Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rick Neubrander (Autism Guru) Wins Coveted Award

Today, Rick Neubrander was awarded the prestigious Bearded Clam Award. This award is presented intermittently to men who consistently prove to be pussies. While the award has been around for thousands of years, this is the first time any man has so distinguished himself as a complete and utter wimp.

As a self appointed Autism Guru to promote his brother's (Dr James Neubrander) questionable quackery of treating autism with unproven methods, Rick has withered from every challenge that has been presented to his weaselesque techniques. To prove his wimpiness, Rick has risen to every opportunity to act like a whiny simpleton while avoiding acting like a man at all costs.

While promoting his brother's apparent quackery, Rick has outdone himself to act respectfully to severely deranged psychopaths who try to prevent anyone from curing autism. Towards this goal of according respect to criminals who defend Pharma from their crime of poisoning babies into autism, Rick has seized every opportunity to act like a little girl and squeal to authorities on people who fight these medical terrorists. It seems that Rick does not want anyone to beat down the propaganda that allows Pharma to continue their goal of poisoning every baby who is born into a reduced mental capacity.

Rick plays his own devious propaganda here by pretending to oppose this crime by Pharma so he and his brother can keep the money flowing into their quack medical practice. By treating the Pharma shills with respect, Rick makes it seem that he is doing right by children with his feigned opposition. When someone who is serious about blowing up the propaganda by Pharma comes along though, Rick complains about their lack of respect for these assholes and whines like a baby to forum moderators to have these honest parents thrown off the forums. This ensures that Rick can help Pharma continue to cause autism and provide he and his brother with an endless supply of brain damaged kids to treat so they can add to their bank balances.

When called out for his treacherous behavior that damages all autistic children, Rick Neubrander consistently avoids answering for his crimes against babies, as is his right under the fifth amendment. As all sane people recognize that those who hide behind the fifth amendment are usually guilty, it is incredibly obvious that the profiteering Neubrander family is a dishonest bunch that should be avoided at all costs. If Dr James Neubrander was honest and had any balls himself, he would give his idiot brother a smack in the head and make arrangements to repair the damage that the idiot has done. Since the quack doctor has not done this, we can assume that he is in cahoots with his whiny, idiotic, pussy of a brother and come to the conclusion that the Neubrander brothers are acting with blatant disregard for the best interests of vaccine damaged children.

Rick should accept his Bearded Clam Award with great pride as it reflects great credit on him and his family while autistic children who can't speak suffer the consequences of his actions.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rick Neubrander Agrees to Keep Poisoning Babies, FBI Inept

Below is a follow up letter I just sent to the FBI. They must be too busy investigating war heroes who fought for their country and are now labelled "right wing extremists" for trying to encourage our corrupt Congress to uphold the Constitution to bother with a minor annoyance like someone poisoning millions of babies with thimerosal.

Rick Neubrander has not voiced his support of asking our law enforcement community to stop this horror. He must be too busy ordering parents of autistic children to be nice and polite to deranged mental cases who want to prevent anyone from curing autism. So, based on the old maxim that if you're not with me, you're against me, we can see that Rick wants this baby poisoning to continue. Otherwise, he would take his dress off, stand up like a man and join me in telling the FBI to do their job.

Of course, Rick Neubrander has a profit motive to consider here. If the FBI can be convinced to get off their asses and protect babies from our corrupt government, Rick might not have any autistic children left to keep him and his brother, Dr James Neubrander in business. Then Rick wouldn't be able to enjoy playing God to the autism parents and he'd have to go back to being an anonymous computer geek without the fame and fortune that the autism industry has given him. He also wouldn't be able to denigrate parents who won't join him in acting like pussies so he'd probably have to get his kicks by squealing on jaywalkers and having them arrested.

Maybe I'm wrong about Rick and he'll have the balls to copy my letter to the FBI, endorse it and send one of his own. I doubt it.

I'm following up on the letter I sent you one week ago. Why haven't you replied? Do you think criminals should be allowed to continue poisoning people with thimerosal? Are you going to investigate this or not? Have you been ordered to ignore this by corrupt elected officials?

I want to remind you that your obligation is to the people of the United States. If you refuse to arrest these felons who poisoned our children, you become felons yourselves. You do not have the luxury of looking the other way and ignoring this
heinous crime.

My son is one of the people who was poisoned. That happened twelve years ago and tens of thousands of us have now been pleading with the CDC, Congress and three Presidents to end this atrocity for over ten years. Nothing has been done. I am not about to shut up and go away.

Is the FBI just going to sit around collecting paychecks that come from the victims of this crime or are you going to get off your asses and stop this horror?
John Best

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rick Neubrander Murders 7 Year Old

I have tried to warn people about the risk of suicide from giving psychotropic drugs to children. I can recall doing so on the Autism Speaks forum.

However, Rick Neubrander, Dr James Neubrander's brother has arranged to silence people who give this information out freely. Rick thinks he is God's gift to parents who have autistic children so he expects us all to follow orders from him and do as we are told. Rick becomes quite upset when people of much higher intelligence point out to him that he is being a horse's ass. When this happens, Rick goes crying to moderators to throw these people out of forums who won't obey him. I don't know if Rick bribes these moderators or not but, for some strange reason, they seem to take orders from this mental case.

Anyhow, it should be pointed out that if Rick wasn't trying to silence people who know a lot more about the autism spectrum than he does that, perhaps this boy's parents would have read those words of advice that I wrote warning people about the dangers of these drugs. If they had seen my words and come to me for advice, I could have told them how to cure the boy's ADD for free.

Who knows, these parents may have even sought out Autism Speaks as a source of information about ADD. If Rick Neubrander hadn't squealed like a weasel to have me thrown out, I most certainly would have advised these people of the dangers they faced.

While Rick did not hang this boy himself, he can not prove that silencing my voice may have caused this tragedy. And, for every other child on the autistic spectrum who can not hear my voice due to Rick's idiotic interference and who may encounter a similar tragedy, we can all blame Rick Neubrander for silencing people who want to help those on the autistic spectrum at no charge. Maybe that's what this is all about with Rick. Perhaps he thinks that parents who know more than he does and give advice freely are costing him clients. What other sane reason could Rick have for arranging to shut them up?

The world needs to know about jackasses like Rick Neubrander who make their living off the backs of autistic children. Thousands of parents have helped their vaccine damaged kids for free by exchanging information amongst themselves. We don't need some guy who thinks he's God trying to shut us up so he can make himself and his brother rich by charging people for the same information we give out at no charge.

Anyone considering making the Neubrander brothers rich by visiting their practice should really go here instead and obtain better information about autism for free from the man who perfected the treatment.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr James Neubrander, Autism Quackery?

How does one spot a quack doctor in the autism industry? It's not always easy for parents of autistic children to decipher this. All of the quacks who claim to be doctors who can cure autism seem to have convincing websites that might easily con desperate parents.

They love to use testimonials from patients. One has to ask why we never see this type of advertising from mainstream doctors. Do we see mainstream doc's sticking up videos of parents touting the wizardry of physicians who remove tonsils? Sure, I'd have a lot of confidence in some doctor who has a dumb mother on video saying "Wow, Dr Chopper sliced my kids tonsils out and now he can run a four minute mile. Thank you sooo much. Dr Chopper's a real miracle worker". Makes you think this guy will be selling you Dr Granny's Magic Potion that heals all ailments next out of the back of his wagon.

Even stranger is a doctor who has his brother Rick embedded on all sorts of autism forums to try to sell his snake oil. I visit lots of autism forums to try to expose some of the dishonesty from the vaccine manufacturers and the government. Once in a while some screwball pops up who tries to sell bogus information about curing autism. The last time I encountered one of these con artists, sure enough, there was Dr Neubrander's brother Rick promoting the guy.

Rick Neubrander was promoting "Dr" Andrew Moulden, an apparent con artist who had been in contact with Neubrander's office. I checked on Moulden's credentials with McMaster University where Moulden claimed to have graduated from and this is what I learned. So, it seems Rick Neubrander promotes doctors who lie about actually having gone to Medical school. What else will Rick lie about?

Rick likes to refer to Dr Neubrander's patients as "my" patients, giving people the false impression that Rick is also an MD. He has learned enough about autism treatments from his brother to sound like he knows what he's talking about while he trolls the autism forums for customers. Do legitimate doctors also send shills to forums to trawl for clients? I suppose some doc who does breast implants might send a good looking chick onto forums with before and after pictures and give her a discount on the hew boobs but really, is this necessary to pick the pockets of parents of autistic kids when the information they need to cure their kids can be found here for free?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Report Autism To The FBI

Here is the address for the FBI. Please ask them to arrest Congress for allowing the crime of poisoning people into autism to continue.

Here's the letter I sent asking the FBI to do their job.

I'm reporting the crime of poisoning children and fetuses with thimerosal. I'd like to charge Congress with complicity for allowing this to go unresolved for ten years.
Congress has clearly violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution in this matter. All citizens are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Congress, by allowing babies to be poisoned into autism with vaccines, has clearly denied these children the right to happiness.
Does the FBI uphold the Constitution or do they allow Congress to violate it? Do FBI employees take an oath to the Constitution or to corrupt politicians who refuse to stop this poisoning of babies?
The CDC employee, Thomas Verstraeten, announced in 1999 that thimerosal containing vaccines were the cause of autism. Government employess and vaccine company employees met at Simpsonwood in 2000 and agreed that thimerosal in vaccines had caused autism. This is when Congress knew that this crime was happening. Instead of stopping this, Congress wrote bills that gave protection from lawsuits to the vaccine manufacturers. The business of poisoning babies continued.
Thimerosal in vaccines was reduced but no vaccines containing thimerosal were recalled. Thus, every baby who became autistic due to these unrecalled vaccines was poisoned intentionally, a clearly criminal act.
By 2003, most of the vaccines containing 25 micrograms of thimerosal had been used up. The vaccine manufacturers introduced another method of intentionally causing autism. They added the thimerosal containing flu shot to the vaccine schedule for pregnant women and six month old infants.
The highest rise in autism happened in 1994, three years after the thimerosal containing HepB shot was added to the schedule on the day of birth. The reason that injecting infants on their first day of life was so effective in causing autism is because infants do not have a blood brain barrier to help filter out the mercury and aluminum that is in thimerosal. It goes through the bloodstream, unabated to the brain and stays there, killing brain cells and causing other brain damage that results in autism.
So, by understanding how the HepB shot was so effective at causing autism, you can see that the flu shot to pregnant women was also very effective at causing brain damage in smaller fetuses who also did not have a blood brain barrier. This subterfuge by the vaccine industry of delivering mercury and aluminum to fetuses while claiming that thimerosal had been removed from vaccines adds up to more intentional poisoning of people to cause autism and other forms of brain damage.
The fact that the vaccine industry, the CDC and Congress all claim that thimerosal has been removed from vaccines while it is still in the flu shot causing autism adds up to a conspiracy to poison babies to make the vaccine manufacturers appear innocent.
I'm asking the FBI to uphold their oaths to the Constitution and to We the People who pay your salary with our taxes. I'm asking you to arrest the CEO's of the vaccine manufacturers, Julie Gerberding for her role while head of the CDC and every member of Congress aside from Dan Burton and the doctor Rep. from Florida who are the only two members of Congress who tried to stop this crime. I'm asking the FBI to order Congress, the President, the CDC, and the FDA to immediately ban the use and manufacture of thimerosal and end this worldwide crime. The FBI has a duty to We the People and to the Constitution to enforce the law against Congress when they are corrupt. In this matter of allowing people and fetuses to be poisoned with thimerosal, Congress has been corrupted. They have ignored the Constitutional Rights of every person who has been poisoned by thimerosal, a known toxic substance.
Please do your job.
Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dan Marino Promotes Autistic Abuse, No Myths Bullshit from Ari Ne'eman

The executive producer for this deceitful video is the Dan Marino foundation. Marino, a very smart football player, must have lost his mind to support this dishonest abuse of autistic people.

Ari Ne'eman, the narrator here, is not autistic. This liar was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 12. That means there is virtually nothing wrong with him or he would have been diagnosed at a much younger age.

I don't know who the bitch is who claims she has embraced autism but she's obviously a liar too. She's not autistic either.

Here, Ne'eman claims it is a myth that autism means no hope and no future. Autistic people can not speak, don't learn to read, write or toilet themselves, must be watched 24 hours a day because their behavior is so bizarre nobody can predict whether they will harm themselves or someone else, smear feces all over the house, bite themselves and others, punch themselves, run into walls at full speed and can never care for themselves. Once they grow too large for their parents to handle, they are shipped off to an asylum where they spend the rest of their lives. That certainly sounds like no hope and no future to me.

The liar Ne'eman claims that this is not a tragedy. Of course, Ne'eman doesn't bother to explain what autism really is. He tries to fool the public into believing that liars like himself are just the same as the people described above so that the public will think that autism is no big deal.

Autism is the worst nightmare any parent can imagine for their child. What kind of parents must Ari Ne'eman have to allow their son to mislead the public about this horror? If people believe these lies from Ne'eman, it is far less likely that severely disabled autistic people will receive the help they need.

This garbage is intentional propaganda and Dan Marino should be informed how Ari Ne'eman is making him look like a brutal abuser of disabled people for taking a part in this. I don't think Marino deserves to have his reputation smeared by this young con artist.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Uphold Your Oaths

I wonder if people within the autism community can see the benefit of joining forces with people who uphold the Constitution. I think it works more to our benefit than begging for favors from politicians bent on violating the rights of our children by allowing them to be poisoned with vaccines.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Andrew Moulden's MD Degree

I wrote To McMaster University to check on Andrew Moulden and his claim to having an MD degree from there. Here is their response, names removed.

Thank you for your email. Based upon the information that you have provided we are unable to confirm the degree information for a student by this name.(Jeffrey Andrew Moulden)


Assistant Registrar, Services
Office of the Registrar
McMaster University
Phone: 905-525-9140 x24599
Fax: 905-527-1105

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 4:00 PM
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Graduate Check]


I believe this is something you would do? If I'm incorrect in my assumption, please let me know.

--------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Graduate Check
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 15:47:57 -0400
From: Student Liaison Office
References: <>

Hi John,

Thank you for the email. I have copied , our Assistant
Registrar of Records on this email so she can respond to your enquiry.

Student Recruitment Office

On Fri, 3 Apr 2009 15:23:38 GMT
"" wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you tell me if you had a graduate from your Med school in 2000
> named Jeffrey Andrew Moulden or some variation of that name? I
> believe someone is using that name and claiming to be one of your
> graduates who is a con man.
> Thanks,
> John Best

Here's the other part of the act. Did I understand correctly that April is now married to Gary Tunsky? It seems that Tunsky and Moulden take turns going from town to town with April to give their lectures.

Here's another thing that's odd about "Dr" Moulden. I checked this site a couple of weeks ago to see if Moulden was registered as an MD and they had nobody by the name of Moulden on there. Now, all of a sudden, there his name is. His license was issued on June 30, 2008 (it claims) which is the same date Moulden had previously claimed that he let it expire. Very strange.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Mary Tocco, Motivational Pickpocket

Wow, this is exciting stuff. Mary Tocco also has a DVD for only $24.95 that will tell you some of the stuff you can read all over the web for free. Isn't it nice of Mary to try to pick our pockets to give us this information?

Mary has a conference coming up too next month. She has a hot looking daughter who will be speaking and you can go watch for only about $125 per day. Plus, Andrew Moulden, the alleged doctor who takes money for DVD's that he never mails is on the roster. This is a chance to get to see a real celebrity since Moulden is head of the Canadian Action Party that boasts about 300 members. Maybe he'll be the next Prime Minister in Canada if he can find just a few more followers.

Further down the roster for speakers from this crew is Dr Kurt Woeller, the wizard who runs a pay to see website so he can grab money from parents all over the world instead of having to meet them in his office. Will Kurt show up for the conference or will he just go online and project his pitch onto a screen? Time will tell.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jenny McCarthy, White Propaganda, Psy Ops

Jenny McCarthy is on TV to discredit all of us. That's why the networks allow her to go on.

I forgot the name of her book, it doesn't matter. The message that the public has to learn is that the government admitted they were causing autism with vaccines ten years ago and that they decided to keep causing autism intentionally.

The message that we can cure autism works well as White Propaganda. It tells at least part of the story about how the government intentionally poisons babies all over the world and, people who are literate and well off financially can actually cure their children.

So, people see this bit of truth and think that supporting Jenny is a good thing.

What is it that Jenny is not allowed to say on TV, if it crossed her mind? Does Jenny say that every corrupt Congressman needs to be put in prison for allowing this horror to happen to our children? Does she suggest any method by which we can reclaim our country from a completely corrupt Congress who intentionally poisons babies? Does she point out how it is necessary to remove thimerosal from all vaccines, worldwide, to end the maiming of children?

Does her presence as an ex centerfold make it a simple matter for "spin doctors" to discredit her and maintain the status quo?

This is an excellent Psy ops because I believe that Jenny believes what she is saying. I don't see her as being at fault. She thinks she's doing the right thing.

Of the people that put her up to this, some are using her to intentionally discredit us. The fact that she is making money off of us makes her look like a profiteer. The indigo child stuff makes her look like an imbecile. The playboy bunny image makes her look like a dumb slut.

Whether parents of autistic children see Jenny in the same light is immaterial. What matters is what the general public sees.

The same applies to David Kirby. He presents the image of a sissy who will only state that, maybe, thimerosal causes autism. When he does that, the general public sees that as an alleged expert who actually disagrees with everyone who knows that thimerosal did, in fact, cause autism.

Kirby and Jenny were put in public positions to discredit all of us.

Th only way to end this is provoke a public outcry for the scalps of the Congressmen who refuse to stop this horror.

Kirby wants us to ask the government politely to help us. The government listens politely and agrees to waste our time. We have to demand that the government stop this. The time for asking should have been over a long time ago.