he spends his days keeping statistics on rats or actually takes money for dealing with mentally ill people. I can only hope he is not allowed to see children professionally.

Andrews likes to contribute to a deranged cult of sadists who present false information about autism. These sadists get their jollies by making fun of autistic people and berating them whenever they need a laugh for themselves.

David Andrews happened to catch an autistic man trying to stand up for himself while commenting at a blog run by a mentally challenged woman who calls herself the Autistic Bitch from Hell. You can see the full exchange here. Below, the Finnish psychologist demonstrates how Oulu University taught him to treat people with autism who seek help for their disability. Andrews' remarks are bolded.

Oh dear, Jonny boy, what an ignorant assuming piece of shit you really are, eh?

"David, it does not matter whether i listened in my social psych classes or not."

Yes, it does. You'd know more about the influence of other people's prejudices and their effects on the everyday lives of those subjected to them. Dipshit.

"I am not an M.ED. pending or distinguished, but I have learned about autism from the inside out, the real world, unlike you, who just learned from books,"

Learned from real life, inside out. There sems to have been as suspicion of autism when I was younger, but not much was done about it. Very nearly ended up in a special school but - if you are a product of special education - I'm glad I didn't fucking go! LoL!

"knows nothing about autism was able to get married, never went to a special ed school and happened to diagnose themselves well into adulthood, only after they found out their daughter was autistic."

I know more about autism than you'll ever fucking know, tosspot! LoL And yes, I was able to get married... not all that rare, actually! And I was diagnosed by two psychiatrists in the UK as an adult back in 1997. Get your fucking facts straight, and contend with being an idiot. My god... this is why you only have a Bachelor's degree.

Now we know the REAL Jonathan Mitchell, don't we? Hates anyone on the spectrum who did a shitload better than he feels he did.

Self-sorrowing arsehole.

By David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction), at 12:57 AM

Monday, January 19, 2009

Continental Congress

How Generation Rescue Poisons Babies

I saw today that Generation Rescue has asked for legal help to address a problem with a government committee. On the surface, this looks like a respectable goal, to force the committee to function honestly. Since "government" and "honesty" are mutually exclusive terms, we can see the folly in this pursuit. All it will do is waste more time.

There are other legal remedies that should be pursued. We have the proof that thimerosal causes brain damage. The case needs to go to criminal court and be given to a jury. If no Attorney General will arrest the CEO's of the vaccine manufacturers, we should be able to make citizens' arrests on all of them and force the issue.

We can not sue doctors for malpractice due to "standard of care" but I believe we could use the same tactic to arrest every one of them who gives thimerosal containing vaccines on criminal charges. Poisoning people is illegal and I think we have more than enough to win the case in front of a jury instead of allowing it to be decided by some federally employed special masters.

The government is never going to stop this insanity because they are absolutely corrupt. We have to take matters into our own hands.

Generation Rescue should know better than to keep trying the same ridiculous strategy of asking the bribed liars who were elected to represent their benefactors to ever take any action that will result in the truth they are so well paid to deny.

I'd like to suggest that Generation Rescue wake the fuck up and ask the right legal questions instead of playing moronic games with child poisoning criminals. To continue asking idiotic questions instead of the right ones will just see more children poisoned into autism. Can Generation Rescue truly be this stupid?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

David Andrews, Revisiting Autism Fraud

As is typical of those who wish to obfuscate the truth about autism, Andrews seems to be on the fence about conjuring up a valid reply to Watson. Isn't it interesting how neurodiverse nitwits start hanging around someplace else when their insanity is exposed?

In response to John:

At Tue Aug 21, 03:13:00 PM EDT, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

“Your trouble is that you never grew up.

Sad state of being, that is.

Poor Sam, with a role model like you.”

At Wed Aug 22, 12:35:00 AM EDT, watson said...

“David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction),

You say that the trouble with John is that he never grew up.

I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade.

While activists such as yourself have been living in the comfort zone, believing that vaccines can't damage children, and that autism is a healthy neurological difference shared by all the great historical figures - a gift from the gods almost - and basking in the prestige of your new diagnosis, he has been trying to cope with the daily challenges of living with autism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year - for 10 years. And I imagine John grew up a long, long time ago.

He and I, and many other parents living with autism, are not living in a fantasy world. We don't get our information about autism by reading textbooks, or autobiographies written by phoney "autistics" celebrating the beauty of their "autism" - we live with it. And it is far from beautiful.

When did you start calling yourself "a higher being" and believing that you were superior to what you refer to as "normals", and when did you start disseminating nonsense about autism, David?

Was it in your thirties after your switch in diagnosis from dyslexia to Aspergers? I know it was a struggle for you to get your diagnosis changed but I presume you did eventually get an Aspergers diagnosis. What year was that?

Or was it after you met Simon Baron-Cohen in, what was it, 1999 and discussed with him whether Aspergers was necessarily a disability? I'd love to hear about that."

At Wed Aug 22, 12:37:00 PM EDT, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

“Watson: "I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade."

“Wrong. My daughter's 8 yrs old and autistic. I HAVE lived with it. Learn to live with being wrong."

At Thu Aug 23, 01:09:00 AM EDT, watson said...

“David, I see you avoided answering the important questions in my message.

Here they are again:

""When did you start calling yourself "a higher being" and believing that you were superior to what you refer to as "normals", and when did you start disseminating nonsense about autism, David? Was it in your thirties after your switch in diagnosis from dyslexia to Aspergers? I know it was a struggle for you to get your diagnosis changed but I presume you did eventually get an Aspergers diagnosis. What year was that? Or was it after you met Simon Baron-Cohen in, what was it, 1999 and discussed with him whether Aspergers was necessarily a disability?"

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would like some answers.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Watson: "I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade."

Wrong. My daughter's 8 yrs old and autistic. I HAVE lived with it. Learn to live with being wrong.”


Am I, David?

About what exactly?

You are as careful with your wording as Amanda Baggs.

You do not say that your daughter has Autism, you say she is "autistic". You say she is 8 1/2 years old, giving the impression that you have lived continuously with Autism for almost as long as John has, and therefore you are claiming to know what living with Autism is like.

I say you have never lived with the type of autism that John has to deal with every day; you have not lived with an "autistic" child continuously for 8 1/2 years, and therefore you can not know from personal experience what living with autism is like.

What makes me say that?

Well, although at times you refer to your daughter as "an autie", and call her "autistic", she's not really "an autie", is she David? She's "an Aspie".

Your daughter was the very first toddler ever to be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 26 months. And she was diagnosed by your friend "Simon", autism expert Dr Simon Baron-Cohen, and his team, in 2001.

Baron-Cohen wanted to find out if Aspergers could be identified in a young child, and if Aspergers could be shown to be a genetic disorder, so you and your wife volunteered for his prospective single case study. A child with Aspergers born to a couple with Aspergers would support the hypothesis of a genetic heritability of the disorder.

Baron-Cohen chose you and your wife because you were both diagnosed by experts, and your Aspergers diagnoses were confirmed by Baron-Cohen's own AQ test which is a self-report test. (How many teenagers and adults do you reckon have self-diagnosed and joined the Aspie club since this test first appeared online in 2001?)

Tell me, David, which expert gave you your Aspergers diagnosis? Was it Simon Baron-Cohen himself? It wasn't Professor Digby Tantam another world leading autism expert and author of several books on Aspergers, was it? Because he wouldn't give you one.

There are two things that I find curious about this study. The assumption that Aspergers, a behavioural disorder, is genetic. And the timing.

I cannot believe that Simon Baron-Cohen is unaware that 'on the spectrum' behaviours can be caused by environmental factors, such as emotional trauma in childhood, traumatic head injury, encephalitis, and drugs. Why then did he assume that you and your wife's diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome were a) accurate, and not related to other factors, b) genetic?

The timing is interesting because before this study appeared, the average age for an Aspergers diagnosis was 11 years.

In the late 1990s, Australasian expert Dr Tony Attwood said that it was impossible to diagnose a child under 7 years with Aspergers, the clinical picture had to became clearer - and that necessitated time.

Since the appearance of Baron-Cohen's study, toddlers have been given the Aspergers diagnosis and Atypical Aspergers diagnosis. And because of the myth , "Once autistic, forever autistic. There is no cure" disseminated by Neurodiversity, parents now believe that their Aspie children are "autistic" and will "have autism" for life.

So then, it's not really surprising that so many parents of Aspie children are against a cure for autism. Their kids don't have autism, and I dare say, many kids diagnosed today don't even have Asperger's Syndrome.

David, Your daughter as a toddler was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome by your friend, autism expert Dr Simon Baron-Cohen, and his team in 2001. Did he take into account that your daughter was living in a bi-lingual environment? I see no mention of this important fact in the study. Or, that a child raised by parents with relationship difficulties might have some impact on a normal child's development. Was this even considered?

You give the impression above that you have lived with Autism for 8 1/2 years. You haven't.

You have never lived with Autism, and you certainly haven't lived with your daughter for 8 1/2 years, have you? You and your wife have been divorced for some years and Tuula only lives with you part time.

You lecture parents on your personal experience of living with autism, and yet you have no personal experience because you haven't lived with it. You give the impression that living with autism is almost a breeze, and yet when your daughter was a tiny infant and she cried you went to pieces, "things went weird" and you say you were "a complete mess".

Babies cry, David. And you couldn't even cope with that.

How on earth would you manage with a non-verbal child who screeches every three minutes of every day, year, after year, after year?

You are against any form of intervention and yet, face it David, if you really had a child with autism, and you were coping with a growing, non-compliant, non-verbal, violent child, and regularly scrubbing shit out of the carpet, I think you would be first in line for treatment and therapy.

You would, wouldn't you?

Be completely honest - for once."

At Thu Aug 23, 08:45:00 PM EDT, watson said...

“I guess if David Andrews doesn't come back to refute any of the points I've made, we can safely assume that they are all correct.

If he does, perhaps he could tell us more about his involvement in this which appeared to change the focus of Baron-Cohen's autism research from studying dysfunction of the amygdala and other abnormal regions of the brain and damage to the amygdala to devising tests for finding adults 'on the spectrum', and espousing absurd theories like "Have the airplane and the computer changed the architecture of the mind? And is that why autism is on the increase?"

Baron-Cohen is supportive of the Neurodiversity Movement, so I think it's very likely he believes in their philosophy, that autism is a healthy variation in neurological hardwiring which should be accepted and celebrated - and not treated or cured.

If that is so, why is he bothering to do autism research? Is there any point

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freeman Hrabowski III Spits On Autistic Children

Freeman Hrabowski III is the President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Hrabowski has a student at his lousy college named Ari Ne'eman whose mission in life appears to be to relentlessly abuse autistic children.

This article recounts how Freeman Hrabowski was spat on as a child during a Civil Rights march. One would think that Hrabowski would recall this experience and understand that children who can not speak for themselves would not approve of students like Ari Ne'eman trying to prevent them from being cured of a horrific condition known as autism. For Hrabowski to approve of Ari Ne'eman's abuse of disabled children is no different than claiming that he also approves of the public safety commissioner who spat on him back in 1963. Would Hrabowski shake the hand of that bastard who spat on him and commend him for a job well done as he has done with Ari Ne'eman?

Ari Ne'eman is a fraud who claims to be autistic. This kid has Asperger's and has absolutely nothing in common with autistic children who can not function at even a two year old level throughout their lives. Freeman Hrabowski knows this because I explained it to him here and with three emails.

Hrabowski did not even have the common courtesy to respond to my concern about the evil he has allowed to breed at UMBC. He had some subordinate send me a letter full of BS that made excuses for Ari Ne'eman's deviant behavior. So, by tacitly endorsing Ne'eman's dishonest campaign to abuse autistic children, this university president who was spat on as a child must be getting even with society by "spitting" on someone else, horribly disabled children who never did anything to him.

I'd like to suggest that anyone who wants their child to grow up to be a decent human being find a school besides UMBC that might be run by someone with a basic understanding of ethics, unlike Freeman Hrabowski III.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dr Andrew Moulden, Real or Not Real

When I first heard of Dr Moulden, the information he claimed to have seemed to enhance our knowledge about how vaccines caused autism. He claimed that autism was caused by micro vascular strokes that were caused when too many white blood cells attacked the vaccine ingredients and clogged the capillaries, depriving them of oxygen and killing tiny parts of the brain (or something like that).

He had a website called Amass network that was a jumble of ads to sell books and videos that asked for money just to be able to look at the rest of the website. He also had some screwball videos where he looked like a guy selling used cars. However, the words he spoke in those videos sounded legitimate. He allegedly had the proof that all vaccines, not just the ones with thimerosal, caused autism.

Now, he has a different website called where he talks about how aluminum is more dangerous than mercury as a cause of autism and how more aluminum has been added to the vaccines as mercury has been lessened. He also has links to Paul Offit lying about autism on some videos and has added more chapters to (I guess) what will be an online book that will eventually tell us all how to cure autism based on his findings. The chapter about the cure still doesn't say anything. Maybe he has some answers or maybe it's some great scam, who knows.

Anyhow, I went to the website using webwarper and this is what I saw where a video was supposed to be.
ActiveX was removed by WebWarper antivirus "" plugin was removed by WebWarper antivirus
I can't tell if Moulden is trying to give everyone a virus by visiting his site or the video was somehow infected without his knowledge. All I know for sure is that I'll keep using webwarper if I go there again to see if he ever divulges this mysterious cure he claims to have.

I make no claim as to whether anything Dr Moulden says is useful or not. I discussed him earlier and linked to his videos here a few of months ago so I'm just tossing this out as an update.

I did upload a couple of pictures of my son that Dr Moulden claimed would be analyzed at no cost back in October. I never heard back from him so I tend to think he's just some sort of deranged fraud that is giving out bogus information. As much bogus information as exists regarding autism, I have no idea why anyone would do this. Just a report on my experience for those who may have followed this story in the fall.

I think the truth about Dr Moulden may be obtained by checking with Rick Neubrander, Dr James Neubrander's brother. I learned from a reliable source that Rick, for some unknown reason, likes to lie about Dr Moulden on a forum that I have been banned from. I learned that Rick tried to claim Dr Moulden attended this conference in China in December to discuss vaccine safety. As you can see by clicking on the link however, Dr Moulden's name is nowhere to be found. Prior to the conference, there was a website that looked the same as this one that did have Dr Moulden's name there. Once the conference was begun though, Moulden's name could not be found. Moulden had stuck a letter on his old website that had him begging for funds to attend this conference so, maybe he was too broke to attend. Whatever the truth is, it seems Mr Neubrander must know something if he is willing to lie about the facts here. Rick Neubrander is not very honest when questions are asked of him. He normally just refuses to answer. I would advise bringing a vial of truth serum if anyone cares to ask Rick to let us in on what he actually knows about all of this.

ASAN Offers No Show Jobs

ASAN (Autistic Sons Against Nitwits) is offering no show jobs to everyone who goes to (search for "autism")and votes for the idea called "ASAN Asks for Cure for All Autistics". The pay will be unlimited for these jobs since the result of curing our children will be worth more than any amount of money.

The other ASAN organization is a group dedicated to obscuring the truth about autism as it tries to prevent anyone from curing autism. This group is run by two people who were diagnosed late in life with Asperger's. One has a PhD and the other is a college student. I think they are both toilet trained, unlike many of our autistic children and I have heard no reports of either of them smearing feces on their professors at school as some of our autistic children might.

These no show jobs only require paying attention to propaganda that is damaging to actual autistic people. When you see propaganda, such as the blatant lies presented by Ari Ne'eman and his bogus ASAN group, all you need to do is take a couple of minutes and type out a statement opposing it. You can do that at now or at the ASAN website. Truth that opposes propaganda is the best way to stamp out the liars who are trying to prevent autistic children from being cured.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ASAN Asks for Cure for All Autistics,

ASAN (Autistic Sons Against Nitwits) was formed to protest people with Asperger's who claim that autism should not be cured. As the father of an autistic boy who can not speak, I assure you he would like the ability to talk.

ASAN would like Mr Obama to tell everyone the truth about how we can cure autism and make the vaccine manufacturers pay for it for everyone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EPA Admits Mercury Causes Brain Damage

From the EPA's list of most wanted criminals, we learn the truth about mercury.
Here is the statement from one of their wanted posters:
Mercury is a potent toxic metal that, if ingested, can lead to permanent brain damage. Children under the age of 6 (or those still developing in the womb) are the most susceptible to mercury poisoning.
Can someone advise Obama to have the EPA talk to the CDC?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Greatest Crime in History

Why did Bush order 9/11? Was it to start a war? Did it have something to do with oil? Was it about money? Was it about power? Was it a distraction that is still going on?

Let's look at the timeline for how the Bush family began to poison babies with mercury and aluminum in vaccines to dumb down the whole world.

On 1991, George Bush allowed the Pharmaceutical industry to begin shooting thimerosal (mercury and aluminum) into babies on the day they were born via the HepB vaccine. The HepB vaccine is completely useless as HepB is only transmitted via sexual contact or sharing needles. There was no valid reason to give it to newborn infants. In 1993, there was hardly any autism in the United States, two states had no autism at all. In 1994, three years after the HepB vaccine was introduced, numbers for autism skyrocketed. The numbers continued to increase so that instead of having 1 in 10,000 kids diagnosed with this nightmare called autism, all of a sudden 1 in 150 children had been turned into zombies.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) had never existed prior to the 70's or 80's. I don't know what the statistics show but now, ADD affects 1 out of 6 children. The kids who show no obviously ill effects of this poisoning are far less intelligent overall than previous generations. IQ points have been lost especially among males. Just look at the teenagers in the fast food joints. They can't make change. They get your order wrong more often than not and they usually have a blank look in their eyes with their mouths open in a stupid expression to match the jewelry pierced into their faces.

George Bush sat on the board of Eli Lilly, the company that held the patent on thimerosal, the preservative used in the vaccines. Dan Quayle's family owned Eli Lilly. Thimerosal had been invented in 1929 and was never tested for safety. It was first used in vaccines in 1931 and the first cases of autism were seen and diagnosed in 1943 among children born after the introduction of thimerosal. Prior to that, autism did not exist.

When Bush was replaced by Clinton, Mrs Clinton made it her mission to bring vaccines to the whole world. She made a big push for "helping" the impovershed kids in the third world receive these poisoned vaccines. Bill Gates was sucked into donating millions to this bogus cause.

In 1999, we learned that it was the thimerosal in vaccines that had caused the increase in autism, ADD, etc. It was a CDC employee named Thomas Verstraetren who published the first paper alerting us to this fact. In 2000, a team of 51 government and drug company scientists met at Simpsonwood, a retreat in Georgia to discuss that paper. They agreed with the findings, that thimerosal had caused this brain damage known as autism. They also agreed to cover this up and keep poisoning babies.

Im 2000, we learned how to remove mercury from autistic childrens' brains to cure them of autism. This earth shattering information has never been publicized in the media. Autism was always (and still is) described as incurable). The process known as chelation also cures ADD but doctors refuse to tell us about this.

In 2001, Bush 43 took over and ordered 9/11. With this information that was still being figured out about how babies were routinely poisoned at birth gaining momentum among affected parents of brain damaged children, Bush steadfastly refused to meet with anyone in Congress who tried to make an issue out of this information.

In 2003, Doctor and Senator Bill Frist added a rider to the Patriot Act that was going to protect us from Bush's bogus terrorists to protect the vaccine manufacturers from being sued by anyone who had their kid poisoned into autism. So, it was legal for Eli Lilly to poison babies with thimerosal and nobody could sue them for the childrens' brain damage.

Also in 2003, thimerosal had now been removed from most vaccines (so they claimed). So, they added the flu shot with thimerosal to the vaccine schedule for six month old babies and pregnant women. After they learned of their success at causing brain damage with the HepB vaccine on the day of birth, they knew that the timing of shooting the mercury into the babies was a key factor in intentionally damaging their brains. Babies do not develop a Blood Brain Barrier until they are about a month old and there is nothing to hinder mercury from going directly to the brain without it. The effect of using only the flu vaccine to cause brain damage after most people thought the thimerosal had been removed was that the public would believe that something else must be causing the autism, ADD, speech delays, lowered IQ's, etc.. It worked.

In 2004, a parent of an autistic child, Courtney Zietzke, wrote a book that described all of this called "Mercury, the Winged Messenger". In 2005, another author named David Kirby wrote a similar book called "Evidence of Harm". Kirby's book would only say that thimerosal might havee been a problem and the book was carefully wordsmithed to paint all of the people who were curing autism as a bunch of liars. That book was embraced by the parents of autistic children and Kirby became a spokesman for the cause. Today, after thousands of children have been cured of autism by removing mercury from their brains, this disinformation agent, Kirby, is still asking for more studies to waste our time when we already know the answers.

In 2005, about the same time Kirby's book came out, a propaganda movement sprung up that claimed to be the voice of adults who had autism. In fact, there were virtually no adult autistics and the ones who did exist were all stuck in asylums because their brains were so damaged that they would smear feces on themselves, couldn't learn to read or write, and were basically helpless. These propaganda agents started a crusade to tell people that curing autism was akin to killing the autistic person within to convince parents not to even try to cure their severely damaged kids. They now have an organization dedicated to this insanity with a seemingly direct line to Obama. They are trying to have an act passed that will pretend to help autistic children that is ingeniously wordsmithed to exclude medical treatments that will actually reverse the brain damage.

David Kirby, the alleged representative of all these damaged children, will not say one word about this propaganda and associates with others who sit on a government committee that pretends they can't see the hazard in this propaganda organization. So, the propaganda that allegedly comes from autistic adults and is designed to prevent anyone from curing autism, ADD or other damage caused by vaccines is thus supported by Kirby with his silence.

In October of 2008, Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital did a study on Alzheimer's that I describe here. You have to extrapolate the danger from this bogus study to see how it can be used to convince parents to abort perfectly normal fetuses. Through the bogus results that were claimed in this study about Alzheimer's, the same mechanism that was purposely misidentified can misdentify the mysterious, long searched for and mythical genetic component for autism that can be used to significantly reduce the population by murdering normal ifetuses who might never become autistic.

Aside from the USA, the UK, Canada and a few other wealthy nations, thimerosal is still used in the full dose throughout the world in vaccines. In Africa, they still treat autism with witch doctors and exorcisms. In China, they blame the parents for being lousy parents. The information we have in the USA does not get through to these places. I have no doubt a lot of these brain damaged kids are either killed or allowed to starve to death. They are impossible to care for unless you have a lot of help.

I hope you can see how poisoning every baby on Earth with thimerosal to make the next generations incredibly stupid may have been the real reason for 9/11. The coverup about this goes merrily along.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Evidence of Sophistry (LIES), David Kirby

From Kevin Leitch's blog:
"David closes his latest error prone piece with:

(quote from David Kirby)
"But the sooner our best minds in science and medicine come to grips with the fact that these poor, hapless kids have been exposed to the wrong environmental toxins and/or infectious agents at the wrong time, the sooner we can find out how to best treat what really ails them."
(below from Leitch)
This is a prime example of bad science leading the media. David has reported on a paper that has made fairly bad errors and taken them at their word. Sadly, this sort of thing will only continue as long as institutions like MIND (controlled by a man who is dedicated to proving vaccines cause autism) churn out error strewn papers."

This is a clear example of how Kirby and Kevin Leitch work together to try to fool ALL of the people.

Kirby claims that the best minds in science have not yet come to grips with the fact that kids have been exposed to the wrong environmental toxins, etc. while avoiding the words "thimerosal", "mercury" and "aluminum" and further obscures the truth he pretends to represent by stating that we have not figured out how to treat autism. He wordsmiths this very well so that it is difficult to see his blatant lie. He stated: "the sooner we can find out how to best treat what really ails them." By stating it exactly this way, Kirby tells the truth since, if we can not cure ALL autism, we have not found the BEST way to treat it.

What Kirby does not say is what shows him to be a sophist who is not telling the WHOLE TRUTH. What Kirby does not say is that the best minds in science already have helped thousands of parents gain, at least, some improvement in their childrens' autism. So, while Kirby's statement makes you think that we still have to wait for some mythical scientists to learn more before we can treat autism and cure it, he neglects to tell the reader that many kids have already been cured and that, while we do not have ALL the answers, we do have enough answers that we can cure some autism right now and that we can gain improvement in over 90% of autistic children right now. So, in effect, by not presenting this information, Kirby is telling you that science does not know how to help autistic children. That makes Kirby a (expletive deleted) liar.

Then we have Kevin Leitch and his typical nonsense about bad science and his ridiculous assertion that we do not already have the proof that vaccines cause autism while he tosses in some character assassination about the man who runs the MIND institute.

Do you see how Leitch bashing Kirby, while Kirby only presents part of the truth makes it look like Kirby is telling the whole truth? Leitch and others who bash Kirby actually support his treachery by bashing his sophistry which is only half true. This bashing of half-truths helps make parents who don't analyze every word Kirby says (and refuses to say)think that Kirby is representing them righteously. The fact is that Kirby is engaged in a sophisticated act to waste parents' time while he continues to ask for proof that already exists, and has existed for 10 long years.

If you now understand how David Kirby is using sophistry to harm our children, please help me publicize that fact. The fact that Kirby will not state the WHOLE TRUTH is evidence of harm. David Kirby must no longer be allowed to speak for my son who can't speak for himself.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Where is Courtney Zietzke?

Here is the book that parents should have embraced and the author who should be speaking for us instead of David Kirby. I think David Kirby hijacked the truth about autism so he could lead us all down the wrong path.

Here is part of the author's note from Evidence of Harm:
"In no way do I endorse the biomedical treatment for autism described in this book, nor could I. ...There is not enough evidence....Only through double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials will we know if these treatments provide any real benefit."

This sounds like something that could have been written by Dr David Gorski (Orac) or Kevin Leitch (dirtbag). This was written after some children had already been cured. Who better than a gay guy to con a bunch of parents who are predominantly women. Women trust gay guys easier than they trust straight guys since the sexual tension doesn't come into play. Whoever told Kirby to write this book knew something about psychological warfare.

Courtney Zietzke's phone number is not the same now. His email also does not reach him. I'd love to know how Mr Zietzke feels about Kirby's leadership. I think Zietzke's book was published about a year before Kirby's. Draw your own conclusions.

Mercury : The Winged Messenger by Courtney L. Zietzke
Format ISBN Price
Electronic Book 1414026447 $4.95
Paperback (5x8) 1418437816 $11.50

About the Book

This book will begin to answer questions about what many will eventually call the worst medical tragedy in modern medical history. The corrupt political system that has tried to protect and cover up the facts about this atrocity has only begun to show its evil face. This book tries to answer questions about why "Autism" has exploded into a national epidemic.

This national tragedy could have and should have been avoided.

These afflicted children need help.

The establishment(s) that caused this tragedy have been unsympethic, evasive and full of legal denials.

This book deals with the truth and will anger many people as a result.

Mercury is one of natures most toxic poisons.

Why was this poison intentionally injected into our children--.?

About the Author

Mr Courtney Zietzke is a 42 year old financial accountant from Seattle, WA. Over the last three years Mr. Zietzke has done extensive research into the causes of what many call "Autism." His opinions in this book are substantiated with proven facts and direct uncontested evidence. Mr. Zietzke like thousands of concerned parents wanted answers into what went wrong and most importantly why did this national tragedy have to happen.

Free Preview


As a parent of an Autistic child, it is difficult to describe the pain and resentment that is felt by having a perfect baby and then having that baby snatched from you at about 16 months old.The brain damage that my child received should not have happened. The industry is the best in the World. There are safeguards and redundancies built into the system. However, in this case, the system failed and failed badly.

My child and countless others were injected with a substance known as Thimerosal. Thimerosal is an additive to baby vaccines that contains 49.6% Mercury. This substance was banned by the pet vaccination industry over ten years ago because of known health risks. The pharmaceutical industry kept this additive in the baby vaccines, knowing full well the risks to our children's health.

According to my child's weight and the amount of vaccines he received that contained this additive, my child and thousands of other children have received over 40 times the legal safety limit for mercury exposure as established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

I speak for literarily thousands of concerned and angry parents who basically got burned by a system that has been perverted by Greed, Politics, and Corruption.

In the last several years, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), the Centers of Disease Control ( CDC ) and the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) have granted hundreds of waivers of the conflict of interest rule in favor of the drug giants and their "paid consultants". Has the U.S. health care system been unduly influenced? Thousands of children have suffered the consequences of these people's greed and short sightedness.

My child was born perfectly healthy, full of life. He had the potential to achieve anything in life that he would have chosen to do. Because of a short sighted medical system that failed, my child is now a semi vegetative little boy who is lost in his own tortured world of mercury induced autism.

This book talks about the cause and the arrogant atmosphere that abounds in the vaccine community that has caused this tragedy. If you look at an autistic child, you will notice fear and profound sadness on their little faces. They are imprisoned in a world where they desperately want to escape, but can't. The frustration that these children feel and their cries for help have been ignored by the very system that caused this atrocity.

When I look upon other healthy six year old children who are playing, communicating and living normal lives, I wonder what might have been with my little boy. I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts. This is a painful and very tragic occurrence.

Instead of concern, sympathy and needed help, the Pharmaceutical industry and the "system" that caused this tragedy has been for the most part un sympathetic, evasive and full of legal denials. This book will anger many people, which is precisely what it is intended to do.

My desire is to light a fire under the bureaucrats, politicians and the medical community to get off their asses and do something to help these children. These children did not deserve what they got. The parents of these brain damaged children have suffered terrible pain and financial hardship as a result of the greed and political corruption from the very segment of our society that was supposed to invoke trust and medical excellence.

Is this book critical? You bet it is. I know I speak for thousands of people who, like myself want answers. The tragic truth is that every time a question is asked, all that is given in return is deception, distorted truths and out right lies from the very people we trusted the most.

Lastly, it is my hope that this book will at least get people asking the questions of


Who's Lying to J B Handley?

I read an interesting piece today at Age of Autism in which J B Handley presented his distaste for liars. I'm not allowed to comment there so I'll add some information about more deceptive liars here.

Some liars are so bold, they think they can lie about science to scientists. As we see in Dr King's message that David Kirby did not reply to, Kirby's 5th amendment right to stay silent is not conclusive proof that he is a liar. Of course, treacherous liars do not usually jump up and say, "Yup, I'm a (expletive deleted) liar". To continue to spout nonsense after he has been told the truth though, can only be interpreted as a lie by reasonable people.

Here's an email exchange I had with Kirby after he had been on the Oprah show in April of 2007 (in reverse order):

David, I'm going to guess your response would be politically correct. If you had watched a kid go from being a complete zombie to becoming human like I have with chelation, you would forget about ever using the word "maybe" when it comes to mercury in vaccines. The drug companies and doctors are emphatic in their denials. I think you can take a stronger stand. Otherwise, good job.
John Best

>From: David Kirby
>Date: 2007/04/06 Fri AM 11:24:20 CDT
>Subject: Re: Oprah: Now its David Kirby's turn

>Nice Comment
>You can imagine what my response is

Kirby's private email to me was in response to this message I had written on EOHarm:

Re: Oprah: Now its David Kirby's turn

David Kirby will only say that there might be a connection. I'd much
rather see JB Handley on the show. Comments to Oprah should include
lots of references to Generation Rescue so people learn how to help
their kids.

Here was Kirby's public reply on EOHarm:

Re: Oprah: Now its David Kirby's turn

Thanks Erik

I guess John would like to see me laughed off the stage


Do you see how Kirby was laughing at you and GR there, Mr Handley? He tried to tell us that mentioning curing autism would get him laughed off the stage. As with Dr King's constructive criticism, Kirby refused to reply to my personal email back to him, an email that detailed how one of the worst cases of autism anyone has ever seen (my son) was recovering.

Can you see how MR Kirby had sucked in all of those parents on EOHarm who saw this (expletive deleted) (derogatory term deleted) as some sort of savior? Nobody on EOHarm wanted to risk pissing this (derogatory term deleted) off while he sodomized your kid and mine by refusing to state the truth, that we were curing this God damned nighttmare.

Here's something else one would think a "reporter" like Mr Kirby would be interested in. This piece that I wrote in October showed how Harvard and Mass. General had done a sham study on Alzheimer's that could be easily correlated to autism. In fact, this study could work towards aborting normal babies by falsely "tagging" them with a genetic marker for autism because Harvard had lied in the study about how the genetic marker (the APO proteins) works. This bit of scientific scamming should have Kirby up in arms but, as with other truths he has been given, Kirby is silent.

Here's something else I wrote that should have provoked some discussion about another Pharmaceutical scam. Nope, silence everywhere.

Then, there was this piece where Kirby and Olmsted supported Kathleen Seidel's right to try to prevent us all from curing autism. I had sent the following letter to Olmsted and, you guesseed it, no reply.

Hi Dan,
I don't know if you are aware that I seem to be the only blogger defending Cliff
Shoemaker. First, I'd like to know if you and Mr Kirby did send a response to Orac, as
he stated on his Respectful Insolence blog?

I want you to understand my perspective here. Kathleen Seidel has gone way beyond the
bounds of legitimate journalism in her bashing of Mark Geier. She accused Dr Geier of
engaging in criminal acts to defraud insurance companies so that people could pay for
Lupron treatments. The way I see it is that Dr Geier found a way to circumvent bogus
insurance rules so that autistic children could benefit from his treatments. Is Seidel
entitled to her opinion here, perhaps.

What Seidel is not entitled to do however, is to present her bogus opinions about Dr
Geier chemically castrating children while never once admitting the FACT that these
children have benefitted from the Lupron treatments. I can't afford these treatments and I can't travel to Maryland with my autistic son to have him see Dr Geier.

By not mentioning the fact that Dr Geier is helping these children, Seidel is
intentionally lying about Dr Geier, damaging his reputation and making it less likely that my son will ever be able to see any doctor who could allow him to benefit from said treatments. Since he is almost 12 years old, the window of opportunity for him to receive these treatments is almost gone.

What about the other children who could benefit from using Lupron? Does Seidel's
untrue attack on Dr Geier contribute to preventing these other children from receiving Lupron? If one parent believes what Seidel says and misses an opportunity that could have helped their child, that means that Seidel has harmed that child by her untrue attacks on Dr Geier. That equates to child abuse.

Seidel is a decent writer and some people will believe her pure bullshit. I don't
think she has the right to lie about treatments that can benefit autistic children. Do you really support Seidel lying about treatments that help us cure our kids? Do you really think that writing lies that affect the well-being of children are protected under the first amendment?

Have you talked to any parents who have used Lupron and been treated by Dr Geier? I have. By every report I have gained, Seidel is nothing but a (expletive deleted) liar. You supporting her means you agree that it is OK for this (expletive deleted) to prevent my son from being cured of autism.

Thank you,
John Best
Londonderry, NH

Before I wrote that post criticizing Kirby and Olmsted, I tried one last time to talk some sense into the people you blog with at AOA. Here is that last exchange in an email with Kim Stagliano:"

To :

Subject : Re: Comment to Dan

Date : Wed, Apr 30, 2008 09:12 AM

Hi Kim,
I don't care that you deleted my comment. I just wanted Dan to see it.
I wrote to Dan twice about his support for Seidel and he hasn't had the courtesy to bother answering me.
I've been studying the propaganda from Neurodiversity since it began and I have
refuted a heck of a lot of their nonsense. Dan supporting her right to blog is tacit support of allowing her to lie to parents and give them bad information that COULD prevent them from helping their kids. She is a very good liar and this is a real concern since lots of parents do not have college degrees and the ability to see through all of her lies.
I've been in this fight a lot longer than Dan. Evidently, he thinks he knows more about it than I do. He doesn't.
I'm not questioning his heart, his intelligence or his knowledge. I am questioning his appreciation for the expertise that Seidel has in spreading her propaganda. Make no mistake, her propaganda is spreading, as evidenced by two articles about her this week in New Hampshire papers. One of them was on the front page.
The Concord Monitor published a small part of my letter refuting what she had to say today. This morning, I had a call from a state rep. who wanted to know more. I'll be meeting with her soon.
This propaganda campaign is not just a few nitwit bloggers as Lenny Schafer would have you believe. It's massive, and Seidel, Orac and the rest of the scumbags are laughing that they goaded Dan and Kirby into defending this lying scoundrel who wants to hurt your kids and mine.
Does Dan understand how much damage Amanda Baggs does to our position with her national TV appearances? Does he fully understand that every word Seidel says is carefully designed propaganda? I've compared her to Joseph Goebbels. I don't think I've overstated my position. When she can manage to have herself published in the mainstream media, she has to be opposed. Doess Dan think it's acceptable for her to lie to the public in these newspapers too?


Good morning, John. Wanted to let you know that I deleted your comment to Dan on A of A –
we made a conscious effort to keep Seidel OFF Age of Autism during that time. Dan
decided that it’s best to leave her name off the blog altogether rather than get people
thinking about her. So I deleted the comment. I had approved it at first. You may
have seen that. I don’t want you to think we’re censoring your comments. We’d just
rather leave Ms. Seidel off the blog.

Also, Dan supported her rights to blog – that’s not the same as supporting her views.
Dan is pretty much unimpeachable in terms of where his heart is.


LOL, gotta love that line by Kim, huh? Supporting a liar's right to blog is not the same as supporting her views. Sure if you're so far out in left field that you don't know there is a propaganda war going on to prevent people from curing children whose brains have been severely mangled by vaccines, maybe that idiotic line of reasoning makes sense. I haven't been dumbed down to that level. And, as usual, no reply to my concerns was forthcoming.

All of these little lies of omission add up, Mr Handley. The fact that Kirby refuses to state that we KNOW beyond the slightest doubt that thimerosal scrambled our kids' brains just does not fit. The fact that Kirby acts like some screwball by suggesting that mercury blew across the Pacific to cause autism while ignoring the fact that fetuses were having their brains scrambled in the womb by flu shots does not add up to what one should expect from a guy who pretends to be a spokesman for all of us.

I don't begrudge you your vax versus non-vax study but that's already done too, isn't it? That Chicago practice? While Kirby keeps supporting studies, he has neglected something a lot more important. The time those studies waste is time that kids with thimerosal scrambled brains should ALL be using towards regaining their normalcy.

Whether it is intentional or Kirby is just a (derogatory term deleted) who's afraid of his shadow, his perpetual call for studies and his refusal to state what we know as facts is doing exactly what Pharma would love him to do...waste our TIME.

Disingenuous rhetoric that does not state the whole truth should have a familiar ring to it. It's also what Kelli Ann Davis allows when she sits at the IACC and allows a lying, (expletive deleted), (expletive deleted) like Ari Ne'eman to present himself as Autistic when the little (expletive deleted) has Asperger's. Did she ever ask Ari Ne'eman publicly if he smeared feces, or bit himself, or bit others, or could comb his hair, read, write, avoid running into traffic or get laid?
It should bother the hell out of everyone at AOA that this corrupt college student is presenting his anti-cure bullshit as though he suffered from the same type of mangled brains that our kids suffer from. He wants Obama to think that kids like my son don't want to be cured of the behavior of smearing feces all over himself. He pulls this off by suggesting that being anti-cure doesn't mean being though my trying to stop this disgusting behavior for 10 (expletive deleted) years is going to somehow be magically fixed by this (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) shoving Kathleen Seidel's rhetoric down Obama's throat.

To not oppose this (expletive deleted) is to support him. The lies of omission within AOA are a lot more dangerous than the obviously dishonest crap from Paul Offit. Of course, I could be wrong and these people who pretend to speak on my son's behalf are just the dumbest (expletive deleted) on the planet.

You need to ask yourself about those half-truths, you know, the propaganda style lies...the ones like MAYBE thimerosal has something to do with autism. MAYBE, people like Kirby, who choose to speak for my son should learn how tell the whole truth or shut the (expletive deleted) up. MAYBE, presenting the slightest possibility that Paul Offit is telling the truth is not in our childrens' best interest.

(Expletive deleted) David Kirby.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Autism, Vaccination and Neurodiversity, A Timeline

Disclaimer: "Although I believe that vaccines caused the autism epidemic of the 90s, I do not believe that all autism is caused by vaccines. Autism is a syndrome, a group of symptoms, that can follow brain injury. Vaccines can cause encephalitis, and the symptoms of post-encephalitic syndrome are identical to autism. I do not believe that the thimerosal/mercury in vaccines is the only culprit. Reducing the amount of thimerosal in vaccines will not make vaccines safe. Removing thimerosal entirely will not make vaccines safe. Vaccines are full of chemicals that should not be pumped ad nauseam into human bodies without any prior research on what these chemicals do, or which organs they target and affect. "

Autism, Vaccination and Neurodiversity - A Timeline
by "Watson"
Part 2
Part 3

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the Neurodiversity movement is being supported by our governments and BigPharma. They know very well that many children were damaged by vaccines in the 1990s and, for once, there was an unacceptable number of casualties.

They have always regarded a few casualties as an acceptable trade-off - that's where "the benefit of vaccination outweighs the risks" comes from. The "benefit" they are referring to is not just the supposed benefit to an individual child, it is the supposed benefit to the entire population. The "risk" is to the child. So the slogan should read, "The benefit of vaccination to the population outweighs the risk to your baby." They are putting babies one at a time in the balance. And they really don't care about individual babies. Our babies.

So they had a real problem when worldwide tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of parents, like myself, witnessed their babies, toddlers and young children react to vaccines, sometimes severely as my son did, then lose their ability to communicate and go on to develop a cluster of symptoms, defined as autism, and diagnosed as "autism". There was no explanation given for our children's loss in development. They said it was called regressive-type autism that "just happens sometimes". There was no cause. Autism was not a known result of vaccination, therefore "autism" following vaccination, despite severe reactions, was not a known injury and would not be compensated.

Now the first and only priority has always been to protect the Immunisation Programme - at all costs. Even Jenner did it. When children and adults got smallpox despite being appropriately vaccinated, Jenner said that they would have had a much, much worse case of pox if they hadn't been vaccinated, or worse, they would have died. When children became severely ill after smallpox vaccination, or were brain-damaged, or died, 'something else' was always blamed. Vaccination couldn't be associated with failure to protect, injury or death.

Nothing has changed.

Except in the nineties, it was no longer the case of a child sacrificed here and there, and parents believing that their child was one of the unlucky 'one in a million' damaged by vaccines. With the Internet, parents of vaccine-injured children all over the world could now 'meet' and compare notes - and together, try to find out exactly what it was in the vaccines that had caused their children's problems so that they might recover their children.

Faced with many, many children damaged by vaccines, what were vaccine manufacturers and governments mandating those vaccines to do? Parents would lose confidence in vaccination, and that couldn't be allowed to happen.

Fearmongering was one strategy: "If fewer people immunise their children, there will be outbreaks of KILLER DISEASES. Children will DIE!"

And the other was to change attitudes towards autism.

Now, how were they going to do that?

Prior to 1999, few books had been written about the syndrome, all but two that I can think of were written from a parents' perspective, and they were read mostly by parents of children with autism, not the general public who knew next to nothing, if anything at all, about the disorder. Most had never even heard the word. Temple Grandin's 'Emergence: Labeled Autistic' was the first, published in 1986. Then in 1991 Donna Williams' book appeared.

I think it's important for people to realise that Donna did not write 'Nobody Nowhere' as an autistic person writing about autism. At the time of writing, she didn't have a diagnosis of autism. It was her autobiography, but its original title was "Dolly; autobiography of a disturbed child". Donna says that it was packaged by the publishers as 'Nobody Nowhere: Autobiography of an Autistic Girl', as if she had no idea at the time that "autistic girl" was going to be in its finished title.

Then after the thimerosal-autism link started to surface Jasmine O'Neill wrote her book, published in 1999 - 'Through the Eyes of Aliens: A Book about Autistic People'. She claimed to have very severe Kanner's autism and to be a savant in writing, music and art. She was an elective mute. This was the very first book to mention "celebration" and "beauty" in connection with autism, and the one that became Amanda Baggs' bible.

Not long afterwards, O'Neill flew off to settle in Hawaii with "the love of her life". She moved on.

In the same year 1999, an association was made between autism and genius. Speculative articles appeared such as, "Was Einstein Autistic?", followed by articles such as The Little Professor Syndrome, New York Times Magazine, June 18, 2000.

Frank Klein, then aged 29, apparently read the article which he said "explained everything" and led him a year later to Pittsburgh University and a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism.

He then set up his "Asperger's Advocacy" website which he later changed to "Autism Advocacy" when he said he realized he was more High Functioning than an Aspie. And, amongst other articles, such as, "Don't Cure Autism Now!" and "The Truth of The Myth of The Lack of Autism Recovery", he wrote "Autism, Genius and Greatness".

Then after four years of advocacy, he moved on.

In the meantime Judy Singer coined the word "Neurodiversity" and linked autism to "Nerds Wierdos, and OddBalls" in 1999. was created by Laura Tisoncik, and Amanda Baggs joined her in 1999/2000.

Then Baron-Cohen's Aspie quizzes appeared, and screening for autism and Aspergers in younger and younger children began. The idea of an ASD which soon became "Autism" was extended to include any toddler with speech delay or shyness, and any shy or socially awkward teen with special interests.

Jim Laidler the ex-DAN! doctor who posted on autism support forums that his two sons had been damaged by vaccines and how they had made great progress after chelation - which is why Dr Rimland chose him to write the DAN! position paper on Mercury Detoxification of Autistic Children in 2001 - turned Judas a year later and joined Quackwatch, starting up his own branch of the organization named Autism-Watch. He had recanted and returned to the fold. Had he ever really left?

In 2002 Edan, diagnosed with Aspergers in 2001, created the website "Aspergia".

He writes:

"At school they are often viewed as normal children, if a little awkward or introverted but childhood and adolescence are such turbulent years anyway that many AMs (Aspergian Mutants) are missed completely". "AM children often develop some special powers too."

"When AM (Aspergian Mutant) individuals combine their strong personal focus with their special power, they have an extraordinary potential to contribute to society and develop new and striking inventions and works of art or science. Further research is required in the field of history to find out how many central innovative figures in human history did indeed have Aspergian traits."

In 2004 Edan moved on.

Bonnie Ventura, and many others, who found Edan's site about "Aspergians", and as a self-identified "Aspergian", jumped on board with her ideas, for one - a site for science fiction writers, which generated much more online Aspie traffic.

The idea that a cure for autism would lead to abortion of autistic fetuses and genocide of a whole race (a superior race - the next step in human evolution) was brilliant! It had anti-abortionists and minority groups up-in-arms, and had, and still has, many people who know a child with an ASD concerned, and self-diagnosed Aspies quaking in their boots.

In 2004, the "Aspies for Freedom" forum was created by Amy and Gareth Nelson, which has the wholehearted support of Simon Baron-Cohen and Tony Attwood, the UK and Australasian autism experts.

In the same year, Kathleen Seidel's undoubtedly pro-vaccination, sprang into action with links to Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch and Laidler's Autism-Watch - which has links back to, Autism Diva and other ND sites and blogs. Simon Baron-Cohen is in touch with Seidel, and he has praised her for her efforts. This year in the March edition of the British Medical Journal he said, "I'm very impressed by the scholarship in the website".

Now the word "autism" appears regularly in our newspapers, often linked with genius and giftedness. There must be literally hundreds of books about autism, many of them written by "autistics" or parents of "autistics" who are painting an entirely different picture of autism. I hear that Uta Frith and Simon Baron Cohen have enthusiastically supported "autistic" authors.

We have certainly come a long way since 1988 and the movie Rainman. Aspies today are surprised when they discover that the character, Raymond Babbit, was inspired by the life of the real autistic-savant Kim Peek, and that at the time Kim Peek was regarded as a high-functioning autistic.

Since 1999, several films have been made, and others are on the way, such as the Jason McElwain Movie, all depicting a different kind of autism that wasn't familiar even ten years ago.

Ten years ago, who would have guessed that the president of the USA would be photographed with an autistic basketball player? Who then could have imagined that a young man with autism would be able to play basketball - a fast-paced team sport, with the high-level activity and noise that the game entails?

Since 1999, the face of autism has been and is being deliberately changed.

Let's return to 1999. By that time, the rate of autism had climbed to 1 in 166, and many parents of children with regressive autism were waiting impatiently for the rate of autism to drop after the removal of thimerosal from vaccines. They knew it would take a few years, but they were sure that it would happen. To see a decline in the rate would have been positive proof that a substance repeatedly injected into children's bodies had damaged their brains. Unfortunately, for us and our children, that could never be allowed to happen.

The numbers kept rising, and are still rising. Last month Simon Baron-Cohen announced that autism now affects 1 in 58 children.

To the public that means that 1 in 58 children have autism. They don't. Simon Baron-Cohen knows that 1 in 58 children don't have autism. It is a deliberate deception to keep the rate of "Autism" skyrocketing in the public eye.

Joe and Jane Public read their newspaper, see the numbers rising, and completely dismiss the idea that vaccines cause autism. Their doctor has assured them that vaccines are safe, and warned them that without vaccination their baby could die or be severely brain-damaged from "a preventable disease". They've also read that Einstein, Michelangelo and Jane Austin had autism, and they've heard that autistic children are highly intelligent, gifted, and might even have special powers. They wonder what all the fuss is about. There's no question that they will vaccinate their baby.

O'Neill, Edan and Klein have moved on. How many of the current Neurodiversity activists will move on and get on with their lives, leaving their advocacy behind? Parents don't just advocate for their children with autism for a few years and move on. They can't. It's a life-time commitment.

What was and is the Neurodiversity movement's real aim? Looking at the timeline, what do you think?
Part 2
Part 3

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Question for President Obama re: Gupta

Mr Obama,
Did you know that Sanjay Gupta perpetrated a fraud on autistic children by allowing Amanda Baggs to go on his TV program and lie to the public about autism?

Amanda Baggs is an actress who was hired by a pharamaceutical company propaganda group. She used lots of LSD and wound up in a nuthouse. Several years later, at age 19, she began promoting herself as a low functioning autistic person who claimed she loved having a damaged brain and did not want to be cured of autism.

Several of us wrote to CNN, called them, commented on Gupta's blog, to alert him to the fact that Baggs was a fraud. Gupta, in a subsequent broadcast, tried to make excuses for the fraud we had discovered and again presented Baggs to the public to obscure the truth about how seriously damaged autistic childrens' brains became due to thimerosal in vaccines.

Knowing that Gupta has played this role in preventing parents of autistic children from learning the truth about autism, do you think it's a good idea to hire this fucking liar as Surgeon General?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ari Ne'eman's Partner in Hate Crimes

"Life with Asperger's: One Man Tells His Story"
Published in The Bergen Record newspaper.
September 29, 2006

My name is Scott Michael Robertson. I'm a 26-year-old third-year Ph.D. student studying information sciences and technology at Penn State University.

I'm different from my friends and peers in graduate school in that I have Asperger's syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum. I self-diagnosed with AS in 1999. Six years later, a doctor confirmed my diagnosis."

Wow, the similarity to Amanda Baggs is amazing. Ari Ne'eman replaced Baggs as Neurodiversity's spokesmodel after I destroyed her fraudulent act. Now, we see that Ne'eman's partner in abusing autistic people diagnosed himself in the same year that Baggs dug up her diagnosis. What could have possibly caused people born in 1980 to catch an autistic spectrum disorder 19 years later and then have both of them become autistic child abusers? It must be genetic.

It took this Robertson six years to find a doctor to agree he was screwed up enough to win the Asperger's diagnosis. So, we can assume that he wasn't so screwed up that it bothered his parents enough to think he had this diminished mental capacity known as Asperger's. Maybe he had neglectful parents, who knows?

The point is that Robertson purports to represent my son who was so screwed up that he was diagnosed at age one. Robertson is not being honest about autism.

I found this curious record on my stat counter last night that looks like it came from the same school that Robertson is associated with. I have no idea what it all means as I know virtually nothing about computers. Maybe someone who is computer literate will find it interesting.
IP Address [Label IP Address]
Country United States
Region Pennsylvania
City State College
ISP D&e Communications
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 10 hours 23 mins 34 secs
Browser Firefox 3.0.5
Operating System
Resolution Unknown
Javascript Enabled

Navigation Path
Date Time WebPage
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6th January 2009 20:24:36 No referring link
6th January 2009 20:36:48 No referring link
6th January 2009 20:38:53 No referring link
6th January 2009 20:41:23 No referring link
6th January 2009 20:43:43 No referring link
6th January 2009 20:53:23

What Will UMBC Do About Ari Ne'eman

UMBC responded. I guess Dr Hrabowski didn't feel like avoiding the issue himself so some guy namd David Gleason wrote me a letter. The nitwit Gleason wrote some BS and ended with this: "While you and others may disagree with Ari's point of view, his advocacy work is consistent with this framework and the freedom of speech that is a core value in the academy and in our nation."

Mr Gleason must have learned the comedy routine from the famous comedian with the same surname. Gleason pretends to not notice the fact that Ne'eman's advocacy is a blatant lie by pretending he also can not understand the difference between autism and Asperger's syndrome that I clearly spelled out in my letter below. David Gleason here tells me that UMBC approves of their students committing fraud that harms low functioning autistic children and tries to justify it by slinging "freedom of speech" at me.

Well Mr Gleason, I have the same freedom of speech to point out that your BS in this matter means that UMBC just doesn't give a damn about teaching their students anything about ethics. Your refusal to tame the monster you have created by ignoring his extremely unethical behavior means he will be free to harm more children like my severely disabled son with his blatant lies. I can only hope other parents see how UMBC encourages their students to abuse autistic children so they may send them to a more reputable college.

I sent this letter to Dr Freeman Hrabowski III, President of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus to alert him to the deviant sophistry practiced by one of his students, Ari Ne'eman. It should be interesting to see his reply.

Dear Dr Hrabowski,
I notice that you have an interest in Civil Rights. One of your students, Ari Ne'eman,
is using some extremely devious sophistry to stomp on the Civil Rights of my son, a
severely autistic 12 year old boy who can't speak to speak for himself. Young Mr Ne'eman
is also abusing the Civil Rights of tens of thousands of other severely autistic people
who also do not have the ability to speak.
Your Mr Ne'eman even has the chutzpah to try to foist himself off as a civil rights
advocate himself while he tramples on the disabled children. Back in the 1960's, I
helped out the Black Panthers in a legitimate civil rights struggle. For Ne'eman to
claim that he is standing up for my son's civil rights would be akin to the Grand Dragon
of the Ku Klux Klan claiming to represent the Black Panthers.
Ari Ne'eman is an intelligent young man with Asperger's syndrome, a condition vastly
different from the autism my son suffers from. Mr Ne'eman has been engaging in a warped
brand of advocacy where he runs around claiming that severely disabled children like my
son should not be cured. When he engages in this warped advocacy, he tries to pawn
himself off as autistic. Ne'eman is cleverly deceiving many people by bastardizing the
true meaning of autism when he assigns that definition to himself, a man who is quite
capable intellectually and has nothing in common with a 12 year old who can't read,
write, or use a toilet.
My son is one of those extremely damaged boys who smears feces, Dr Hrabowski. I have
cleaned that feces off the walls of my house hundreds of times. For Mr Ne'eman to claim
that boys like my son, not only should not be cured but, that they do not want to be
cured themselves is some seriously depraved sophistry. Ne'eman has presented this
deranged version of autism to President elect Obama's team. Painting autism is the wrong
light will be damaging to all of those children like my son who would desperately love to
be able to speak, read, write and become adults who do not have to wear diapers.
Before Mr Ne'eman does any more damage to the public perception of how truly borrible
autism is, I respectfully request that you suspend his regular classes and do something
about teaching this young man the basics of ethical behavior. For UMBC to produce
monsters like Ne'eman who would abuse disabled children does not speak well for your
Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

Ari Ne'eman, Complaint Filed With FTC

I filed a complaint with the FTC today against Ari Ne'eman and his bogus ASAN charity. This bastard is misrepresenting our autistic children and trying to defraud the public out of money to help him towards that end. Filing more complaints against Ne'eman is easy. Just go to the FTC, give then this link to describe Ne'emans devious and dishonest actions and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

It's time we took action to stop Neurodiverse psychopaths from spreading bogus information about autism.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ari Ne'eman, Thief Steals from Autistic People

Ari Ne'eman has set up a sham charity called the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. The page on where he tries to steal money that's meant to help autistic people says this: "The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a non-profit organization run by and for autistic people. ASAN's supporters include autistic adults and youth, those with other distinct neurological ty...Read More" So far, this young thief has only misappropriated $305 from the 121 mental cases who joined his cause but the money is not the big issue here.

Ne'eman has become the spokesmodel for Neurodiversity, which is an arm of Quackbusters, an arm of Pharma. His ASAN is an offshoot of Neurodiversity. ASAN is not run by any autistic people. It is run by people with Asperger's. People with autism could no more run a charity than they could swim across the Pacific. Most of them can't even write their names.

ASAN is simply a cover that claims to support people when the fact is that it is trying to abuse people with autism. Giving money to ASAN to help autistic people is like giving money to the Red Sox and being told it will be used to help the Yankees.

ASAN took credit for waging a battle of propaganda to force NYU to end an ad campaign last year that was designed to raise autism awareneess. NYU had some billboards that described the true horror of autism, something ASAN is trying to hide. Unfortunately, so many psychopaths associated with ASAN bombarded NYU with disingenuous letters that NYU was stupid enough to buckle to this apparent pressure from the autism community and remove the ads.

The fact of the matter was that the autism community liked the ads. The letters that were sent to NYU came from people who are trying to prevent anyone from curing autism. These psychopaths only claim to be autistic. They aren't. Some of them, like Ne'eman have the Asperger's diagnosis which basically means that they are a little bit screwy but can function like anyone else. People with autism have had their brains turned to mush by vaccines and most of them can't even tie their shoes, use a toilet, read, write or be left alone for a minute without someone watching them.

Ne'eman and his group are trying to fool the public by presenting a false image of autism. The aim seems to be to make people believe that those with low functioning autism don't even exist. That's why they try to blur that distinction between the autism and Asperger's diagnosis. They think that it is acceptable to call themselves autistic because Asperger's is on what is known as the Autism Spectrum. So they bastardize "Autism Spectrum" into "autistic" which is the proper name for those completely helpless people that I described. This can only be intentional deception for no person with Asperger's would ever put "autistic" on a job application to conjure up images of the boss having to change their diapers 5 times a day.

The ultimate reason for this deception can only be to make the Vaccine Industry look good at the expense of those low-functioning autistic people. For, if ASAN and their psychopaths can raise enough money to advance more campaigns to spread their propaganda to the general public, the unwitting public will easily be misled.

One of the overt goals of ASAN is to spread the deranged notion that nobody with autism should be cured. These sadists include those low functioning kids who smear feces all over themselves in that group that they claim does not want to be cured. Of course, the non-verbal autistic people can not speak for themselves and anyone who challenges these sadists and their deranged rhetoric is immediately accused of hate speech. Yes, parents who try to speak for low functioning autistic kids are routinely accused of hating everyone with autism for trying to cure them.

None of this makes any sense once you look at all of it but the media has been happy to allow Ne'eman to go on TV and spread this insane propaganda. They don't allow parents of the actual autistic kids the chance to refute this insaniity. So, the public buys it and, pretty soon, these psychopaths could have a sizeable warchest to finance their campaign to misinform the world about autism. They have Ne'eman to present to the world, who looks just strange enough with his eye abnormalities that the world just might buy it.

Where does this leave those autistic kids who are in dire need of being cured, a cure that already exists for some? The bogus publicity that Ne'eman might gain could prevent parents of those kids from learning the truth.

This nonsense has gone on long enough. We need some legal talent to put an end to it. Intentionally blurring that distincttion between autism and Asperger's has to stop. It is being used for evil purposes.

Here's the video of Ne'eman and Kristina Chew again. Watch closely when they interview Ne'eman. Watch how fast his eyes blink while he's trying to answer questions. It's obvious he's lying. Watch the sneer on his face at 0:54 seconds when the subject of trying to cure the low functioning autistics comes up. He has an answer already figured out. He says anti-cure doesn't mean anti progress.

If you read some of Ne'eman's propaganda, you'll see that he has wonderful things to say about how autistics need education, services, etc but he will not admit that kids have already been cured. He will not tell you that these low functioning kids like mine are so pathetic and helpless that no education does them a bit of good. Medical treatments that cure some of the autism is the only thing that helps these kids at all. Without those treatments to address the damage the vaccines did to their brains, those kids like mine have no chance. That's exactly what Ne'eman wants, for those kids to remain "vegetables" their entire lives.

Somebody please tell me how to report this sham charity?

More Propaganda from Neurodiversity