Sunday, March 04, 2007

Autism Speaks, Bob Wright Is Now Free

I wonder if Mr Wright will publicize the advice he has been given now that he is free of the advertising conflict of interest. We heard that his daughter was using biomedical intervention successfully. We heard she suddenly cancelled an appearance at which she was supposedly going to discuss this. We understand that Mr Wright would have been cutting his own throat if he had told the truth about thimerosal on his network.

Now that it is no longer his network, Mr Wright is free to tell the truth. He can talk freely about thimerosal without costing his company a loss of advertising revenue from the negligent bastards who poisoned our babies.

Mr Wright, if you're worried about losing some contributions by telling the truth, don't be. You have this opportunity to let the truth be heard. The truth is much more important than those donations. You can now forget the bullshit about genetics. You know your grandchild was poisoned since you addressed that poison to try to cure him. Please advertise the truth so more kids can be cured.


WolfpawZ said...

Again. I have asperger's syndrome and find this blog quite offensive. Still trying to be civil I wonder, Why is a cure needed? Why not just acceptance? I don't ever want to be cured and I want you to actually post views that oppose yours for the right of free speach. I also say, Autism has good and bad parts. You need to realize some of us don't want to be cured.

Fore Sam said...

I don't care if you find this blog offensive. This blog is about autism, not Asperger's.
You can write, and probably do some other things like speaking and toileting yourself. My son can't do those things.
You and the idiots from Neurodiversity are sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong. Severe autism is something that sentences children to zero future. They will spend their lives in the care of others while never being able to do anything for themselves. They will never drive a car, learn how to hit a baseball, pick a trifecta, graduate from grammar school or get laid. Their life sucks in every possible way while they bite themselves, smear feces on themselves and bash their heads through walls.
Stick to worrying about Asperger's and stop muddying the waters concerning a condition that has nothing to do with you and your ilk.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you think now that Bob Wright is "free" from pharma ad revenue, he'll either come forward... or somebody will try to push him into public office to keep him under lock and key?

Fore Sam said...

I'd like to think that somebody from Holy Cross, who already has all the money he'll ever need, would have the character to do the right thing. It depends how greedy he is.

Anonymous said...

Hey WolfpawZ,

My son also has a dx. of Asperger's, but he also has heavy metal toxicity. He's almost 10, and smart as a whip - he figured out on his own that he was poisoned by the mercury in the damn shots.

I'm not interested in curing my son's great personality, nor take away his giftedness. I sure in the hell am going to help him get healthier by removing the toxic metals from his body though. Doesn't it ever cross the minds of you ND folks that the mercury stored in the body of people could cause cancer and god knows what else down the road??

My son doesn't like having AS, and he wants to be cured of his heavy metal toxicity. Guess what? The biomed treatments are working and the toxic metals are being released from his body - he's healthier, happier, and he's just now starting to form friendships now that he has a load of that mercury crap out of his body!! My son loves me for helping him to make him healthier, too!

Lori said...


I love what you wrote. You are a person who thinks just like me. Expose him EXPOSE HIM!!!! When Tony Blair refused to give his son the MMR, he thought no one knew....well it didn't take long for someone to find out and expose him...he was forced to vaccinate his son, because the good people of the UK refused to vaccinate until he did! Why do you think there has been an outbreak of Measles in the UK. I don't believe Blair REALLY vaccinated his son, but the Brit's must of bought it.
John, we have to find a way to make this public.

Anonymous said...

Bob Wright has always told the truth. You, mister, are the liar - along with your friends and paid up quacks sponsoring poor medical practice that does more harm than good.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Chelating your grandson but refusing to acknowledge that fact is not the truth.

Anonymous said...

Is HE doing it? No. So how is he lying? Silence is not lying.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, The fifth ammendment was created so people could shut up and avoid testifying against themselves. Your comment is only valid in a court of law. This is a blog so, shut up.

Anonymous said...

Why should I? Are you scared of a court room?

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Courtrooms are fun when the opposing attorney is a nitwit.