Saturday, January 03, 2009, Neurodiversity Defeated Again and the Scumbag Ari Ne'eman

The Neuroinsane have now managed to have my comments deleted from the Autism blog at Actually, I think most of the comments remain but, instead of having my name next to them, some weasel replaced my name with my initials. Here is how the comments looked before Chew started deleting the truth.

The child abusers, led by Kristina Chew, surrendered to me after only one day of battle. These psychopathic liars could not refute one word I said so they had to try the usual assaults of name calling and character assassination. In the end, they had to throw in the towel and go crying to some authority at to have me thrown out.

Update: I went back to to check the comments there to see that Chew and her lying psychopaths had all of my comments deleted. That's very cowardly of you Kristina. You can run but you can't hide. These lying scum had to delete about 100 comments because they couldn't face one man, me.

We can see here that the lying Mrs Chew thanked me for one of my many comments but that comment can't be found now. Why would an honest person thank me and then delete my words? Neurodiversity must be very afraid.

@John Best,Thanks for the comment.
Thank you very much----

Posted by Kristina Chew on 01/02/2009 @ 04:37PM PST

The liars of Neurodiversity will never win any battle against decent parents. Kevin Leitch, Phil Schwarz, Chew, a super moron named Marc Rosen and a band of assorted idiots tried their best to fend off sanity with dishonest rhetoric but, as always, had to have my voice banned so they could present their dishonest and deranged agenda unopposed.

And, here's a nice example of two mental cases breathing a sigh of relief that I had been banned:

John is fondly called John Beast, and he treats his kid like a lab rat. Expect only bile and hatred from him.
given by Mark Probert in reference to comment on the Autism blog entry 10 Autism Controversies

I know what he's like. Thankfully, it looks like he's been banned.

Posted by Marc Rosen (Mental Case, not autistic) on 01/03/2009 @ 05:51PM PST

My favorite act of cowardice from the Neuropsychopaths involved their newest lying spokesmodel, the young college student, Ari Ne'eman.

Here is the comment I left for the dishonest young bastard, Ne'eman this morning that has now been deleted:

Ari Ne'eman is a blatant liar. He refers to himself as autistic when, in fact, he has Asperger's. He was diagnosed so late in life that I question the Asperger's too.

If Ne'eman was trying to be honest, he would call his organization the Asperger's self advocacy network. By using the word "autism" in the title and ranting against a cure, Ne'eman pretends to speak for autistic children who smear feces all over themselves, bite themselves into bloody messes, bash their heads on concrete, never learn to read or write and eventually spend their adult lives locked up in asylums.

We have already cured many of these children who used to be thought of as hopeless cases. So, using Ne'eman's logic, we can assume he would like to reinject the mercury into them that we removed so they could go back to enjoying smearing feces all over themselves.

Ne'eman has been schooled by a deranged group of psychopaths known as Neurodiversity (Neuroinsanity to me) who are on a propaganda mission to prevent people from learning how to cure autism.

These psychopaths could not stop me from curing my son and the world needs to know that there is no truth in what they say, starting with calling themselves "autistic".

Posted by John Best on 01/03/2009 @ 04:33AM PST

This comment in response must have come from a friend of Ne'eman and now looks ridiculous standing there by itself:

Please do not infest this site with your horrifically childish and under educated statements, Mr Best. Asperger's Syndrome is a part of the wider condition of Autism. To deny this medical fact confirmed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defies description.

Posted by Kylie Perez on 01/03/2009 @ 02:53PM PST

As we easily see, this Kylie Perez is either not very bright with this ad hominem attack on me or he, she or it is just one more lying piece of dung from Neuroinsanity. Perez pretends that the distinction between autism and Asperger's is immaterial.

I clearly showed how the lying Ari Ne'eman intentionally blurs that distinction to serve his autistic abusing agenda. I have to laugh when this simpleton who must agree that disabled children should not be cured refers to me as under educated. The liar, Ari Ne'eman might fool some under educated people but he is not going to sling his obfuscatory rhetoric past me.

I'll state here for the record that Ari Ne'eman is a fraud who is intentionally abusing autistic children by misrepresenting the facts about autism. This up and coming young liar sems to think he is going to somehow influence President Obama on policy regarding autism. That can not be allowed to happen. For, if the liar, Ari Ne'eman is allowed to speak for our children, our children will lose.

Here's the video of Ne'eman trying to tell the nation to let our children rot.


jonathan said...

Ari Neeman's statement that anti-cure does not equal anti-progress has got to be one of the biggest copouts in history. If he or the other ND's can suggest how progress can be made without a cure I am waiting to here from them. So far no one has really made any suggestions. They just attack people who wish a better life for themselves or their kids.

Michael E. Robinson, Sr. said...

I believe we need to try to put down the swords and shields and join our separated groups into a united lobby as difficult as that may seem. We all have different opinions and we all have different needs for our children or for adults on the spectrum, needs for themselves. In creating the Autism Reform Act of 2009 input from over 1500 emails and postings were used. Some thought their input wasn't wanted or needed which is not true - it all was used in either compiled data to back up a resolution or in actual documentation provided to give cause for other resolutions. The Autism Reform Act of 2009 addresses the needs of Adults on the spectrum that have been denied or made to wait for long periods for S.S.I. or Medicaid Waivers. It limits time allowed for waits and ensures an emergency period of only 30 days in some instances for Medicaid Waivers. It also looks directly at the needs of children in public and private schools, Educational Needs, therapies and treatments. If one wants to be heard.... then that one should allow the next to be heard as well.
If we look at the Autism Reform Act of 2009 and embrace the chance to actually change the way things are for children and adults on the spectrum, put aside our differences, and put up a strong united front we can make something happen. If we continue to go at it with each other we distance ourselves from the very goals we individually have.
Michael E. Robinson, Sr.
The Office of Advocacy for Autistic Children

Timelord said...

You are 100% right. I've been foolish to disagree with you and I'd like to apologize for being an idiot. Thanks for educating me. You know I have a low IQ and it usually takes me a long time to learn anything. I'm sorry for behaving like such a moron.

Foresam said...

Ne'eman thinks he's smarter than the rest of us. He's going to get his comeuppance and it will be a good learning experience for the young scumbag.

jonathan said...

I know that the person who calls themselves timelord is really just impersonating Phil Gluyas and is not really him, but I agree wholeheartedly with their description of Gluyas.

Foresam said...

True, Gluyas will never grow more brain cells to help his condition. He's doing a great job of showing off the insanity of Neurodiversity though.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Do these anti-cure people ever stop and think about the lives of those on the spectrum who are more severely affected than they are? Do they ever stop to think about the non-verbal adults living in institutions that are terribly understaffed? Do they ever stop and think about the kids like my daughter who did not get a good night's sleep because of her messed-up body chemistry for about four years straight until we began the so-called "voodoo treatments" and treated her for yeast? Am I supposed to "celebrate" that? Sleep deprivation is also used as a form of torture. And guess what? My daughter feels better and is MUCH happier now that she can sleep through the night.

Now THAT is something to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

If Chew makes your skin crawl imagine how disgusting her husband must be. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing her live recently and all I have to say is her husband must have a secret desire for 12 year old Asian boys in order to be married to that thing.