Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dan Marino Promotes Autistic Abuse, No Myths Bullshit from Ari Ne'eman

The executive producer for this deceitful video is the Dan Marino foundation. Marino, a very smart football player, must have lost his mind to support this dishonest abuse of autistic people.

Ari Ne'eman, the narrator here, is not autistic. This liar was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 12. That means there is virtually nothing wrong with him or he would have been diagnosed at a much younger age.

I don't know who the bitch is who claims she has embraced autism but she's obviously a liar too. She's not autistic either.

Here, Ne'eman claims it is a myth that autism means no hope and no future. Autistic people can not speak, don't learn to read, write or toilet themselves, must be watched 24 hours a day because their behavior is so bizarre nobody can predict whether they will harm themselves or someone else, smear feces all over the house, bite themselves and others, punch themselves, run into walls at full speed and can never care for themselves. Once they grow too large for their parents to handle, they are shipped off to an asylum where they spend the rest of their lives. That certainly sounds like no hope and no future to me.

The liar Ne'eman claims that this is not a tragedy. Of course, Ne'eman doesn't bother to explain what autism really is. He tries to fool the public into believing that liars like himself are just the same as the people described above so that the public will think that autism is no big deal.

Autism is the worst nightmare any parent can imagine for their child. What kind of parents must Ari Ne'eman have to allow their son to mislead the public about this horror? If people believe these lies from Ne'eman, it is far less likely that severely disabled autistic people will receive the help they need.

This garbage is intentional propaganda and Dan Marino should be informed how Ari Ne'eman is making him look like a brutal abuser of disabled people for taking a part in this. I don't think Marino deserves to have his reputation smeared by this young con artist.


jonathan said...

the "bitch" is Deena Gassner, a licensed clinical social worker who is married and has a son who she says is fairly severely autistic. I have met her in person at ASA and she did not seem autistic to me. I have also written a post on my blog about this farcical PSA video (shameless plug I know)

John Best said...

I just left a comment on your blog. It's obvious that that bitch is a lying piece of shit, just like Ne'eman. Thanks for giving us her name.

Socially awkward said...

Why do you hate Autism?

John Best said...

Autism is a man-made nightmare. It cripples healthy children.

Anonymous said...

Autism cripples healthy children and makes healthy relationships impossible even with those with Asperger's who are less severely damaged than the severely autistic children.

Either way autism is a terrible disorder that robs the autistic and their families of a happy life.

Pretending they are all geniuses is a lot of rot.

Anonymous said...

And pretending that life is just as wonderful but just "different" is also bullshit. If I read one more account of a parent claiming that they embrace their child's autism I'm going to be sick. Talk about be in freakin' denial!

John Best said...

I think to some of these morons that any kid who can do arithmetic is a savant.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the children of these dumb ass parents turn 21 or 22 years old and the state throws them back and they no longer get their pathetic babysitting (aka as an education) paid for by the school districts. Let's just see how many of them think that autism is wonderful and beautiful then. I suppose some of them will think they can just shove them in a group home, but good luck with that. There aren't that many and the abuse that goes on in those places is sickening. Some of them rant about how blessed they are and the denial really is just plain scary. These parents are either a bunch of phonies or unbelievably stupid. You have to wonder about the ones who are not paying attention to the underlying cause of autism and trying to correct that.

Anonymous said...

I would like to second the anon above. You are dead right!!!!People letting their children grow up with a serious neurological disorders will not be finding these kids so damn adorable when they never leave home, are no longer easy to control, outweight and outwit them when it comes to getting what the want.

Yes, the group homes will be full, social services will run out of money paying them all their montly checks.

Global warming will be less of a catastrophe than the ranks of disabled adults running amok.

Anonymous said...

I take offense at most of the comments here. You, as parents, need to have an open mind and not give up on your children. I understand the problems with the system. I've been going to my state legislature and testifying about it. I have worked with my former high school to implement programs helping students with autism.

Another concern I have is that when individuals on the spectrum, no matter where their problems lie, attempt to communicate with the rest of the world, you insult them and try to shut them down.

I have seen so many different sides of autism, all different but all real. From nonverbal kids AND adults who pose a danger to themselves, to kids and adults who have learned to communicate in a variety of ways...there are different ways of helping everyone learn to communicate at some level.

Keep trying. Stay positive. I would be happy to discuss this more with anybody on a 1:1 level.