Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Devil on Video

Here's a chance to let the devil know what you think of him.

Words From A Prophet

This is 16 parts. I began watching it late at night and just couldn't stop. Take a couple hours and watch it all. Powerful!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why We Have an Autism Epidemic

This video and the following nine parts of this lecture do not talk about autism at all. Nevertheless, this is what is behind the mass poisoning of our children. It has been done intentionally. That's why no politician will do anything to stop it. If you take the time to watch it, you will understand why it is pointless to ask politicians to stop this madness.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avian Flu Update

Weaponized Avian Flu: Current Intelligence Estimate of Situation.2.1
Weaponized Avian Flu Intelligence Update
August 15, 2008

Gen. Stubblebine's Current Best Intelligence Estimate suggests the following possible scenario:

1. We have been examining the historical record for latency and infectious periods (for example, for the 1918 pandemic and for the unweaponized Avian Flu). The latency period could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

2. Our current best estimate is that people could start to notice symptoms as soon as a week after disbursal of the pathogen; the disease will, if especially virulent, cause death within 72 hours of first symptoms. The current supposedly unweaponized flu is deadly to 2/3 of those who catch it.
3. For example, if the pathogen were released, say, at the end of the Olympics, on August 23rd or 24th, people would start to notice symptoms by the end of the Labor Day Holiday (US Labor Day is September 1st this year).

4. By the time most US college students are back in school, September 5th, the media would begin to notice and the public authorities would be empowered to act, we suspect, within 72 hours of mass media notice (we believe the alternative media might "get wind" of the impending pandemic a 12 to 24 hours earlier).

5. Under this scenario, by September 8th we can expect national "lock down" and a declaration of Martial Law shortly thereafter, as people panic trying to obtain food and protection. Places of public accommodation would certainly be closed. This would very possibly signal the end of Internet communications, possibly telephone communications as well.

Finally, we note that the "Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine" is scheduled to be delivered to the United States during August from Sanofi-Pasteur's Chinese pharmaceutical plant. The US government issued its "Vaccine" allocation plan on July 23, 2008. The Natural Solution Foundation issued its initially warning on July 19, 2008.

The Foundation has now provided links to original information, from which data leading to this intelligence Estimate of Situation has been developed, suggesting the induced Avian Flu pandemic could occur as early as September, 2008.


Here are some outside links that give rise to some of the elements of this Intelligence Estimate:

"Pandemic Flu Vaccine" allocation:

NorthCom Military Avian Flu Involvement, Planning and Exercises:

NIH Avian Flu "trials" -

Sanofi-Pasteur - US contract -

Illegal "Pandemic Flu Vaccine" test:

Coffin Stockpile:

House Of Lords Warning:

Previous Update:
Original WAF Warning:

Current Update Summary:

1. Even when the news is non existent or nonsensical, the drum beat continues to keep Avian Flu in front of everyone who reads, watches or listens to the news.

2. Multiple strains of Avian Flu are being created and “identified”

3. Avian Flu vaccines are being readied in the US even though, assuming that such a vaccine would, in fact, be protective and effective, they would be ineffective against any Avian Flu strains except the one they were prepared from

4. Avian Flu vaccines might well be used to spread, rather than to prevent against the disease.
5. The full contents of Avian Flu vaccines is unknown to us at this time but we do know that the Sanofi-Pasteur version, due in the US in August, 2008, was produced using human kidney cells allowing the hemagglutinin receptors to become “educated” on how to invade human cells.

6. UK health official note that although they have purchased 3.3 million vaccine doses, the protection they offer is unknown at best since until the pandemic flu has been identified, there can be no vaccine and that creating it after that point will take 4-6 months at the least. Therefore, the entire US story about being able to vaccinate “every man, woman and child against the pandemic Avian Flu” is shown to be totally flawed and nonsensical.

7. If the currently predicted “inevitable Avian Flu Pandemic” were not a weaponized version of the recently resurrected 1918 pandemic flu, why would the media suddenly start touting the idea that survivors of the 1918 pandemic are still producing antibodies which Dr. James Crowe, Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology and immunology at Vanderbilt University, says “might provide a key to a good interim treatment while a vaccine is being produced.” Note also that, like the spokes person in the UK, Dr. Crowe believes that until a virus is identified, no vaccine is possible. Compare this with the repeated US assertion that a pandemic vaccine has already been produced in the absence of any pandemic virus mutation, a scientific impossibility.

We see no indication that the Avian Flu engineered pandemic events are “off the table” and believe that news outlets and journals indicate an escalating threat of an induced pandemic.


Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

The Natural Solutions Foundation provides frequent updates on the “Pandemic” potential of Avian Flu and other pandemic situations. Please forward this information widely with full citation: this information is provided by Natural Solutions Foundation, Please sign up for free Health Freedom eAlerts (

Your donations help the Natural Solutions Foundation to provide updates like these. Please click here ( make your generous recurring tax deductible donation.

Disclaimer: No one knows if the pandemic will be unleashed. Let us pray that it will not. However, we note with alarm that there are an increasing number of indicators suggesting that this Pandemic is being prepared to be used against us all using a variety of weaponized viruses. If our ringing of the alarm bells is successful, we will be spared - and we will have been wrong. Let us all devoutly hope that the Natural Solutions Foundation’s urgent and effective information dissemination is that successful.


Beyond Manufacturing Autism, Technology to Kill Us Now

The video below is the first of a 5 part lecture describing the technology that will be used to control some of us and kill the rest of us. It's not some futuristic guess. This technology is here now and everyone should be aware of it. You can find the other 4 parts on the sidebar at Youtube.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Autism Recovery via Chelation, A Good Day

I took Sam to an amusement park today, hadn't tried that for two years. I was expecting the usual horror show based on our past experiences, meltdowns, flopping on the ground and refusing to get up, lots of screaming and forcing us to stop rides to let him off. Guess what, none of that happened!!

Sam was well behaved all day, dragged me to the rides he wanted to go on, rocked a small boat that he was on so an attendant yelled at him, just like a normal kid, and scared the attendant when he yelled back at him with an unusual noise. That worked for him as the attendent didn't bother him again and he kept rocking the boat and enjoying himself.

Later, when we stopped to eat on the way home, Sam tried to steal a beer off the table next to us, something I might have done at that age but, not with my old man standing behind me. Anyhow, I give him credit for trying. Good to see typical behavior.

It's good to have these long gaps in certain situations so you can look back and see the improvement from chelation over time. Our experiences with amusement parks had always been nightmares, no enjoyment for the kid and nothing but frustration for the parents. So, today he smiled all day and had a good time. Thanks again, Andy Cutler. I don't think Sam ever would've enjoyed a good time at any amusement park if you hadn't taught us how to help our kids.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Forum For Autism Discussion to Replace Autism Speaks

Here's a link to a new forum that looks like a good place to discuss autism. This will replace the Autism Speaks forum that is being discontinued.

It looks like it will not be subject to the same arbitrary and unintelligent barriers to communication that were prevalent at Autism Speaks. Worth a shot.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Soldiers Used as Vaccine Guinea Pigs

Paul Offit Hires Mommie Dearest, Ann Hotez, to Shill for Vaccine Industry Murderers

Peter Hotez is the president of the Sabine Vaccine Institute. This horse's ass is now using his wife as a shill to promote vaccines for a deranged group of nitwits promoting a vaccine campaign called "Every Child By Two".

Dr Paul Offit is involved with this group. Offit is a well known murderer who has no qualms about slaughtering infants as long as he can sell more vaccines. Not only does Offit murder infants, he also gives out bogus medical advice to parents of autistic children to try to prevent these parents from curing their kids who were maimed by vaccines.

Now Ann Hotez, a rotten, horrible mother who will not help her autistic daughter, has joined the vaccine industry baby killers to give the impression that there are normal mothers who also abuse and mistreat their children just like she does.

Those of us who help our vaccine damaged children by removing the poison that the vaccine industry used to damage their brains wish to point out that Ann Hotez is not representative of decent parents who also have autistic children.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Let's Help Paul Offit Help Autistic Children

I read about Every Child By Two on the Age of Autism site and had an idea how we can help Paul Offit. This organization offers to work with us for community immunization events so I emailed them to ask for help with an event. Perhaps others in the autism commuinity will agree this is a good idea.

Here's the email I sent:

I'd like to plan a community immunization event and wonder if Paul Offit would help. As he has boasted that it would be safe to have 100,000 vaccines at once, I'd like to give parents of autistic children an opportunity to stick the needles into him.

I thought it would be nice if we could arrange this needle sticking in front of an open grave in a cemetery in case Offit is wrong. Then we could just nudge him into the grave and save ourselves the trouble of having to drag his carcass someplace.

I hope Dr Offit wouldn't mind if we made a sport out of this and painted a target on his chest so we could use blow guns to shoot the needles into him. I think we could raise some money to help cure autism by having a pool for whoever could get the most needles into the bull's eye.

As I'm certain Dr Offit is a man of his word and would love to prove those of us wrong who know that vaccines caused our childrens' autism, I'm sure he'll want to participate. Please let me know what date is open on his schedule so we can publicize the event.

Thank you,
John Best
Londonderry, NH

Saturday, August 02, 2008

U of Kentucky Replies to Neurodiversity dot Nitwits

Dear Crazed Librarian,
We don't take kindly to nitwits like you who attack esteemed scientists who help cure mercury poisoned children. We employ Dr Haley because he is one of the most outstanding scientists in the world and we are honored to have this humanitarian on our staff. He has worked selflessly and relentlessly to help severely damaged children who were poisoned by the profiteering monsters in the drug industry that you defend.

We further suggest that you take a course in creative writing. We have many competent professors who could assist you. Your penchant for using verbose verbiage nullifies your position as it bores the reader to sleep. I immediately wrote you off as a nutjob based solely upon the length of your deranged letter. We can help you look like less of a lunatic by teaching you how to make your point without wasting so much of our time.

Please don't bother us again. We have a lot more confidence in the opinions of esteemed scientists than we have in the rantings of idiotic librarians.

I suspect the University of Kentucky will convey the same message to Mrs Seidel in a more politically correct fashion if they bother to reply to her at all. In the meantime, I hope Dr Haley's OSR proves useful in helping our kids. I hope nobody pays any attention to the opinions of deranged idiots from neurodiversity who don't want to see any children helped.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Autism Diva Missing

Has anyone seen this woman? Neurodiversity may offer a reward for the return of their leader.