Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Dr" Anthony Hollander, Autism's Horse's Ass

"Dr. Hollander, PhD., OTR, is a nationally known authority on autism spectrum disorders." and a real horse's ass.

Dr Anthony Hollander, an occupational therapist, writes for Spectrum Magazine. Hollander is not a real doctor. He's one of those phony bastards with a PhD in psychology or some other inane discipline. His bio claims he's been in the business for over 30 years. That means he spent 20 years messing around with autistic kids' heads before anyone knew what was really wrong with them, that they all had mercury poisoning. This jerk still hasn't learned that fact.

Spectrum used to be a good publication. I never expected to see a jackass like this guy touting the language of the CDC to convince people to allow their autistic kids to rot instead of curing them. Occupational therapists (overpriced babysitters) would be out of business if we cured all of the autism. That couldn't be what motivates an asshole like Hollander though, could it?

It's more likely that anyone who spouts this drivel about evidence based medicine is simply a sadistic bastard who enjoys watching kids suffer. It's just not possible for anyone who knows anything about autism to be as stupid as Hollander acts. Everyone knows that children have been cured. So, why else would Hollander make up a fantasy column denying that fact?

Hollander denies that we can cure autism by going after the easiest target. He picks on the GF/CF diet which has about as much chance of curing autism as ABA does. Since no imbecilic behaviorist can cure mercury poisoning by teaching the mercury out of the brain, this failure of an "expert" makes the claim that the GF/CF diet can't cure autism, a true statement. This specious reasoning technique used by sophists only works as long as nobody can corner this con artist and force him to address the facts about chelation which does cure autism by removing mercury from brains.

Dr" Hollander, President of some bullshit behavioral nonsense place, is getting rich by preventing autistic kids from being cured. While he touts his foolish behavioral attempts to deal with mercury poisoning, all of the kids he allegedly "treats" remain screwed up beyond belief because mercury is eating their brains. Meanwhile, people like me watch our kids continue to recover from the effects of mercury because we learned how to solve the problem with chelation.

One would think that a guy like Hollander must have read lots of books to earn that PhD. Too bad this dipshit can't find his way here to learn something from the PhD who perfected chelation. Maybe if Hollander was honest and watched his psychobabble practice dry up because he told the truth, he could cross-train and learn to become a human being.


Anonymous said...

I was astounded at the ignorance in this column. You might want to check your facts before blogging.

Foresam said...

I always enjoy anonymous cowards criticizing me. I have all of the facts.

Too bad "Dr" Hollander hasn't learned them.