Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Question for President Obama re: Gupta

Mr Obama,
Did you know that Sanjay Gupta perpetrated a fraud on autistic children by allowing Amanda Baggs to go on his TV program and lie to the public about autism?

Amanda Baggs is an actress who was hired by a pharamaceutical company propaganda group. She used lots of LSD and wound up in a nuthouse. Several years later, at age 19, she began promoting herself as a low functioning autistic person who claimed she loved having a damaged brain and did not want to be cured of autism.

Several of us wrote to CNN, called them, commented on Gupta's blog, to alert him to the fact that Baggs was a fraud. Gupta, in a subsequent broadcast, tried to make excuses for the fraud we had discovered and again presented Baggs to the public to obscure the truth about how seriously damaged autistic childrens' brains became due to thimerosal in vaccines.

Knowing that Gupta has played this role in preventing parents of autistic children from learning the truth about autism, do you think it's a good idea to hire this fucking liar as Surgeon General?

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