Friday, January 16, 2009

Freeman Hrabowski III Spits On Autistic Children

Freeman Hrabowski III is the President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Hrabowski has a student at his lousy college named Ari Ne'eman whose mission in life appears to be to relentlessly abuse autistic children.

This article recounts how Freeman Hrabowski was spat on as a child during a Civil Rights march. One would think that Hrabowski would recall this experience and understand that children who can not speak for themselves would not approve of students like Ari Ne'eman trying to prevent them from being cured of a horrific condition known as autism. For Hrabowski to approve of Ari Ne'eman's abuse of disabled children is no different than claiming that he also approves of the public safety commissioner who spat on him back in 1963. Would Hrabowski shake the hand of that bastard who spat on him and commend him for a job well done as he has done with Ari Ne'eman?

Ari Ne'eman is a fraud who claims to be autistic. This kid has Asperger's and has absolutely nothing in common with autistic children who can not function at even a two year old level throughout their lives. Freeman Hrabowski knows this because I explained it to him here and with three emails.

Hrabowski did not even have the common courtesy to respond to my concern about the evil he has allowed to breed at UMBC. He had some subordinate send me a letter full of BS that made excuses for Ari Ne'eman's deviant behavior. So, by tacitly endorsing Ne'eman's dishonest campaign to abuse autistic children, this university president who was spat on as a child must be getting even with society by "spitting" on someone else, horribly disabled children who never did anything to him.

I'd like to suggest that anyone who wants their child to grow up to be a decent human being find a school besides UMBC that might be run by someone with a basic understanding of ethics, unlike Freeman Hrabowski III.


Doc said...

I have Asperger's and I would never want to be cured. Some things in my life are difficult, and some are not; but I would never not want to be the person that I am. The struggle has been worth it.

Hating autism is equivalent to bigotry against disabled folks like me. Shame. Shame. Shame on you.

Doc said...

Call Hrabowski anything you like. Time Magazine just named him one of America's 10 Best College Presidents.

Foresam said...

Curing your mental illness won't change who you are.

Time Magazine favors abusing all autistic people. That's why a well known autistic abusing psychopath like Hrabowski can earn mention there.