Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neurodiversity Condemns Autistic Man

Kevin Leitch is crying because a sane person made a joke about Neuroinsanity. Poor Kev isn't happy that a sane and rational man inserted the word "Neurodiverse" into a headline about an autistic man with a collection of child pornography.

One would think Neuroinsanity would come to this man's defense. He has autism, probably can't get a date, may have no friends and has embraced a perversion, presumably giving himself some sort of sexual outlet. Kevin claims the sane man is utilizing the suffering, rape and torture of children to demonize the Neuroinsane.

Kev forgot to mention that the autistic man is serving time in prison and that he didn't rape or torture anyone according to the article. Isn't Neuroinsanity supposed to help autistic people? While collecting child pornography is certainly deranged, the article didn't say that this guy ever took any action to accost a child. He simply looked at pictures of child pornography.

I don't think autistic people should be in prison. I don't care what the crime is. These people need help. So, where's the help for a lonely, autistic pervert from the Neuronitwits who want society to adapt for their peculiar behavior? Do they just write this guy off as a deranged criminal and let him rot the way they allow mercury to rot their children's brains?

I'd rather see the guy put in a state hospital, evaluated for what caused his autism, and see if treatment might help him. If we can eliminate his autism, the autistic person might be saved. Autism is, in most cases, mercury induced brain damage. A lonely autistic man with no friends, existing with a damaged brain should not be locked up because the people who caused his condition won't help to reverse the damage. This guy deserves a chance to have his brain fixed so that he might enjoy his life like any normal person.

If I were to take issue with whatever behavior this guy engaged in and condemn him for it, I would not be honest if I did not condemn my son for every bit of strange behavior the autism has caused in him as a child. Who knows what behavior may manifest itself in him when he grows up? Should that be our children's fate? Should they rot in prison for being autistic and not being able to deal with the world? All Neuroinsanity cares about is that a joke from a sane man allegedly demonized their insane philosophy. Leitch and his moronic commentors make no mention of helping this autistic person. That's a sad state of affairs for an organization supposedly concerned with the rights of the disabled.

I'll be happy to be the only person on the planet who defends this guy. I have no clue what the brain damage my son endures may become if I can't fix it. His childhood has been ruined. I don't want to see anything he might do that was caused by the fact that his brain was damaged result in him spending time in prison. Society can find a better way to deal with autism. If the time comes that he has to be separated from society, he does not deserve to be treated like a criminal.

So, where's the concern for this person who SUFFERS from autism? What's wrong with the parents of autistic people who can't envision their own child locked up for being so damn lonely and brain damaged that their inability to reason clearly led them into a perversion? If you want to answer this, keep in mind that, as far as the article told us, all this guy did was look at pictures.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Neurodiversity Attacks the Methodist Church

Once again, Mrs Nitwit is up in arms because hardly anyone responded to a letter that she sent to a bunch of people in the Methodist church complaining about children being helped by scientists. It speaks well for the church that they ignore nitwits.

Mrs Nitwit claims that Rev Sykes has a conflict of interest in campaigning against poisoning babies with thimerosal due to the fact that the Reverend has a lawsuit pending. Huh?! How is it any sort of conflict to not wish to see more babies poisoned into the nightmare known as autism? This woman's baby was disabled, possibly for life by poisonous vaccines and Mrs Nitwit sees her lawsuit to compensate the child for that injury as a conflict of interest? Is this how Mrs Nitwit advocates for autistic people, by calling action that helps them a conflict of interest?

I'd love to see a national poll for all parents of autistic children to see how many think a lawsuit against a company who poisoned their child is a conflict of interest while trying to raise public awareness so that more children are not poisoned.

Mrs Nitwit claims that she wants to help reduce suffering in autistic children and adults. I wonder if she'll explain to the children whose autistic symptoms have been reduced with Lupron how her campaign against Lupron helps those kids. Maybe Mrs Nitwit is truly concerned about the children having to face the cold, cruel world and she thinks they'd be safer locked up in institutions. I can't find any other logical reason that one who wants to reduce their suffering would be against treatments that help these kids. Maybe Mrs Nitwit will explain this to me.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Autistic Condition Discovered (OGF) Through Neurodiversity

I have just learned that I am autistic. Like many adults who have suffered their entire lives and not known exactly why they were different, Neurodiversity helped me understand that my brain is wired differently. I have been perseverating on one thing for 43 years. I have been fixated on this one aspect of my life, sometimes ignoring pain and bleeding, many missed days at work, been called crazy for pursuing this fixation in rain, below zero temperatures, snow and 100 degree heat. I have the autistic condition known as Obsessive Golfing Fixation (OGF). I do not want to be cured.

I know I was born with OGF as was every male in my family. My grandfathers, all my uncles, all my cousins, my father and my brother all had OGF. One grandfather realized natural improvement in his symptoms and he was cured when he turned 97 and could no longer swing a club. All of the rest are still afflicted with this condition. However, we choose to celebrate this natural diversity. I'd like to thank Neurodiversity for pointing out that we should embrace our differences. We golfers are sick of being discriminated against by tyrannical employers insisting that we go to work on sunny days. To anyone with OGF, sunny days are an irresistible cue to call in sick and head to the golf course. It is much like autistic stimming. We just can't resist that urge because it is who we are and that need to golf should be accommodated by sadistic bosses. While everyone with OGF cares deeply about their work not being done or someone else being forced to do our job, our inherent need to play golf must be accepted as part of our condition. It is a part of us that can not be fixed. Any boss who insists that we show up for work instead of going golfing is bullying us and our government must make laws that allow us to celebrate the joy of OGF without fear of being fired.

Those of us with OGF are high functioning autistics. We have families, friends, college educations and good jobs. Many wives have tried to cure us but, so far, the only cure seems to be old age, feebleness and permanent injury. I do not want to be cured as that would be akin to killing the golfer within.

Since OGF has not yet been added to the DSM, it's important for all autism organizations to recognize this newly discovered subset of autistics so that society will accomodate our needs. We would be much happier if the government paid all our greens fees and provided us with disability payments so we could concentrate on golfing all the time without being bothered by mundane things like work.

OGF is a genetic condition that began with a defective gene in Scotland in the 19th century. The condition is now worldwide and affects millions of people, mostly men. This discovery drives a stake into the hearts of all those crazy people who tried to blame thimerosal for causing autism. With this, we now know that millions of people with the autistic subset called OGF have existed for well over a century. We need support, not a cure. Since all the great golfers in history must have been autistic, it would be cruel and abusive for anyone to try to cure OGF and deny the world the next Sam Snead or Tiger Woods. Let's declare OGF a disability so we can stop the abuse of golfers now.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Neurodiversity Attacks the Geiers (Again and Again and Again)

Kathleen Seidel has launched another attack of character assassination on the Geiers. She also told us, indirectly, why every word she says should be completely ignored.

"As a student in library school many moons ago, ..." This is what Kathleen Seidel says about herself in her blog. So, we see that she is an old librarian.

In her latest stab at character assassination on the Geiers, she tries to claim that they are doing something wrong because their degrees don't match up with the work they do to cure autistic kids.

Thus, by Kathleen's own reasoning, she has disqualified herself from being able to offer any valid opinion on anything the Geiers do because she is an old librarian and not a scientist. She is also not a decent parent who helps autistic children. That also disqualifies her from being able to offer a valid opinion on the subject.

Thank you Kathleen for disqualifying your long-winded garbage from being worthy of consideration by anyone. Please stick to restacking books.