Friday, February 19, 2010

Tell Your Senators About Ari Ne'eman's Dishonesty

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
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As you see from the above snapshot from my stat counter, it does do some good to write about the propaganda from Neurodiversity and Ari Ne'eman. I saw that someone from Obama's office was reading my blog the other day and now I see someone from the Senate being educated about Ari Ne'eman's deception.

People who are sane enough to try to help their autistic kids instead of letting them rot in asylums as Ari ne'eman would like need to publicize this deception that has been spread all over the internet. We have to let Congress know what Ne'eman is really doing so they will not allow this liar to serve on the National Council where he can influence policy and see that our kids never receive the treatment they need.

Make no mistake, that's Ne'eman's goal as a drug company shill, to make sure people do not learn the truth about how mercury in vaccines scrambled our kids' brains. Please write to Congress and advise them to research Ne'eman's propaganda. I've already done the exposition of his deception so that Senators do find it on Google.

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