Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Spits On First Amendment

This is what readers are treated to now when they try to look at Hating Autism.

Content Warning
Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

I understand and I wish to continue I do not wish to continue

Using Google's logic here, they should put this warning on every site on the internet. I'm certain we can find some mental case to take issue with something on every site. We may even find normal people who object to certain sites.

I object to my government lying to me but I don't see Google putting warning signs on the front page of government sites. There's no warning sign here, on what I consider to be the most offensive site on the internet.

When I ask Google to explain why they're messing with my first amendment rights, they refuse to answer. They have a form that you can fill out but they never give you an answer. I don't think Hitler gave answers to people either.

The thing that's really galling here is that this happened because propaganda experts associated with the Pharmaceutical industry flooded Google with complaints because I write the truth about how Pharma poisons children with mercury in vaccines. Pharma doesn't want anyone to see that. These sadists organized a smear campaign against me and Google never gave me any chance to defend myself against their lies. Google just acted based on volume with zero regard for the truth.

The truth, that any moron can see, is that this is Pharma's only option. They can't sue me because I'd eat them alive in a courtroom. So they lie en masse and Google lets them get away with it. I guess this adds Google to the list of dishonest scumbags who have taken action against severely autistic children to protect the vaccine industry who poisoned them.

Is this the United States or Nazi Germany under rule by Google?


jonathan said...

They never answered my multiple filling out of their forms when making out DMCA complaints on Clay Adams' unauthorized use of my photo on my blog.

Foresam said...

We need a lawsuit against Google.

Droopy said...

Since you've admitted an acknowledgment of seeing for yourself the now too obvious-to-be-denied heavily biased support for "Neurodiveristy" in the realms of (but certainly not limited to) the following:

funding, media, government, (and now legalities/freedom of speech)

but if John Best doesn't have it right, then

To just what do you attribute this? Just what do you think is the cause behind this degree and level of Neurodiversity's "new found good fortune"?

(and please do be sure to do your very best to consider what all/how much it really is, to what full extent this really entails as much as you yourself have observed, the all inclusive 'big picture')

I'd really like to know, I'd be quite curious to hear what you think is behind it.

jonathan said...

well it is not worth suing anyone over just because they did not follow up on my complaint, though I think it unfair that Phil Gluyas can complain about the same thing when you and others did it and they bend over backwards for him.

The problem with lawsuits is you need to hire an attorney and pay them tens of thousands of dollars and the lawsuits can go on for years.

AutismNewsBeat said...

John, this has nothing to do with the First Amendment. Read it:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Google isn't Congress. Now quit whining.

Anonymous said...

If they are going to do this then the hypocrites of Google should also put this same warning on numerous blogs of the moronic parents of ND. The warning should be this...."if you want your child to end up in a residential setting with absolutely no hope of recovering then by all means go forward and read the useless information provided by this blog (Estee Klar, S. Senator, Holli Nappi Collins, Shannon Rosa and many more come to mind.)


Foresam said...

Google allows millions of people to blog via their site. They have no right to restrict anyone unless they restrict everyone.
If you agree that Google can restrict my blog, then it follows that they can restrict every blog, including all of the idiotic ones that you are associated with.
They have made a judgement against me here, even though they state otherwise.
I don't think the authors of the Constitution foresaw the internet. Congress should be stepping on Google's neck for this violation of United States' priciples.
And, as usual, you prove yourself an imbecile. Thank you for that.

Droopy said...

and if that's still somehow not making its way through to you -- read that google blurb one more time

Neurodiversity, in addition to being the most insidious disability-haters-cloaked-as-advocacy group wolves-in-sheep's clothing

There are very few who would try to dispute the fact that they are also a very political group

If I need to and if I am able (its still more stuff Baggs and Tisoncik are have thought better of and realized its better hidden, just like the bogus "Getting The Truth Out" but if I have to I will dig up and find and then find a way to get those videos reposted, those old videos Baggs where 'interviewing' with her neighbor and cohort Laura "Muskie" Tisoncik -- because Baggs and her buddy, in addition to the scheme they've pulled off directly at my expense,

are a couple of the fundamental originators/promotors/instigators of this whole "Neurodiversity' nightmare -- and those videos make it very very clear from early on that what Baggs and especially Tisoncik are as political in their mindset as you can get

and what they've had in mind right along (Tisoncik actually has rather grand notions of propping Baggs up to be some sort of modern day disability Dr King -- nevermind that Amanda is blackfacing it to try to do so -- but anyway, all of can be very evidenced in those videos)

not to mention there is now the Ari Ne'eman in Washington getting some position up there...

The whole damned thing with Neurodiversity is very political indeed, from its origins to how its being played out and John Best has quite a detailed concept of just how very political this is and thats one of the main topics he frequently returns to address

so nobody has the right, and this is according to Google itself, to tell him he can't or claim its 'hate speech' -- in fact that's one of the major problems with Neurodiversity -- this total need to drive and work to entirely drive out and silence everyone and everything that either resists or disagrees challenges or that they see as any obstacle or opposition whatsoever

-- including autistic people ourselves!

Foresam said...

Thank you, Droopy. Now, if people with autistic kids could only learn that David Kirby is in bed with Neurodiversity, we might get the whole enchilada exposed.

Xavier said...

Google needs to be sent this: As obviously, they have little investigational skills and need help. I like Google. I appreciate their contribution to society, but they need to seriously get Phil Gluyas off the net. He's been tormenting people for years. Here's a brief analysis of the situation that may help Google understand how crazy this man and people like him are:

It sounds good. They call themselves neurodiversity activists. They’re also cyber terrorists, who often use fictitious names to terrorize families raising severely autistic children. Indeed, these serial cyber-bullies, ranging in ages from 18 to 40 something, are a new breed of sociopath, hijacking the Asperger’s diagnosis to justify obsessive sadistic and narcissitic behaviors.

Case in point: A Phil Gluyas, aka “Timelord”, “Fenric65” , an angry man from Australia, who has, for the past several years, socially abused, psychologically tortured, bullied and harassed dozens of persons with disablities on the internet. He loves to call women “failures” and “hateful witches.” Oh, and likes to threaten everyone with lawsuits for slander, after he just finished slandering you. A real winner.
So obsessed and hateful is this Gluya man, he has created numerous blogs, where he makes lists of “aspie enemies.” He also has a few friends. Likewise, Ackner has won the praises of Nick Dubin (author who discusses bullying and aspergers) and Judy Markowitz, a teacher. Apparently, Markowitz and Dubin have never googled Andrew’s youtube name, ASD4EVAselfspeaking or googled his connection to Phil Gluyas. Yes, Andrew is not the person they think he is. Let’s see Andrew, the wonderful asperger’s adult as he joins in on a brutal cyber attack of a disabled woman raising a severely autistic brother.
Andrew Ackner is your typical con man. He poses as an angel of light. A helper. An intellectual asset to the autism world, while he’s dumping toxic words into the internet sky. Ducking and weaving his way outta the spotlight. Phil, on the other hand, being the more mature and experienced mixed personality disorder he is, is bolder. He hides, but then can’t help himself and comes out ready to wrestle the world and tell everyone how it is. Unfortunately, he’s an obvious nut, to most that are aware of this toxic, hateful, abusive man. Phil, in typical form, likes to abuse women in distress. He enjoys it. He calls them all failures. Mocks and stalks them on the net. Threatens to sue them for slander if they dare to confront his vicious attacks. Accuses everyone of abusing him, while he’s abusing everyone. He’s mass confusion. It doesn’t matter what the Phil Gluyas’ or Craig Scratchers or Andrew Ackners of the world say or do to us, they will justify their attacks on all, even physical attacks, because they blame their ‘aspergers syndrome” and feign “being bullied” by others in society. The sad reality is, however, evidence shows it is not society that has bullied people like Phil Gluyas and his bitter cronies; it is THEM who abuse others. They even go on You Tube and religiously give thumbs down and make abusive comments to families who post videos of severely autistic children. It’s the height of self-obsession and delusional thinking. It’s also diabolically driven, which explains the numerous names they all choose being rooted in 666, demon or darkness or other dark fantasy roots. True Aspergers does not present like this. It’s time for these cyber terrorists posing as ‘aspies” to be exposed for what and who they are and how they operate.


Foresam said...

This is what I've been writing for years about these sadists.

Unfortunately, lots of people believe that these psychos are real people. They don't understand that everything they say is Pharma driven propaganda based on brainwashing and psychological warfare.

The leaders on our side of this little war are also corrupt. That's why they won't support what I write about these jerks.