Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bringing Credibility to Mercury as the Cause of Autism

How many people think that the image portrayed here by Jenny McCarthy adds credibility to the parents of autistic children who are trying to have their message heard?

Would Hillary Clinton have come close to becoming the President if she had made videos like this?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Spits On First Amendment

This is what readers are treated to now when they try to look at Hating Autism.

Content Warning
Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

I understand and I wish to continue I do not wish to continue

Using Google's logic here, they should put this warning on every site on the internet. I'm certain we can find some mental case to take issue with something on every site. We may even find normal people who object to certain sites.

I object to my government lying to me but I don't see Google putting warning signs on the front page of government sites. There's no warning sign here, on what I consider to be the most offensive site on the internet.

When I ask Google to explain why they're messing with my first amendment rights, they refuse to answer. They have a form that you can fill out but they never give you an answer. I don't think Hitler gave answers to people either.

The thing that's really galling here is that this happened because propaganda experts associated with the Pharmaceutical industry flooded Google with complaints because I write the truth about how Pharma poisons children with mercury in vaccines. Pharma doesn't want anyone to see that. These sadists organized a smear campaign against me and Google never gave me any chance to defend myself against their lies. Google just acted based on volume with zero regard for the truth.

The truth, that any moron can see, is that this is Pharma's only option. They can't sue me because I'd eat them alive in a courtroom. So they lie en masse and Google lets them get away with it. I guess this adds Google to the list of dishonest scumbags who have taken action against severely autistic children to protect the vaccine industry who poisoned them.

Is this the United States or Nazi Germany under rule by Google?

Friday, February 19, 2010

What Is Autism?

Tell Your Senators About Ari Ne'eman's Dishonesty

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
United States Senate ( [Label IP Address] Neeman&aq=f&aqi=&oq=

As you see from the above snapshot from my stat counter, it does do some good to write about the propaganda from Neurodiversity and Ari Ne'eman. I saw that someone from Obama's office was reading my blog the other day and now I see someone from the Senate being educated about Ari Ne'eman's deception.

People who are sane enough to try to help their autistic kids instead of letting them rot in asylums as Ari ne'eman would like need to publicize this deception that has been spread all over the internet. We have to let Congress know what Ne'eman is really doing so they will not allow this liar to serve on the National Council where he can influence policy and see that our kids never receive the treatment they need.

Make no mistake, that's Ne'eman's goal as a drug company shill, to make sure people do not learn the truth about how mercury in vaccines scrambled our kids' brains. Please write to Congress and advise them to research Ne'eman's propaganda. I've already done the exposition of his deception so that Senators do find it on Google.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google Games

This morning, all of my blogs had been deleted by Google. Now, they're back with no explanation. Google apologized but gave me no details. So, until they explain why they thought it was acceptable to ignore the first amendment, I'll leave my opinion of them up on Hating Autism Two. Nobody should ever screw around with the first amendment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Andrew Wakefield Used by Illuminati In Propaganda War

In all the stuff that I've seen written about the Wakefield inquisition, I haven't noticed that anyone wrote the truth. Perhaps I'm the only one who noticed it. I have never wanted to say anything about the MMR vaccine since I knew it didn't cause my son's autism. My son was autistic before he had that vaccine.

The consensus within the autism community has always been that the MMR vaccine caused autism. I never thought so but I never knew for sure until now. Now I see why it has been such a media frenzy. The MMR contributed to symptoms and, as such, was accepted through the grapevine as a cause of the autism itself. Wakefield never said it was the cause, period.

The verdict on Wakefield was merely a propaganda ploy so the media could shout that vaccines do not cause autism. When they decided Wakefield was guilty, it was an acquittal of all vaccines. This is false but that's the way it was used in the propaganda battle.

Mercury is the only thing that can cause autism. Every other theory is just propaganda. All of the studies that make other claims as to the cause of autism can all be debunked by plain old common sense. Just think about them, and when you do, the key element is the fact that autism never existed before 1931 when mercury was first used in vaccines.

Those of us who watched our autistic kids improve by chelating mercury know the truth. Most of us can't be conned by the propaganda that's designed to brainwash us. People who purport to be advocating for autistic kids are going out of their way to show support for Dr Wakefield. That's fine. He deserves support. He found a problem associated with the MMR vaccine that shows up in a lot of kids who happen to have mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as autism. The problem needs to be solved to help those kids. Their "guts" need to be fixed but that won't fix their autism.

The only way to "fix" autism is to remove the mercury that caused it. People who support Wakefield without harping on the fact that we have to deal with mercury to solve the problem are doing a disservice to autistic people. These "advocates" have to start looking at the "big picture" and see what the propaganda is doing for the general public. Engaging in battles about Wakefiled really has nothing to do with autism. This media show makes it look like a bunch of nuts fighting against solid science, science that Dr Wakefield himself agrees with, that the MMR does not cause autism.

The autism "advocates" should be discussing the fact that mercury is the cause of all autism every time they join the fight to defend Wakefield. That's the point that the Illuminati, which is synonymous with Pharma, does not want to see in the media. The Illuminati, which is synonymous with the "media", is very happy to have this public furor that shows the MMR does not cause autism which they misconstrue to claim vaccines do not cause autism.

"False flag" seems to be the buzzword that describes this media circus. The Illuminati has people believing that Dr Wakefield was found to be at fault regarding the MMR which they perverted into meaning that no vaccines cause autism. The great thing about that perversion is that it's true, well, sort of. The vaccines never caused any autism until mercury was included in them. Vaccines with mercury still do cause autism, especially the flu shot to pregnant women. The propaganda claims that the mercury was removed while a little bit still remains in the DTP, HepB and Hib shots. The media constantly advertises this bogus claim without pointing out thee fact about the flu shot, or the largely forgotten tetanus shot by itself, which still contains the full dose of mercury.

The media never reminds us that the largest rise in autism was directly linked to giving the HepB shot on the day of birth. As one would figure if they were a good Illuminati propaganda wizard, the media never mentions how dangerous the flu shot is to one pound fetuses who do not have a blood brain barrier(BBB) to keep the mercury from going to the brain. They also never tell us how aluminum eats holes in the BBB which allows mercury to get in there. That aluminum helps the mercury from tuna sandwiches go to the brain when, with an intact BBB, the mercury would never enter the brain.

This is what must be discussed in defending Dr Wakefield. Autism "advocates" have to see the big propaganda picture if they want to beat the Illuminati and stop them from poisoning our children.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Dr" Anthony Hollander, Autism's Horse's Ass

"Dr. Hollander, PhD., OTR, is a nationally known authority on autism spectrum disorders." and a real horse's ass.

Dr Anthony Hollander, an occupational therapist, writes for Spectrum Magazine. Hollander is not a real doctor. He's one of those phony bastards with a PhD in psychology or some other inane discipline. His bio claims he's been in the business for over 30 years. That means he spent 20 years messing around with autistic kids' heads before anyone knew what was really wrong with them, that they all had mercury poisoning. This jerk still hasn't learned that fact.

Spectrum used to be a good publication. I never expected to see a jackass like this guy touting the language of the CDC to convince people to allow their autistic kids to rot instead of curing them. Occupational therapists (overpriced babysitters) would be out of business if we cured all of the autism. That couldn't be what motivates an asshole like Hollander though, could it?

It's more likely that anyone who spouts this drivel about evidence based medicine is simply a sadistic bastard who enjoys watching kids suffer. It's just not possible for anyone who knows anything about autism to be as stupid as Hollander acts. Everyone knows that children have been cured. So, why else would Hollander make up a fantasy column denying that fact?

Hollander denies that we can cure autism by going after the easiest target. He picks on the GF/CF diet which has about as much chance of curing autism as ABA does. Since no imbecilic behaviorist can cure mercury poisoning by teaching the mercury out of the brain, this failure of an "expert" makes the claim that the GF/CF diet can't cure autism, a true statement. This specious reasoning technique used by sophists only works as long as nobody can corner this con artist and force him to address the facts about chelation which does cure autism by removing mercury from brains.

Dr" Hollander, President of some bullshit behavioral nonsense place, is getting rich by preventing autistic kids from being cured. While he touts his foolish behavioral attempts to deal with mercury poisoning, all of the kids he allegedly "treats" remain screwed up beyond belief because mercury is eating their brains. Meanwhile, people like me watch our kids continue to recover from the effects of mercury because we learned how to solve the problem with chelation.

One would think that a guy like Hollander must have read lots of books to earn that PhD. Too bad this dipshit can't find his way here to learn something from the PhD who perfected chelation. Maybe if Hollander was honest and watched his psychobabble practice dry up because he told the truth, he could cross-train and learn to become a human being.

Grants from Autism Science Foundation

The Autism Science Foundation is giving away grants to attend a conference that allegedly will discuss research regarding autism. Since this group is run by Allison Singer and Paul Offit, we know it will be pure bullshit. I applied for the grant so I could further my knowledge of Pharma propaganda. I hope they like my letter and give me that grant. I could use a vacation. If anyone knows Allison Singer, please put in a good word for me. My application letter is below.

Hi, I'm a father of an autistic child who is being cured with chelation. I don't know what 12 point type is and have no clue what you're talking about for attachments. I hope you'll excuse my ignorance of secretarial tasks and consider my application.

I'd like to attend your conference so I can see what new lies you degenerates have conjured up with which to harm poisoned children. I'm sure the lies will be good ones and may require some thought for me to figure out why there is no truth to them. You see, I know that everything you say is dishonest because my sons have both responded well to chelation after your pals in the medical industry poisoned them. Yet, you filthy, lying pieces of shit continue to tell people autism is not caused by vaccines.

After I analyze your lies, I'll be happy to report my findings to any honest politician I can find and I'll write about it on my blog. I'll also mention it on Facebook as often as possible to make sure you bastards are exposed for giving out false information about how doctors cause autism.
In the interest of honesty, and helping severely disabled children, I'm sure you'll be pleased you selected me for a grant to attend the conference. You might become better people after I further expose your fraud and more people learn what a bunch of scumbags you are. That shame may induce you to reform your nefarious ways.

Thanks for your consideration,John BestLondonderry, NH

To apply, send a letter to describing why you want to attend IMFAR and, most importantly, explaining how you would share what you learn there with the broader autism community. Letters should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (use suffix .doc, NOT .docx) of no more than 2 pages, 12-point type, "Arial" font, with standard margins. In the subject line please write: IMFAR Grant. Letters must be received by March 15, 2010. Recipients will be announced in April.

Autistic Adults Curing Themselves

Here's an excellent analysis of autism from Roger Kulp, an autistic adult who's curing himself.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Jesse Ventura, Mind Control

Who's to say that Ari Ne'eman and Amanda Baggs were not invented by one of these government operations? The mind control described here fits well with what Ne'eman and Baggs have done to try to destroy autistic children.