Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grants from Autism Science Foundation

The Autism Science Foundation is giving away grants to attend a conference that allegedly will discuss research regarding autism. Since this group is run by Allison Singer and Paul Offit, we know it will be pure bullshit. I applied for the grant so I could further my knowledge of Pharma propaganda. I hope they like my letter and give me that grant. I could use a vacation. If anyone knows Allison Singer, please put in a good word for me. My application letter is below.

Hi, I'm a father of an autistic child who is being cured with chelation. I don't know what 12 point type is and have no clue what you're talking about for attachments. I hope you'll excuse my ignorance of secretarial tasks and consider my application.

I'd like to attend your conference so I can see what new lies you degenerates have conjured up with which to harm poisoned children. I'm sure the lies will be good ones and may require some thought for me to figure out why there is no truth to them. You see, I know that everything you say is dishonest because my sons have both responded well to chelation after your pals in the medical industry poisoned them. Yet, you filthy, lying pieces of shit continue to tell people autism is not caused by vaccines.

After I analyze your lies, I'll be happy to report my findings to any honest politician I can find and I'll write about it on my blog. I'll also mention it on Facebook as often as possible to make sure you bastards are exposed for giving out false information about how doctors cause autism.
In the interest of honesty, and helping severely disabled children, I'm sure you'll be pleased you selected me for a grant to attend the conference. You might become better people after I further expose your fraud and more people learn what a bunch of scumbags you are. That shame may induce you to reform your nefarious ways.

Thanks for your consideration,John BestLondonderry, NH

To apply, send a letter to describing why you want to attend IMFAR and, most importantly, explaining how you would share what you learn there with the broader autism community. Letters should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (use suffix .doc, NOT .docx) of no more than 2 pages, 12-point type, "Arial" font, with standard margins. In the subject line please write: IMFAR Grant. Letters must be received by March 15, 2010. Recipients will be announced in April.


watching in Washington said...

Nice letter John.

I think Alison Singer is that mom who said a few years back on that Autism Speaks video that she wanted to drive her kid off a bridge. Maybe she should leave her kid with me and drive herself off that bridge.

No way will I ever sell out my kid like she's done.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that when Alison Singer made the Autism Everyday video all the ND Mommy and Daddy freaks went nuts and hated her----BUT as soon as she became a scum pro vaccine/Offit ass kisser they all suddenly loved Singer and were praising her all over their blogs. It shows just how hypocritical they all are.

Anyway- Alison Singer is on a power trip leaving her daughter in the dirt. Alison should really due autistic kids a favor and jump off that bridge herself.


Watching in Washington said...

Anonymous, yes, I noticed this.

Anyone still snowed enough to believe that neurodiversity isn't in bed with Big Pharma, please raise your hand.