Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harvard Finds Cause of Alzheimer's

Genuises at Harvard Medical School announced that they were on the cusp of a rare scientific moment when they figured out that the APO-E4 gene is one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease.

Dozens of genes have been linked with Alzheimer's, most notably the APOE4 gene, which clearly raises the risk of developing the disease.

Tanzi's team did a genome-wide association study, using gene chips to check the activity of all human genes among families with Alzheimer's patients and comparing them with families whose members had not developed the disease.

They got the strongest indications from a stretch of DNA on chromosome 14.

"The genetic association of Alzheimer's with this novel chromosome 14 gene, which like APOE appears to influence age of onset, is sufficiently strong to warrant intensive follow-up investigations into its role in the process of nerve cell death in this disease," Tanzi said.

These brilliant scientists analyzed genes from over 1,300 families to reach their earth shattering conclusion. However, they claim they have not figured out what the new gene does.

Too bad they never bothered reading what Dr Donald Miller taught us four years ago about the APO-E4. They could have even read this blog to learn the same information and saved themselves lots of trouble. I can't count how many times I've referenced Dr Miller's information about the APO-E4 in the last four years.

Hey Harvaaahd, the presence of the APO-E4 means that that person can not rid themselves of poisons in vaccines, poisons like mercury and aluminum. If they have the APO-E3, they are able to rid their bodies of half of those metals and, genuises, if they have the APO-E2 version, they can dump all of the metals quickly.

Next time these dopes from Harvaaahd want to know something about Alzheimer's, somebody please tell them to check with a parent of an autistic child. Because, Harvaaahd genuises, autism and Alzheimer's are caused by the same damn thing, thimerosal. We even know how to help these people with the APO-E4 avoid Alzheimer's. Stop shooting the old folks up with thimerosal in their flu shots.

And Harvaaahd, you can remove that mercury and aluminum from the old folks' brains with ALA chelation. So, instead of bothering with analyzing 1,300 more families, just give me a call and I'll save you the cost of a study that we already have the answers for.

How can these Harvaaahd guys be so damn ignorant?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ralph Nader on Moral Courage

I think the odds are better that Nader will do the right thing for autistic people than what McCain or Obama will do. So, I won't waste my vote on a Democrat or a Republican. Please listen to Ralph Nader and consider who it is that tells you a vote for him is a waste. Democrats and Republicans are behind that propaganda that tells you a vote for Nader is wasted. That's why they won't let him into the debates.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exciting Propaganda

Maxim Health Systems has a very interesting statement on the billboard they have up at their Flu Shot Clinics.

It says: To receive a flu shot you must not have an allergy to thimerosal (a preservative found in some cleaning products).

I thought someone might find that interesting.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Overthrow The United States Government Now

This is no longer the government of the United States. The United States was not created by the people to poison the children of the people for the profit of the elite people.

The United States government has been poisoning our children for over 20 years with vaccines. In most cases, the mercury in the vaccines just made the children less intelligent. In most cases, this decline in intelligence is a simple matter of mercury from vaccines killing some brain cells, not enough so that anyone would notice. However, in 1 out of 6 children, the damage done by vaccines is enough to warrant a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). In 1 out of 150 ( and probably higher) the kids are essentially "brain dead" from the mercury poisoning and earn the diagnosis of autism which means they are completely out of control 24 hours a day and will never progress beyond the mental age of two.

Now, as we see in the video below, Congress has implemented Senate Bill 1959 to restrict our Freedom of Speech as part of the Homeland Security Bill under the guise of fighting homegrown terrorism. The bill did not pass but you will see in the video how it is being implemented.

There is one way to stop this. We have to vote ALL Democrats and Republicans out of office. It is that simple to take back our country.

We have to ban ALL lobbyists. We have to open debates to ALL candidates. We have to allow equal access to the media to ALL candidates so that nobody can buy any election.

The people who have already accepted bribes to gain their seats in office are not going to make these changes. We have the power to throw every one of them out and we have the power to demand honesty and accountability from every person in government. All it takes is to vote the people out of office who have poisoned a whole generation of our children so that none of them will have the brains to ever vote against them. I can only hope that everyone who reads this has the brains to vote against these scoundrels so we can stop the next generation from being poisoned.

If they can poison our children and lie about it, restrict free speech and lie about it by calling it terrorism, what will they do next? It's time to wake up and stop it now. If you don't vote against them, you will have only yourselves to blame. There is no difference between Dem's and Rep's. Please watch the video. Thanks.