Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Autism Recovery via Chelation, A Good Day

I took Sam to an amusement park today, hadn't tried that for two years. I was expecting the usual horror show based on our past experiences, meltdowns, flopping on the ground and refusing to get up, lots of screaming and forcing us to stop rides to let him off. Guess what, none of that happened!!

Sam was well behaved all day, dragged me to the rides he wanted to go on, rocked a small boat that he was on so an attendant yelled at him, just like a normal kid, and scared the attendant when he yelled back at him with an unusual noise. That worked for him as the attendent didn't bother him again and he kept rocking the boat and enjoying himself.

Later, when we stopped to eat on the way home, Sam tried to steal a beer off the table next to us, something I might have done at that age but, not with my old man standing behind me. Anyhow, I give him credit for trying. Good to see typical behavior.

It's good to have these long gaps in certain situations so you can look back and see the improvement from chelation over time. Our experiences with amusement parks had always been nightmares, no enjoyment for the kid and nothing but frustration for the parents. So, today he smiled all day and had a good time. Thanks again, Andy Cutler. I don't think Sam ever would've enjoyed a good time at any amusement park if you hadn't taught us how to help our kids.


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Anonymous said...

This is awesome!It is so great to see a child enjoy an amusement park instead of being totally overwhelmed by all the noise and visual stimulation [which means there nervous system is a mess]Cudo's to you for helping your son in his goal to achieve health. However if Sam wants to continue his quest for health...........Sam no beers buddy but I dont blame you for trying either.

Anonymous said...

Good to know he is doing so well.

Question-do you use DMSA plus ALA or just ALA alone and what is the schedule. 3 days on and 11 off?

Foresam said...

I used DMSA and ALA for about 18 months and then dropped the DMSA. I now just use ALA, although I haven't done any chelation for about 8 months and will be starting up again soon.

Anonymous said...

That's great John! Absolutely fantastic! I'm so glad that Sam enjoyed the rides. I'm taking my child to WDW in several months and I'm hoping it will work out well. Again, I'm so happy for you and Sam!!


Anonymous said...

Yea ... cheers. My son also enjoys himself at amusement parks. You trying OSR ??
If anything my son will happily go in the water etc by himself.
The one thing he's not got a handle of, waiting in line by himself. I decided to stay dry in my trip to the water park last month (big mistake) ... but he managed to get a ride in several rides by himself ...

The Cult of Recovery said...

Great to hear! These things can really make a day a happy one.

I am/was doing ALA alone too. Going to start up again in the fall. I just get nervous about the yeast it causes, but the gains are too great not to do it.

First time I gave Ruby a dose she jumped up onto the couch an hour later and started jumping. She'd never known how to jump before, it was crazy and I was sold. Now she has a trampoline, haha.

Anonymous said...

Why are you ignoring my questions?

Foresam said...

You may ask intelligent questions anonymously or idiotic questions that make fun of my son's progress by identifying yourself with your full anme and address so I can knock your teeth down your throat. I think that's fair.