Friday, April 17, 2009

Report Autism To The FBI

Here is the address for the FBI. Please ask them to arrest Congress for allowing the crime of poisoning people into autism to continue.

Here's the letter I sent asking the FBI to do their job.

I'm reporting the crime of poisoning children and fetuses with thimerosal. I'd like to charge Congress with complicity for allowing this to go unresolved for ten years.
Congress has clearly violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution in this matter. All citizens are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Congress, by allowing babies to be poisoned into autism with vaccines, has clearly denied these children the right to happiness.
Does the FBI uphold the Constitution or do they allow Congress to violate it? Do FBI employees take an oath to the Constitution or to corrupt politicians who refuse to stop this poisoning of babies?
The CDC employee, Thomas Verstraeten, announced in 1999 that thimerosal containing vaccines were the cause of autism. Government employess and vaccine company employees met at Simpsonwood in 2000 and agreed that thimerosal in vaccines had caused autism. This is when Congress knew that this crime was happening. Instead of stopping this, Congress wrote bills that gave protection from lawsuits to the vaccine manufacturers. The business of poisoning babies continued.
Thimerosal in vaccines was reduced but no vaccines containing thimerosal were recalled. Thus, every baby who became autistic due to these unrecalled vaccines was poisoned intentionally, a clearly criminal act.
By 2003, most of the vaccines containing 25 micrograms of thimerosal had been used up. The vaccine manufacturers introduced another method of intentionally causing autism. They added the thimerosal containing flu shot to the vaccine schedule for pregnant women and six month old infants.
The highest rise in autism happened in 1994, three years after the thimerosal containing HepB shot was added to the schedule on the day of birth. The reason that injecting infants on their first day of life was so effective in causing autism is because infants do not have a blood brain barrier to help filter out the mercury and aluminum that is in thimerosal. It goes through the bloodstream, unabated to the brain and stays there, killing brain cells and causing other brain damage that results in autism.
So, by understanding how the HepB shot was so effective at causing autism, you can see that the flu shot to pregnant women was also very effective at causing brain damage in smaller fetuses who also did not have a blood brain barrier. This subterfuge by the vaccine industry of delivering mercury and aluminum to fetuses while claiming that thimerosal had been removed from vaccines adds up to more intentional poisoning of people to cause autism and other forms of brain damage.
The fact that the vaccine industry, the CDC and Congress all claim that thimerosal has been removed from vaccines while it is still in the flu shot causing autism adds up to a conspiracy to poison babies to make the vaccine manufacturers appear innocent.
I'm asking the FBI to uphold their oaths to the Constitution and to We the People who pay your salary with our taxes. I'm asking you to arrest the CEO's of the vaccine manufacturers, Julie Gerberding for her role while head of the CDC and every member of Congress aside from Dan Burton and the doctor Rep. from Florida who are the only two members of Congress who tried to stop this crime. I'm asking the FBI to order Congress, the President, the CDC, and the FDA to immediately ban the use and manufacture of thimerosal and end this worldwide crime. The FBI has a duty to We the People and to the Constitution to enforce the law against Congress when they are corrupt. In this matter of allowing people and fetuses to be poisoned with thimerosal, Congress has been corrupted. They have ignored the Constitutional Rights of every person who has been poisoned by thimerosal, a known toxic substance.
Please do your job.
Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the reply to the letter (assuming there will be, but I have doubts).

Clay said...

I don't really believe you sent that to the FBI, but I sincerely hope you did. I encourage you to send it to the President, your Senators and Representatives too. I'm sure they could all use a good laugh, and it's always good to know where the fringe lunatics live. ;-)

Next time, kick it up a notch. Show 'em you mean business! You're TIRED of all this baby- poisoning going on.

John Best said...

You're not too bright. Why would I send it to the criminals in Congress? This is a job for law enforcement.