Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Comments About Amanda (Sham) Baggs

At 15 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
An interesting little 'audio/visual rendition' of Amanda's 'group of beings' statement can be found here:


Here's Amanda's immediate (damage control) response:


At least this time it wasn't "my psychiatrist brainwashed and made me do it."
To her credit, she does keep it 'fresh' by periodically swapping the excuses around.

No, this time no conspiratorial mothers, no evil brainwashing shrinks;
this time it was merely the drugs, one little anti-depressant to be exact
-- one taken in 1999, a full two years after she posted this in 1997 -- that's a really amazing drug!

Amanda has a long list, advising of which things she's said that you can believe and which ones you can't.
"This was real, no that part wasn't, okay THIS was real, that part wasn't.."

Just how many of these selective instructions are people willing to take anyway?
When does not only the very existance of these instructions, but so many of them finally begin to raise its very own set of questions and doubts in people's minds?

At 20 March, 2007, Watson said...
I see the video has been removed.

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party."

I wonder who the third party is....

At 20 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
The sly minx.
Oh what a tangled web she weaves!

At 20 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
I didn't get to see Amanda on CNN. Does anyone know if it's on you tube or anywhere else?

At 20 March, 2007, Watson said...
I don't think so, but the transcript is here:


Oh what a tangled web she weaves!

That's EXACTLY what I thought.

At 20 March, 2007, Watson said...
Amanda has a long list, advising of which things she's said that you can believe and which ones you can't. "This was real, no that part wasn't, okay THIS was real, that part wasn't.."

Yes. Reading through her posts on various forums, on her own blog and elsewhere, it's very difficult to know what's true and what's not. Although what she wrote before she found out about atypical autism is probably more accurate.

I wonder how she explains away earlier hallucinations, delusions and voices which definitely pre-date the anti-depressant....

"I have seen things all my life that weren't there, but I only started hearing voices regularly when I was eleven."

"As soon as I stopped speaking to her I started having memories from the elf-forest. And those memories guarded me against her continued (psychological) attacks on me." "Is it also coincidence that soon after I broke off contact with her I started showing signs of schizophrenia?"

"I would have hallucinations that I didn't know were related to any of this, like seeing spiders and/or butterflies literally covering the floor, crunching under my feet. I didn't like seeing flower petals and would go to great lengths to avoid them, thinking they were dead butterflies. " (Click on quoted text in first post):

This, after Clorazil which she took at 15-16:

"Elves, while on Clozaril. I was forced not to believe in them, and not to connect with trees in the way I had before them. I was especially not
allowed to believe that I was not human (which I'm not, for what it's worth)... those medications can take a lot out of you. I had never believed in things like demons, but I don't think it's a coincidence that it was /after/ these medications when I stopped looking to the trees and the stars and the elves and started looking to the glowing red eyes in the window... "

"They said I was "depressed" at that point, but it was a direct result of taking things out of me. There was a "hallucination" they couldn't seem to get rid of (well, they couldn't get rid of the voices most of the time either but they got rid of good things) which involved a large, spiny, fractallene, black, sometimes flashing hole."

This is what Amanda said about the anti-depressant:

"the Wellbutrin keeps me awake I think... I'm on Seroquel/Wellbutrin/Lithium now... it doesn't make me psychotic particularly..."

I found this exchange from December 1998, before her PDD-NOS/atypical autism diagnosis, very interesting:

"The Others are still up there, I'm still an elf (despite other people's beliefs on that one :)) and as far as I know the "place" I came from still exists, complete with intact elves (not stuck in a human body) and whatever their kind of humans are there... and trees. And I have "thought as one" with the Others, while on medication... since this medication tends to take away that which is psychotic in me, I don't think this other stuff would be possible now if it weren't real. ":

After reading that, it occurred to me that despite her new diagnosis, Amanda might still believe she is an elf, sent by the Others to study humans.

Then I came across this:

Conversation on Institutions

Amanda: Like in my case I'm supposedly out because I'm not schizophrenic, which in part is not diagnosed simply because I stay away from the sorts of people and saying the sorts of things that worry people.

Laura: Yes. Yeah. Well in a purely practical sense, I think anybody who can get any loophole to get out of that system, can and should use any loopholes they have. Because they have no right to keep anyone, so therefore anything and everything that will keep someone out of there, including if necessary lies, it's perfectly fine with me."

So what if by not talking about delusions and hallucinations, schizophrenics can have their diagnosis changed to "resolved schizophrenia", or, like Amanda, "single episode, full remission", and then, given the 'right' background, they could fit the criteria for atypical autism - and be free to call themselves autistic?

Perhaps adults who claim to be autistic or say they have autistic traits in the family are confusing mental illness and eccentricity with autism.

For instance, Amanda wrote in 1998:

"Genetically, I have a family history on both sides of schizophrenia and on one side of perceptual disorders sometimes like autism..."

But today, she talks about her successful brother who was once a low-functioning autistic who smeared, and Gupta says in the CNN transcript:

"There is a belief, though, a strong belief, Kiran, that it is genetic. Even in the case of Amanda, her brother and her father had autism as well. "

I guess he got that from Amanda, but that's not what she would have told him in 1998:

"Genetically, I have a family history on both sides of schizophrenia and on one side of perceptual disorders sometimes like autism..."

I guess "autism" is currently a far more socially acceptable diagnosis - and suits the agenda.

At 20 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
Thanks Watson,

"I guess "autism" is currently a far more socially acceptable diagnosis - and suits the agenda."

I totally agree.
I think that everyone who has contributed to this thread with information and links etc, have proven without a doubt and exposed Amanda Baggs for what she really is - a lying manipulative schizophrenic, pretending to be autistic.

BTW anti psychotic drugs do not cause auditory or visual hallucinations, but LSD does...

You can fool some of the people, some of the time...

The games up Amanda.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Autism Epidemic Will Never End

When I learned that mercury from vaccines was one cause of autism 8 years ago, I foolishly thought the Government would remove the mercury from all vaccines and the epidemic would be over soon. I thought this information would certainly lead to our politicians demanding that all health insurnce would pay for autism treatments.

I never thought that in 8 long years, the only thing that would change regarding autism is that the size of the Autism Mercury Yahoo group would keep growing. With tens of thousands of children affected by autism, almost 7,000 people had found that Yahoo group and were trying to cure their children.

Where are the rest of the parents of autistic children? Are they all stupid enough to do nothing but take the advice of teachers and psychologists who will not help to cure autism?

There are DAN doctors but they are only for the wealthy. Insurance won't pay for them so most people can't afford them. I wonder how many kids are being treated by DAN doctors. It must be a miniscule number or we would hear about it on the news.

If Defeat Autism Now(DAN) was getting the message out, one would think that the majority of parents would be aware of this treatment and every parent would be advised to seek help for their autistic child from DAN. That is not happening.
There are almost 7,000 people who are learning to chelate their kids for free with the help of Andy Cutler and the Autism Mercury group. There are well over 100,000 others who are not learning how to help their kids.

We have a group of nitwits known as Neurodiversity who are against helping autistic people. They are getting their message out and they are converting unintelligent parents to their idiotic viewpoint. The people who know what caused the autism epidemic and know how to cure it are not doing much of anything to spread that message. They waste their time with politicians and bickering amongst themselves.

One man who formed Generation Rescue and put his own money into advertising the truth had the wonderful notion to educate the masses by organizing parents who had used biomedical intervention to help their children to share that knowledge. It doesn't seem that many parents are contacting Generation Rescue lately. Perhaps they ignore it after being deluged with propaganda from the medical profession with their claims that autism is all genetic. The medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and their friendly nitwits from Neuroinsanity are more than happy to tell unsuspecting parents that they should accept the autism and allow the schools to help their children as best they can.

The rest of the parents who know the truth about autism are content to bother politicians without ever spreading the word about what really happened to our children. The problem with bothering politicians is that they are all bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. It is the same as the chicken asking the fox for help.

Along comes Autism Speaks with their message of raising autism awareness. They raised awareness allright. Now everyone has heard of Autism Speaks. Rich people like to give them money because they think they are doing something useful. Autism Speaks pretends to do something useful by tossing a bunch of money at genetic research. In reality, all Autism Speaks is doing with that research money is trying to manufacture some likely combination of genes that can be blamed for causing autism. This protects the real criminals from being blamed and prosecuted for their negligence.

Autism Speaks' bogus research also solves the problem of anyone finding out that thimerosal is absolutely the culprit. Since thimerosal is still given to pregnant women so that it can damage the brains of the fetuses, the autism epidemic will go merrily on its' way. All of the politicians, doctors, psychologists, teachers and naive parents will continue to claim that the mercury was removed from the vaccines. The wise guys here, the doctors, know that mercury can damage brains even better if the kids get it before they're born. This has the additional benefit of making the kids autistic at the start so parents don't become suspicious by watching normal babies regress. The vast majority of parents who lack a good education simply aren't smart enough to know that they should question the doctors. Some with some common sense may bring up the subject, get shouted down by alleged professionals and brain dead mothers who have bought the lie for 20 years, and forget about it. Meanwhile, those who know the truth keep jabbering in their private groups and bothering politicians. Some of them are even dense enough to vote for an incumbent politician who, as we all know, is owned by Pharma.

No person who knows the truth about thimerosal should ever vote for an incumbent, a Democrat or a Republican. The only way a politician will attempt to change anything is if he is not owned by a major party or Pharma.

Bob Wright and Autism Speaks will never tell the truth about thimerosal. Even though Mr Wright's grandchild has apparently been helped by addressing mercury as the cause, he will not enlighten the masses as to that truth. Instead, he is making sure that Pharma profits while the working class autistic children are doomed to their horrible existence. He simply does not give a damn. He won't help inform the uneducated masses that a crime has been committed against their babies. The media won't help. They will not report what I am writing here. They are bought and paid for by Pharma just like our politicians. And, the saddest thing of all, the people who know the truth and want to help children are trapped in the Circus of trusting their politicians. They will not learn of the free press that exists with blogging to send their message of truth to the masses. They have the numbers to support a blog that would be on the first page anytime anyone searched for anything about autism but they are content to bitch and moan in their private groups while Neurodiverse nitwits make them look foolish in public.

Neurodiversity is beating the shit out of decent parents who want to help children. Autism Speaks is beating the shit out of decent parents who want to help children.
Pharma is beating the shit out of decent parents who want to help children.

Decent parents who want to help children can beat the shit out of these bastards if they will get off their private groups and get their message out to the general public. Blogs are a powerful way to send messages. Just ask Kevin Leitch who is beating the shit out of decent parents who want to help children.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Autism Speaks, Bob Wright Is Now Free

I wonder if Mr Wright will publicize the advice he has been given now that he is free of the advertising conflict of interest. We heard that his daughter was using biomedical intervention successfully. We heard she suddenly cancelled an appearance at which she was supposedly going to discuss this. We understand that Mr Wright would have been cutting his own throat if he had told the truth about thimerosal on his network.

Now that it is no longer his network, Mr Wright is free to tell the truth. He can talk freely about thimerosal without costing his company a loss of advertising revenue from the negligent bastards who poisoned our babies.

Mr Wright, if you're worried about losing some contributions by telling the truth, don't be. You have this opportunity to let the truth be heard. The truth is much more important than those donations. You can now forget the bullshit about genetics. You know your grandchild was poisoned since you addressed that poison to try to cure him. Please advertise the truth so more kids can be cured.