Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rick Neubrander Murders 7 Year Old

I have tried to warn people about the risk of suicide from giving psychotropic drugs to children. I can recall doing so on the Autism Speaks forum.

However, Rick Neubrander, Dr James Neubrander's brother has arranged to silence people who give this information out freely. Rick thinks he is God's gift to parents who have autistic children so he expects us all to follow orders from him and do as we are told. Rick becomes quite upset when people of much higher intelligence point out to him that he is being a horse's ass. When this happens, Rick goes crying to moderators to throw these people out of forums who won't obey him. I don't know if Rick bribes these moderators or not but, for some strange reason, they seem to take orders from this mental case.

Anyhow, it should be pointed out that if Rick wasn't trying to silence people who know a lot more about the autism spectrum than he does that, perhaps this boy's parents would have read those words of advice that I wrote warning people about the dangers of these drugs. If they had seen my words and come to me for advice, I could have told them how to cure the boy's ADD for free.

Who knows, these parents may have even sought out Autism Speaks as a source of information about ADD. If Rick Neubrander hadn't squealed like a weasel to have me thrown out, I most certainly would have advised these people of the dangers they faced.

While Rick did not hang this boy himself, he can not prove that silencing my voice may have caused this tragedy. And, for every other child on the autistic spectrum who can not hear my voice due to Rick's idiotic interference and who may encounter a similar tragedy, we can all blame Rick Neubrander for silencing people who want to help those on the autistic spectrum at no charge. Maybe that's what this is all about with Rick. Perhaps he thinks that parents who know more than he does and give advice freely are costing him clients. What other sane reason could Rick have for arranging to shut them up?

The world needs to know about jackasses like Rick Neubrander who make their living off the backs of autistic children. Thousands of parents have helped their vaccine damaged kids for free by exchanging information amongst themselves. We don't need some guy who thinks he's God trying to shut us up so he can make himself and his brother rich by charging people for the same information we give out at no charge.

Anyone considering making the Neubrander brothers rich by visiting their practice should really go here instead and obtain better information about autism for free from the man who perfected the treatment.

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