Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rima Laibow Calls for Poisoning People

One email from Dr Laibow trying to feed me bullshit today wasn't enough. I checked my mail again and another one was there.

"The Canadian government announced that Swine Flu vaccination would be voluntary. This is great news UNLESS WHO issues a mandatory vaccine guidance which is,through the International Health Regulations, binding on all 194 WHO member nations."

In the above quote, we see that Dr Laibow thinks poisoning people with squalene and thiomerosal is fine as long as people are led to slaughter voluntarily. Nowhere in the bullshit that Laibow sent out did I find the words "squalene" or "thimerosal", the causes of Gulf War Syndrome, Autism and Alzheimer's. So, when it comes to pass that nobody is forced to take any vaccines, Dr Laibow can claim that she achieved victory in protecting our health by virtue of the fact that the vaccines were not forced on us.

A short time down the road, however, when all sorts of people are diagnosed with the above dread diseases, I doubt we will see Dr Laibow or her mind controlling ex two star general husband.

The thing people should learn from this is that Dr Laibow is trying to misdirect people so they waste their time on something really stupid that is not going to happen, as a distraction from the real crime of poisoning us all and damaging our brains with the toxins in the vaccines.

We can also thank Ingrid Blank, the dumb moderator for Laibow's Yahoo group for preventing me from telling the group the truth.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Andrew Moulden Awareness Society

Facebook has a fan club for "Dr" Andrew Moulden that is run by Moulden and they threw me out of it today. All I did to get kicked out was to ask why Moulden has different variations of his name on all of his alleged degrees. I also asked why he used the name Drew Jeffrey Andrew Moulden on a site that lists Canadian Physicians' license information and why that name only showed up there after his license had already expired.

One would think there would be a simple explanation for this name changing if the nitwit in question was really an MD. I mean, I could understand if he was trying to avoid palimony suits from a gay lover or something and didn't want to be found. Perhaps he took offense when I suggested that all of this name changing was usually an indication of criminal behavior. Some people are overly sensitive to things like that and I may have upset poor "Dr" Moulden. Nevertheless, deleting my comment instead of answering it doesn't say much for his credibility.

Innocent people normally defend themselves instead of hiding like weasels so I have to conclude that this jackass is probably guilty.

What is he guilty of? Who knows for sure? For one though, we have the email from McMaster University that told me he did not earn an MD there as he claimed. We have the opinion of the man who invented the cure for autism telling us that Moulden is nuts. We see that Moulden runs around the country giving speeches at $5 a head like a travelling sideshow with this group, although he is not on their current schedule of speaking engagements. Check out Gary Tunsky, one of the associates. He also works with Mary Tocco. Watch her video and judge for yourself whether she's a con artist or not.

I've written enough other stuff about this alleged doctor since last October when I first heard of him that it's not worth rehashing it. But, one thing that stands out is Moulden trying to tell me he had some special imaging device through which he could measure the damage caused by vaccines when, it seems, all he does is look at pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katie Wright Respects Propaganda

The italicized quote below is from Katie Wright at Age of Autism. For some strange reason Wright has the wherewithal to question doctors and bureaucrats who insist that vaccines do not cause autism but she can not see the deception by Katie Miller, an operative from the covert side of our government.

Wright chooses to affirm Miller's deception by using the word autism when Miller herself, only claims to have Asperger's. If it had been Paul Offit deciding to call himself autistic, Wright would probably be jumping down his throat. That deception would be obvious when it was being perpetrated by a known child abuser and baby killer. But, since Katie Miller appears to be a semi-intelligent young artist, Wright thinks this lying little bitch is worthy of some respect.

There seems to be a growing acceptance of this deception amongst mothers who accept the fact that vaccines cause autism. Have these women lost their minds so that they can see through overt lies from doctors but throw their brains out the window when it comes to looking at propaganda from Neurodiversity?

Have these mothers not realized that the young and innocent looking Katie Miller's and Ari Ne'emen's were created by Frank Klein, Autism Diva and Kathleen Seidel with their propaganda and brainwashing? Has it dawned on these mothers that young Aspies are likely to have read deceptive books by phoney autistics like Jim Sinclair and Donna Williams that encourage people to call themselves autistic who have nothing wrong with them?

Neurodiversity practices some major deception. They have normal people pretend to have Asperger's and they always use the word autism to describe themselves. They have people with actual Asperger's claim they do not want to be cured and they refer to themselves as autistic. They invented people like Amanda Baggs who claim to have low functioning autism to claim they do not want to be cured.

Neurodiversity has brainwashed a lot of young people so that they seem innocent and genuine to mothers who will not look critically at them. Why aren't these mothers asking where these young nutjobs came from who do not want to be cured of mental illness? Can't Katie Wright see something wrong with anyone who wants to celebrate having brain damage? It would be nice if Wright could look through the facade to see the total of the beliefs she claims to respect. When she respects Katie Miller, she is asking us to respect Autism Diva.

By respecting Katie Miller, Wright is agreeing with the sadists from Neurodiversity who do not want her to help her child. I hope Mrs Wright can see the big picture here.

Katie Miller is certainly a briliant young woman who passionately believes her autism is not a disability but a difference. I respect her beliefs as they apply to her. I agree with Katie that much more money should be directed towards augmentative communication devices. Communication is a human right. I also agree that that for far to long services for young adults has been sorely neglected leading to ASD teens being shuffled around through foster care and all too often abused. ASD people deserve an appropriate education a nuturing home environment. Why isn't this a priority?
I also think informed consent for medical procedures is a basic human right. We had no idea that our family history of autoimmune disorders could trigger immune dysfunction via simultaneous multiple vaccines. In fact I was assured that it was "perfectly safe" for my 18 month old to receive 7 vaccines at once. When my son screamed, went stiff and had 104 degree fever for 12 hours afterwards I was assured "this was fine." It wasn't. My son had a basic human right to a pediatrican who would "do no harm."
My son and all the children like him have a basic human right not to be harmed by physicians or medical mandates. My son has a basic human right to his health and the cognitive functioning of the brain he was born with. Katie Miller may feel autism enriched her life but autism has robbed my son of everything he once possessed leaving pain, sadness, fear and frustration.
Christain had a basic human right not to develop ulcertative colitis. Christian has a basic human right to health care- something that is regularly denied to sick kids with autism. Christian has a basic human right to sleep through the night without pain. Christian has the basic human right not to be injected with with heavy metals. Christian has the right to a medical cure for all these conditions.
And families everywhere have the right to answers. We all, especially, have the right to be better represented and served via IACC.
Posted by: Katie Wright
July 22, 2009 at 04:42 PM

Monday, July 13, 2009