Monday, December 28, 2009

How to End Autism

I've been writing about the corruption within the autism community for four years. I've had enough.

Parents of autistic kids are just too damn stupid to ever solve the problem. The solution is here if anyone's interested. Good luck. Good bye.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Appoints Ari Ne'eman to Abuse Autistic Children

Ari Ne'eman was appointed to the National Council on Disability yesterday. With this move, President Obama has agreed to allow Ne'eman to abuse all autistic people with his deception.

Obama agrees that it is a good idea to allow the vaccine industry to continue poisoning babies into autism by shooting mercury into pregnant women and he has appointed Ne'eman to this post to help him further deceive the public as to the truth about how autism is caused and how we can cure it.

I wrote the following letter to John Vaughn, Chairperson (not Chairman, so we see he is either a politically correct jackass or a transexual) of the NCD who can be emailed at this address .

Ari Ne'eman does not have autism. I hope you will consider the vast difference
between "autism" and "Asperger's" and do something about the manner
in which young Mr Ne'eman abuses autistic children with his bogus rhetoric. It is an
absolute disgrace that Ne'eman has been appointed to this council. His goal is to harm
all autistic children by lying about the cause of autism and trying to convince naive
parents to avoid curing them.
Autism is not genetic. It is caused by mercury and aluminum in vaccines. Because we
learned this fact in 1999, we began to cure autism in 2000. It is a simple but time
consuming process, chelation, that enables us to cure this horror show. Some children
have been cured quickly with as little as one round of chelation. Others take years to
remove all of the mercury from their brains and give them their lives back.
My son used to be one of the worst cases of autism you can imagine. He was a normal
baby until he was about ten months old. Then, the mercury began to scramble his brain.
He stopped looking at us, stopped babbling and just disappeared from us. He went on to
live a nightmare of feces smearing, bashing his head through walls, screaming in pain all
day long, never sleeping, biting himself, refusing to eat for over a week at a time,
being bound up with painful constipation and never learning anything at all through his
firat six years of school from ages three to eight.
He was almost eight when I began to chelate him. The improvement was tremendous. The
constipation that no doctor could solve vanished after a couple of months and has not
returned since, almost six years now. He used to drag one leg when he walked and that
also vanished at the same time so he began to walk normally. The mental improvement has
been a slow process since then but, looking back, the difference between zero development
for his first eight years when he appeared to be brain dead, and what he is now is
He is now a happy child who eats everything in sight, looks directly into your eyes,
never screams in pain and is learning. I stopped chelating for over two years because
the biting was so bad, I had to get rid of it to make sure that chelation wasn't somehow
causing it. This child who used to bite himself for hours every day while screaming in
pain now has less than one brief episode per month. Now, I'm chelating again and the
improvements continue. At age 13, he used a toilet for the first time a couple of weeks
ago. Progress.
Ari Ne'eman tells people that what I have already done is not possible. Ne'eman is a
blatant liar and he knows it. He tries to pawn himself off as autistic while he tries to
misrepresent people like my son, children who desperately need a cure for the horror that
they endure. Without chelation, my son would have already been stuck in an institution,
drugged heavily to manage his behavior and nothing ever would have been done to help him.
This is exactly what Ne'eman advocates for autistic children with his deranged anti-cure
I implore you to take measures to stop Ne'eman from presenting himself as autistic and
order him to refer to himself as someone with Asperger's Syndrome. While he may be on
the "autistic spectrum", that is hugely different from being
"autistic", a specific term that only describes the lowest functioning rung of
that spectrum. Ne'eman is obfuscating the difference between these terms intentionally.
He is well aware that this blurring of that difference is harmful to those low
functioning autistic people and he has managed to have himself appointed to your council
for one reason, to prevent anyone from curing autism. I would like equal attention to
point out the truth and let people know how we are curing the nightmare of autism.
Thank you,
John Best

Anyone who thinks that curing autism is a good idea should also write to Mr Vaughn and ask him to tell the truth about how we are curing autism and how we can prevent it by keeping mercury away from babies and pregnant women.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temple Grandin and Alex Plank, Lying Scumbags

autism reality from Alex Plank on Vimeo.

This video shows the essence of the lie that is being touted about autism. Temple Grandin is about as autistic as my eight iron. This money grubbing liar is making herself rich pretending to have autism.

Let's look at what autism is. Autism is a completely mangled brain that is incapable of any functioning on a level that anyone would equate with the human race. People with autism are a complete and utter wreck in every way you can imagine. They eat their own feces and smear it all over the house. They scream in pain all day long. They bite themselves, bash their heads through walls and into cement. They punch themselves in the head, tear pieces of skin off their faces, run into traffic, through glass doors and into walls. They will climb out of high altitude windows with no concern for the danger. They chew on electric cords, destroy curtains, blinds and window shades, slam doors hard enough to shatter the glass, will try to eat anything, bugs, rocks, golf clubs, etc., shred their clothes, open car doors and try to jump out and have to be watched every second that they are awake. Lots of them never sleep at all.

Autistic people never learn to use a toilet, never learn to speak, or type, or use sign language, or communicate in any way besides screaming their heads off for no apparent reason. They do not understand any language. Sometimes they won't eat for days or weeks. They will spin themselves in circles for literally hours without stopping. They will spin the propellers on toy helicopters for hours when they get tired of spinning themselves. They never learn to drive, never learn anything at all in school, never have sex and are complete vegetables their entire lives.

No autistic person is remotely similar to Temple Grandin or Alex Plank. These lying profiteers are both making a living off pretending to be autistic. In Planks own words in this video, the little bastard states that he was diagnosed with Asperger's at age nine. Asperger's bears no resemblance to autism yet this lying bastard refers to himself as autistic so he can profit from mocking the horror that autistic people endure.

Temple Grandin is a PhD. That in itself tells us that she is not remotely similar to anyone with autism who spins in circles all day long and smears feces all over themselves. This old broad drones on and on about what autism is like for her and she doesn't even have it. Many naive people bought her nonsense because she has been around for awhile fooling the public. Naive parents probably believe their feces smearing kids have a chance to grow up to be just like her.

This despicable bitch continues to support the lie that autism is genetic. There is a genetic element to autism, the presence of the APO-E4 protein which means that those who have it can not excrete any mercury, the cause of all autism. Mercury kills brain cells and prevents methylation. That means that a person who can not transform B-12 into methyl B-12 does not have the ability to pay attention to anything. An inability to pay attention to anything is a perfect description of autism. Temple Grandin and Alex Plank do not have that problem.

Temple Grandin should stop lying to the general public by misrepresenting the true horror of autism. If this old broad has any morals, she'll use her status as a celebrity speaker and start telling the truth, that autism is a nightmare that can be cured with chelation. If she hasn't heard about chelation, I'd be happy to educate this lying bitch so she might stop abusing autistic children with her bullshit.

Grandin also needs to learn that "Autism" is not a spectrum. "Autism" is the bottom rung on the "Autistic Spectrum". Autism is much different than PDD/NOS, Asperger's and ADD. One would think a PhD could appreciate the differences between these simple words. To refer to everything on the spectrum as "autism" does a severe disservice to people who have "autism". I wonder if this PhD can figure that out.