Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rima Laibow Calls for Poisoning People

One email from Dr Laibow trying to feed me bullshit today wasn't enough. I checked my mail again and another one was there.

"The Canadian government announced that Swine Flu vaccination would be voluntary. This is great news UNLESS WHO issues a mandatory vaccine guidance which is,through the International Health Regulations, binding on all 194 WHO member nations."

In the above quote, we see that Dr Laibow thinks poisoning people with squalene and thiomerosal is fine as long as people are led to slaughter voluntarily. Nowhere in the bullshit that Laibow sent out did I find the words "squalene" or "thimerosal", the causes of Gulf War Syndrome, Autism and Alzheimer's. So, when it comes to pass that nobody is forced to take any vaccines, Dr Laibow can claim that she achieved victory in protecting our health by virtue of the fact that the vaccines were not forced on us.

A short time down the road, however, when all sorts of people are diagnosed with the above dread diseases, I doubt we will see Dr Laibow or her mind controlling ex two star general husband.

The thing people should learn from this is that Dr Laibow is trying to misdirect people so they waste their time on something really stupid that is not going to happen, as a distraction from the real crime of poisoning us all and damaging our brains with the toxins in the vaccines.

We can also thank Ingrid Blank, the dumb moderator for Laibow's Yahoo group for preventing me from telling the group the truth.


Foresam said...

I don't censor comments when the authors don't censor their identities. LOL, freakin' coward.

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada and the news stated yesterday that they planned to target pregnant women to get the H1N1 vaccine first. They seem to think is is a great public service.

In fact, this is so they can give the babies poison while they are in the womb then claim the babies were born autistic so it must be genetic.

Vaccines are not mandatory in Canada. I got school exemptions for my children. Even so, one year in high school the teacher did not believe my daughter when the kids were heading down to the gym for their flu shots. She told them we do not take vaccines in our family and they kept pressing the issue until finally they went to the office and got her exemption form.

If my daughter was not the determined, mouthy kid she is she would have been pressured into having the vaccine because that is what they tried to do, pressure her into it.

Get your expemtions, then follow up on them with your kids.

As for the swine flu vaccine. REFUSE IT!

Foresam said...

I don't think anyone is going to be forcefully vaccinated but it makes sense to plan for that possibility.
I've talked to Sam's school about it in no uncertain terms.

laurentius rex said...

Hey there me old autistic pal me old beauty perhaps poisoning you might not be such a bad thing :)

What's your poison? Jack Daniels maybe, I prefer a malt scotch.

Be seeing you.

Droopy said...

I've not been offered any flu shots in some time (even though I see my doctor every two weeks for shots for another matter), but if I am ever offered such a thing, I know what my answer will be.

Kudos to the Canadian Anon above, for realizing that:

Its more than street drugs to which children who are able need to be taught to 'Just Say No"

and Kudos to you Canadian Anon for another thing:

and I for one have never subscribed to the "if somebody came out of the womb that somehow means its sanctioned/ortained by God" routine

I can understand that there is a very emotional response from someone who's never had a chance to even see their child's ever having been healthy vs one who was but then had to watch the process transpire before their very eyes, -- but that has nothing to do with this and the fact that damage is damage,

whether it happens where you can witness it, or before you can.

What difference can such a thing possibly actually make to the fact that somebody was damaged? That is age-ism at its very worst to even suggest that is does or is 'proof' somehow that somebody was 'meant to be this way'

I am somebody who, well before the current Autism epidemic/pandemic question/controversy came up, was damaged, by something, in vitro, inside of my mother, something happened while I was in there, and this is how I came out, no regressions, none of that.

I started my life in this world as a disabled person, rather visibly so from the moment I was born. I came into this world and out of the womb this way.

My Autism is no more 'Sanctioned By God" than that of the babies who have a couple of years of life under their belts before having it happen to them.

that mine is from birth and before does not somehow make my Autism and varied other issues/birth defects that were already there and came out right with me therefor somehow more 'okay' or make the degree of damage I have experienced any more 'okay' than it is for someone who's experienced it right before their parents eyes as a toddler.

I see a doctor every two weeks for a shot of another matter (B-12, the regular b-12, not methyl B-12 though I tried very hard for that -- since it seems I have a deficiency in regular b-12).

My doctor has not 'offered' me a flu shot but I know what my answer will be if she does.

I don't plan on having any kids, it is a matter of principle and that I don't need any more damage than I have.

I don't know about the forced vaccinations thing either and I don't own any guns (and have no interest in owning any), but I do at least have my hands and feet and some knowledge of how to use them effectively, and yes, for what its worth if it came down to such a thing, I'd fight.

SweaterFreak said...

I think you severely misunderstood Dr Laibow. Read the paragraph again, and again. try reading it 5 times. See it yet?

What she is trying to say that mandatory vaccinations in Canada are voluntary (which is great news) BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT MANDATORY.
Get it? No? i will try to reword.

She goes on to say that unless WHO declares the state of emergency we will have voluntary vaccinations not mandatory(which is great news as you are mandated to get a shot). Unfortunately, Canada subscribes to WHO's authority so in case of pandemic WHO can potentially order us to have mandatory vaccinations.

I watched her on Jesse Ventura's film, and she is very much against vaccines. Check it out before badmouthing her on a public blog.

Foresam said...

Sweater freak,
The thing you missed is that people are not being told that the vaccines cause brain damage. So, if you take the vaccine voluntarily, you risk damaging your brain, and your child's brain if you happen to be pregnant.

Dr Laibow supports the corrupt politicians who allow this deception to continue. She is a liar. Some of what she says is true but the rest that she will not tell you is extremely hazardous. She can not be trusted.