Saturday, January 10, 2009

Evidence of Sophistry (LIES), David Kirby

From Kevin Leitch's blog:
"David closes his latest error prone piece with:

(quote from David Kirby)
"But the sooner our best minds in science and medicine come to grips with the fact that these poor, hapless kids have been exposed to the wrong environmental toxins and/or infectious agents at the wrong time, the sooner we can find out how to best treat what really ails them."
(below from Leitch)
This is a prime example of bad science leading the media. David has reported on a paper that has made fairly bad errors and taken them at their word. Sadly, this sort of thing will only continue as long as institutions like MIND (controlled by a man who is dedicated to proving vaccines cause autism) churn out error strewn papers."

This is a clear example of how Kirby and Kevin Leitch work together to try to fool ALL of the people.

Kirby claims that the best minds in science have not yet come to grips with the fact that kids have been exposed to the wrong environmental toxins, etc. while avoiding the words "thimerosal", "mercury" and "aluminum" and further obscures the truth he pretends to represent by stating that we have not figured out how to treat autism. He wordsmiths this very well so that it is difficult to see his blatant lie. He stated: "the sooner we can find out how to best treat what really ails them." By stating it exactly this way, Kirby tells the truth since, if we can not cure ALL autism, we have not found the BEST way to treat it.

What Kirby does not say is what shows him to be a sophist who is not telling the WHOLE TRUTH. What Kirby does not say is that the best minds in science already have helped thousands of parents gain, at least, some improvement in their childrens' autism. So, while Kirby's statement makes you think that we still have to wait for some mythical scientists to learn more before we can treat autism and cure it, he neglects to tell the reader that many kids have already been cured and that, while we do not have ALL the answers, we do have enough answers that we can cure some autism right now and that we can gain improvement in over 90% of autistic children right now. So, in effect, by not presenting this information, Kirby is telling you that science does not know how to help autistic children. That makes Kirby a (expletive deleted) liar.

Then we have Kevin Leitch and his typical nonsense about bad science and his ridiculous assertion that we do not already have the proof that vaccines cause autism while he tosses in some character assassination about the man who runs the MIND institute.

Do you see how Leitch bashing Kirby, while Kirby only presents part of the truth makes it look like Kirby is telling the whole truth? Leitch and others who bash Kirby actually support his treachery by bashing his sophistry which is only half true. This bashing of half-truths helps make parents who don't analyze every word Kirby says (and refuses to say)think that Kirby is representing them righteously. The fact is that Kirby is engaged in a sophisticated act to waste parents' time while he continues to ask for proof that already exists, and has existed for 10 long years.

If you now understand how David Kirby is using sophistry to harm our children, please help me publicize that fact. The fact that Kirby will not state the WHOLE TRUTH is evidence of harm. David Kirby must no longer be allowed to speak for my son who can't speak for himself.


quicksilver said...


David Kirby has a book and a website where he says many things about autism so to say he does not tell the whole truth needs more explaining. He cannot say everything each time he writes.

For me he rightly deserves the prize for his outstanding JOURNALISM on the autism issue and puts to shame MOST of the scientists, doctors, psychiatrists who have studied this disease when to David like me it meant NOTHING.

As a chemist his claim about MERCURY being brain destroying at the amounts in one vaccine I can verify.

As for Mr Leitch he should look to the environment for a source of mercury if he is so sure he hasn't exposed mercury in injections to his child. Cooling towers and power stations emit HUGE amounts of mercury into the atmosphere for example.

England has many polluted places where I would not bring up a dog let alone a child.

In fact I have moved to a rural non polluted area just to escape such environmental hazards.

I have studies cases not of autism but death (SIDS) and often they live in heavily polluted zones of the ocuntry. Exposure to heavy metal, neurotoxic chemicals and even radioactive elements.

Foresam said...

By supporting this (expletive deleted) liar, you have shown yourself to be a (expletive deleted) liar.

Kirby has wasted our time. He needs to be told to step aside so honest parents can speak for ourselves. Did you read this sophist's authors note in Evidence of Harm? This (expletive deleted) wrote that dishonest note after Bernard Rimland had presented cured children to the world. In effect, Kirby called Rimland a liar. That makes Kirby my enemy and my son's enemy. How (expletive deleted) stupid are you people?

Christy said...

Vaccines do not cause autism. They can however cause symptoms in children which are similar to those children who do have autism. And if a child has the genetic background found to be related to autism an aggressive vaccine schedule when they are toddlers can exacerbate the situation. The genes are the gun and vaccines can be the trigger specifically in regressive autism.

I think anyone who wants to more fully understand autism and a plethora of other soon to be childhood epidemics should keep their mind open to what many causes are really behind it all.

Foresam said...

Whether you realize it or not, you are using the carefully chosen language of sophistry.

Autism is mercury poisoning. The genetic component is the APO proteins. The other vague language is a shoddy attempt to deceive.

Keeping your mind open when you already have the answer just shows you don't know how to make a decision. Please don't be misled by sophists.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that the children of parents with autistic genes are more susceptible to vaccine-induced brain damage?

If so, are children of the highly intelligent Aspies that we keep hearing about being targeted by vaccine manufacturers?

Maybe that's why some parents of children with regressive autism say that Aspergers runs in their family. In other words,
Aspie + NT (with Aspie traits) + vaccines = a child with severe autism.

~ Watson