Monday, May 14, 2012

Tim Bolen Joins Psychopaths to Cause Autism

Tim Bolen has long been an alleged opponent of the Quackbusters, the devious group of liars who conspire to disseminate false information about medicine all over the internet. Now, Bolen has, unwittingly or not, joined them. Maybe he was always a part of the group. I tried to explain to Mr Bolen how the Canary Party was a psychological warfare operation that existed to dissuade parents of autistic children from ever winning the battle against the Pharmaceutical Industry. The Canary Party is controlled opposition whose goal is to lead parents to do nothing at all so that they won't hinder the efforts of Pharma to "dumb down" the population with mercury in vaccines. The Canary Party was formed one year ago. As predictied, they have done absolutely nothing to warn the public of the dangers to babies from the flu shot to pregnant women, the primary method that is being used to kill babies' brain cells and make them all stupid. I predicted that the Canary Party would merely waste parents' time by giving them a place on Facebook to exchange extraneous information while never leading them to take any action whatsoever to inform the general public of the hazards from the mercury containing flu shot. Besides wasting time on Facebook, the Canary Party has also wasted wealthy parents' time by having high-proced meetings across the country that have produced, you guessed it, nothing. The leaders of the Canary Party are highly educated men and women. They are aware that the only way to stop the crime of shooting mercury into unborn babies is with political pressure, forcing the issue down the throats of every candidate for every elected office in the country and by running for office themselves to defeat the bribed politicians who allow this crime against babies to continue. Have they taken any action in that vein? Of course not. They won't permit that sort of discussion. If anyone brings up such plans for action against Pharma, they are promptly thrown out of the Canary Party. I explained this to Mr Bolen. I explained how Quackbusters was working with the Canary Party and their associates to gin up bogus debates to take the focus off of the real issues involved with autism. After learning of the Quackbuster operation from Bolen, I had thought he was trustworthy. It seemed he and his associates had accomplished a few things in courts to derail the Quackbusters and achive some improvements in disseminating truth with his "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters" group. Yet, here Bolen sits promoting the Canary Party as he merges their controlled opposition propaganda with his own group. He thus denigrates his group and tacitly tells us that all of it is corrupt. Tim Bolen is now in league with the devil and will be supporting the mass poisoning of babies with the psychopaths from the Canary Party. Another public figure who just can't be trusted.