Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr James Neubrander, Autism Quackery?

How does one spot a quack doctor in the autism industry? It's not always easy for parents of autistic children to decipher this. All of the quacks who claim to be doctors who can cure autism seem to have convincing websites that might easily con desperate parents.

They love to use testimonials from patients. One has to ask why we never see this type of advertising from mainstream doctors. Do we see mainstream doc's sticking up videos of parents touting the wizardry of physicians who remove tonsils? Sure, I'd have a lot of confidence in some doctor who has a dumb mother on video saying "Wow, Dr Chopper sliced my kids tonsils out and now he can run a four minute mile. Thank you sooo much. Dr Chopper's a real miracle worker". Makes you think this guy will be selling you Dr Granny's Magic Potion that heals all ailments next out of the back of his wagon.

Even stranger is a doctor who has his brother Rick embedded on all sorts of autism forums to try to sell his snake oil. I visit lots of autism forums to try to expose some of the dishonesty from the vaccine manufacturers and the government. Once in a while some screwball pops up who tries to sell bogus information about curing autism. The last time I encountered one of these con artists, sure enough, there was Dr Neubrander's brother Rick promoting the guy.

Rick Neubrander was promoting "Dr" Andrew Moulden, an apparent con artist who had been in contact with Neubrander's office. I checked on Moulden's credentials with McMaster University where Moulden claimed to have graduated from and this is what I learned. So, it seems Rick Neubrander promotes doctors who lie about actually having gone to Medical school. What else will Rick lie about?

Rick likes to refer to Dr Neubrander's patients as "my" patients, giving people the false impression that Rick is also an MD. He has learned enough about autism treatments from his brother to sound like he knows what he's talking about while he trolls the autism forums for customers. Do legitimate doctors also send shills to forums to trawl for clients? I suppose some doc who does breast implants might send a good looking chick onto forums with before and after pictures and give her a discount on the hew boobs but really, is this necessary to pick the pockets of parents of autistic kids when the information they need to cure their kids can be found here for free?


Anonymous said...

Could Jimmy Carter control his brother Billy?

Foresam said...

Does that mean Rick's a drunk?

Anonymous said...

Meet the Guy see his results and see what his peers say. Perhaps then you will no what is true brilliance and science and what is quackery . I am convinced that he is genuine and what drives him is to help people and leave his mark in history.

Foresam said...

Which quacks would you consider to be his peers?

Charles said...

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Neubrander for several years now and he is recovering her from autism. Yes, it's taking a while to cure her but its' being done. We have taken her to several miracle autism workers both inside and outside of our state but Neubrander is the real deal.