Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Appoints Ari Ne'eman to Abuse Autistic Children

Ari Ne'eman was appointed to the National Council on Disability yesterday. With this move, President Obama has agreed to allow Ne'eman to abuse all autistic people with his deception.

Obama agrees that it is a good idea to allow the vaccine industry to continue poisoning babies into autism by shooting mercury into pregnant women and he has appointed Ne'eman to this post to help him further deceive the public as to the truth about how autism is caused and how we can cure it.

I wrote the following letter to John Vaughn, Chairperson (not Chairman, so we see he is either a politically correct jackass or a transexual) of the NCD who can be emailed at this address .

Ari Ne'eman does not have autism. I hope you will consider the vast difference
between "autism" and "Asperger's" and do something about the manner
in which young Mr Ne'eman abuses autistic children with his bogus rhetoric. It is an
absolute disgrace that Ne'eman has been appointed to this council. His goal is to harm
all autistic children by lying about the cause of autism and trying to convince naive
parents to avoid curing them.
Autism is not genetic. It is caused by mercury and aluminum in vaccines. Because we
learned this fact in 1999, we began to cure autism in 2000. It is a simple but time
consuming process, chelation, that enables us to cure this horror show. Some children
have been cured quickly with as little as one round of chelation. Others take years to
remove all of the mercury from their brains and give them their lives back.
My son used to be one of the worst cases of autism you can imagine. He was a normal
baby until he was about ten months old. Then, the mercury began to scramble his brain.
He stopped looking at us, stopped babbling and just disappeared from us. He went on to
live a nightmare of feces smearing, bashing his head through walls, screaming in pain all
day long, never sleeping, biting himself, refusing to eat for over a week at a time,
being bound up with painful constipation and never learning anything at all through his
firat six years of school from ages three to eight.
He was almost eight when I began to chelate him. The improvement was tremendous. The
constipation that no doctor could solve vanished after a couple of months and has not
returned since, almost six years now. He used to drag one leg when he walked and that
also vanished at the same time so he began to walk normally. The mental improvement has
been a slow process since then but, looking back, the difference between zero development
for his first eight years when he appeared to be brain dead, and what he is now is
He is now a happy child who eats everything in sight, looks directly into your eyes,
never screams in pain and is learning. I stopped chelating for over two years because
the biting was so bad, I had to get rid of it to make sure that chelation wasn't somehow
causing it. This child who used to bite himself for hours every day while screaming in
pain now has less than one brief episode per month. Now, I'm chelating again and the
improvements continue. At age 13, he used a toilet for the first time a couple of weeks
ago. Progress.
Ari Ne'eman tells people that what I have already done is not possible. Ne'eman is a
blatant liar and he knows it. He tries to pawn himself off as autistic while he tries to
misrepresent people like my son, children who desperately need a cure for the horror that
they endure. Without chelation, my son would have already been stuck in an institution,
drugged heavily to manage his behavior and nothing ever would have been done to help him.
This is exactly what Ne'eman advocates for autistic children with his deranged anti-cure
I implore you to take measures to stop Ne'eman from presenting himself as autistic and
order him to refer to himself as someone with Asperger's Syndrome. While he may be on
the "autistic spectrum", that is hugely different from being
"autistic", a specific term that only describes the lowest functioning rung of
that spectrum. Ne'eman is obfuscating the difference between these terms intentionally.
He is well aware that this blurring of that difference is harmful to those low
functioning autistic people and he has managed to have himself appointed to your council
for one reason, to prevent anyone from curing autism. I would like equal attention to
point out the truth and let people know how we are curing the nightmare of autism.
Thank you,
John Best

Anyone who thinks that curing autism is a good idea should also write to Mr Vaughn and ask him to tell the truth about how we are curing autism and how we can prevent it by keeping mercury away from babies and pregnant women.


jonathan said...

John: Do these nominations have to be confirmed by congress? I would consider writing my congressman but he never answered my email concerning ari ne'eman and Katie Miller being allowed to testify before the IACC.

Foresam said...

Yes, they rubber stamp them unless there are lots of complaints. Write anyhow and include a demand for an answer in your note to them. Explain how evil Ne'eman is.

Watching in Washington said...

Off topic, but oh John, that is GREAT that Sam used the toilet! That is awesome and I am proud of him! And good for you for figuring out how to help him. If he can get out of diapers at twelve, that will be late, but better late than never.

It dramatically improves a person's quality of life to be able to toilet himself/herself.

I'll probably be back later to write about Ari Ne'eman.

Roger Kulp said...

Sam,Sam you know our government is run by corporations,none moreso than the pharamaceutical poison pushers.Anyone who doesn't think autism is purely genetic,and treated with antipsychotics is a crackpot in the eyes of most in the government.

Putting Ne'eman out as the public face of autism is all about keeping the more severely disabled autistics out of sight,and promoting autism as no big deal.Ne'eman is no more autitic than you are,or Amanda Baggs is for that matter.

As a side note,I will say,I will admit I have improved dramatically since I have been both chelating, and taking MB12,but both my bowels my immune system,and my mitochondria are all permanently damaged.

While your son may not,there are a lot of us,myself included,who have genetic defects involving methylation,and may have to be on chelation the rest of our lives.

Jake Crosby said...

He should NOT be nominated to any position!

Foresam said...

Maybe you can explain to the people at Age of Autism why this bastard is hazardous to all autistic people. Maybe some of the people there are not corrupt and will take action to stop Ne'eman from gaining this position to further abuse autistic people.

Me Wonderful said...

There really is no Autism Spectrum. At least not according to the DSM IV
DSM lists
Pervasive developmental disorders
299.00 Autistic disorder
299.80 Rett's Disorder
299.10 Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
299.80 Asperger’s Disorder
299.80 Pervasive Developmental
Disorder NOS
Has anyone ever heard of someone with Rett's being referred to as autistic?

Attention-deficit and disruptive behavior disorders
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

314.01 Combined subtype
314.01 Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive subtype
314.00 Predominantly inattentive subtype
314.9 Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder NOS
Conduct disorder
312.81 Childhood onset
312.82 Adolescent onset
312.89 Unspecified onset
313.81 Oppositional Defiant Disorder
312.9 Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS
And what is all this NOS stuff? Sounds like "We can't really find a problem here, but we need to put some kind of label on this kid".

Foresam said...

I always defined Oppositional Defiant Disorder as a kid just won't take crap from his parents...and can outwit them.

Autism Reality NB said...

Very disappointing appointment by the US President. This foreign observer was an admirer of Barack Obama. No longer.

Anonymous said...

And I thought Bush was nuts!


Foresam said...

To whoever was asking me questions, I do not publish comments that only say "anonymous" as an identification.
You have to use a name of some sort.

Roger Kulp said...

Me Wonderful said...

Has anyone ever heard of someone with Rett's being referred to as autistic?

This gal has it and call herself "autistic".

Kassiane ArchDemon

"This website is part of the autism-assembly, this is a coalition of members of the autistic community who share the common goal of seeking acceptance for those on the autistic spectrum,who aim to educate about autism,and who are not seeking a cure for autism. This is part of the global autism rights movement".

Roger Kulp said...

Kassiane ArchDemon

This website is part of the autism-assembly, this is a coalition of members of the autistic community who share the common goal of seeking acceptance for those on the autistic spectrum, who aim to educate about autism, and who are not seeking a cure for autism. This is part of the global autism rights movemeosted from Autism-Mercury list

Roger Kulp said...

Reposted from Autism-Mercury list

Posted by: "bettwice33"
Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:21 pm (PST)

I'll stand by my statement that Ari Ne'eman is a child abuser. I've watched this kid develop his propaganda for about five years under the tutelage of Frank Klein and Kathleen Seidel.

Ne'eman has been trained for a long time to obfuscate the truth about autism. He is not merely concerned about genetic research. In fact, he isn't concerned with it at all. Ne'eman is ONLY concerned with presenting a false image of autism to the public and speaking for our children to claim that autism should not be cured.
It is typical of neurodiverse trolls to go crying for moderators and complain about how I treat dishonest slugs who abuse our kids with their rhetoric.

My opinions about autism are the same as everyone on this list, that autism can and should be cured. Whatever comments I opt to make about dishonest slugs who present false information about autism is completely warranted. I present it in no uncertain terms so there is no room for doubt about their dishonesty. If you don't like that, you should file a lawsuit against me for libel. I can prove that Ari Ne'eman is intentionally abusing our children in court or he would have sued me a long time ago, along with every other dishonest maggot from Neurodiversity.

Watching in Washington said...

I have my doubts about Kassiane actually having Retts Disorder. Don't most girls who have Retts have an inability to walk? And even if she is one of the rare ones who can walk, how can she do gymnastics?

There would be a case study about her if that was true.

Foresam said...

Kassiane claims to have Retts but admitted she was never tested for it. She's also skilled at posing for naked pictures while being spanked and likes to misuse her boyfriend's credit cards. So, she's a liar, a thief and a whore as well as being a failed gymnast.

jonathan said...

Kassiane also claims to have an IQ of 200. I am rather skeptical of that claim also.

F. Cartering said...

Just more delusion and misinformation from our government, which mandated the poisoning of a generation of children with more than hazardous waste levels of mercury in vaccines; has continued to mandate vaccines in a schedule which unequivocally is causing high numers of autism in children, has allowed the CDC and corrupt members of the medical establishment to refuse to address this children's holocaust of its own making; has pumped millions of dollars of research money into "tobacco science" to "prove" that what's obvious and common sense to any thinking individual is not the answer so that truth never sees the light of day. What criminals, what stooges, what sociopaths.

Star bright said...

F Cartering,
Very well said. Tragically many new parents and pediatricians have not woke up from delusion.

Star bright said...

F Catering
Vaccine-autism denialists say mercury was removed from vaccine in 2001 but autism rate continued to increase.

Marius said...

Fucking dimwitted morons.

JediKnight2 said...

These videos pretty much sum up Kassiane:

JediKnight2 said...

Unfortunately, my MRELD (language/learning disability) I didn't know I had and the fact I was an immature, naive adolescent made it impossible for me to be helpful and supportive when Kassi was first new to the subject of autism. Things might have been different if I didn't act like a Neurodiversity imbacile.