Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neurodiversity Condemns Autistic Man

Kevin Leitch is crying because a sane person made a joke about Neuroinsanity. Poor Kev isn't happy that a sane and rational man inserted the word "Neurodiverse" into a headline about an autistic man with a collection of child pornography.

One would think Neuroinsanity would come to this man's defense. He has autism, probably can't get a date, may have no friends and has embraced a perversion, presumably giving himself some sort of sexual outlet. Kevin claims the sane man is utilizing the suffering, rape and torture of children to demonize the Neuroinsane.

Kev forgot to mention that the autistic man is serving time in prison and that he didn't rape or torture anyone according to the article. Isn't Neuroinsanity supposed to help autistic people? While collecting child pornography is certainly deranged, the article didn't say that this guy ever took any action to accost a child. He simply looked at pictures of child pornography.

I don't think autistic people should be in prison. I don't care what the crime is. These people need help. So, where's the help for a lonely, autistic pervert from the Neuronitwits who want society to adapt for their peculiar behavior? Do they just write this guy off as a deranged criminal and let him rot the way they allow mercury to rot their children's brains?

I'd rather see the guy put in a state hospital, evaluated for what caused his autism, and see if treatment might help him. If we can eliminate his autism, the autistic person might be saved. Autism is, in most cases, mercury induced brain damage. A lonely autistic man with no friends, existing with a damaged brain should not be locked up because the people who caused his condition won't help to reverse the damage. This guy deserves a chance to have his brain fixed so that he might enjoy his life like any normal person.

If I were to take issue with whatever behavior this guy engaged in and condemn him for it, I would not be honest if I did not condemn my son for every bit of strange behavior the autism has caused in him as a child. Who knows what behavior may manifest itself in him when he grows up? Should that be our children's fate? Should they rot in prison for being autistic and not being able to deal with the world? All Neuroinsanity cares about is that a joke from a sane man allegedly demonized their insane philosophy. Leitch and his moronic commentors make no mention of helping this autistic person. That's a sad state of affairs for an organization supposedly concerned with the rights of the disabled.

I'll be happy to be the only person on the planet who defends this guy. I have no clue what the brain damage my son endures may become if I can't fix it. His childhood has been ruined. I don't want to see anything he might do that was caused by the fact that his brain was damaged result in him spending time in prison. Society can find a better way to deal with autism. If the time comes that he has to be separated from society, he does not deserve to be treated like a criminal.

So, where's the concern for this person who SUFFERS from autism? What's wrong with the parents of autistic people who can't envision their own child locked up for being so damn lonely and brain damaged that their inability to reason clearly led them into a perversion? If you want to answer this, keep in mind that, as far as the article told us, all this guy did was look at pictures.


Anonymous said...

John, if you 'look' at pictures of children being abused then you are contributing to child abuse. The kids in those pictures did not take part willingly. They have been scarred for life. Those kids could be anyones kids, including yours, if some insane nutcase got access to your child with evil intentions.

To say this autistic man 'just looked at pictures' of someone else abusing children, as if that is somehow not as bad as doing it himself, makes no sense to me.

If he needed a sexual outlet then he should have looked at Playboy, or some other porn where the participants were at least being paid, are adults, and consented to the pornography.

This whole thing is stomach turning. Yes, he needs help for his autism, but I see his autism and the desire to look a child porn as separate issues.

Just my opinion.

I have made it clear in other posts that I believe autism disorders are caused by a combination of genetics and mercury poisoning. No matter what the cause autism/asperger's is a disorder that needs a cure.

People who abuse children or are willing to look at pictures of others abusing children belong in jail.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, I'm not inside this guy's head, I have no idea what would make anyone look at child porn. If he was not involved in taking the pictures, he has not harmed anyone.
If he was not autistic, I'd have no qualms about locking him up. I think the people who make child porn should be executed.
I think autistic people should be helped, not have their damaged brain used as an excuse to lock them up and forget about them.

maxima said...

I agree with you Foresam. It's like putting a retarded person in jail and there have been cases where retarded people sexually abused kids because they lack the understanding of boundaries, etc. This man belongs in a hospital where his autism will be respected, I can just imagine the treatment he'll get in jail.

Anonymous said...

"If he was not involved in taking the pictures, he has not harmed anyone."

John, if there was no market for child porn no one would bother to make it.

This man has harmed children just by viewing these images and very possibly by distributing or selling them.

I have a lot of respect for your position on autism, but child porn is a separate issue.

I think whenever we allow anyone to be dehumanized or objectified, as in child porn, we should pause and say, what if that was my child, or even an adult child. Would we still say this man did not harm anyone just because he looked at the pictures in order to masturbate. Wouldn't any of us vomit at the thought that an adult was looking at pictures of our child in order to masturbate.

Disabled children have been targeted by pedophiles too.

Everyone is someone's kid.

Googlybear said...

First, I just got done reading the article and I feel sick. Just knowing that there are even 5000 videos of infants and children being raped is enough to make me start crying and feel nauseated. Sometimes I just feel so bad that there is so much ugliness in the world towards our most vulnerable and precious members, our children.
(had to walk away from the computer, take a break, breath and come back to finish this response)

I'm very divided on this. The article didn't say what functioning the man is at. Aspergers indicates the he is probably on the higher end of the spectrum. A co-morbid mental illness might be involved. If this was one of the HFA/Aspie ND members who was doing this, I don't think we would be easy on them. Pedophilia is something that doesn't seem to get cured/rectified, and I don't believe that a person's core personality changes with recovery. So, even if he could be recovered/cured, unfortunately, he may just end up a non-autistic pedophile. The taste for pedophilia is already in him. I don't know if it was triggered in fact by his mental/neurological problems or if it was triggered by past sexual abuse in childhood or if it is just his thing. If ND started rallying around this man and demanding his right to be "who he is", ie: a pedophile I would be very disgusted. I'm not really sure I can find fault with ND for not advocating for him, though I can see why it is in some ways hypocritical not to want to see a disabled man, no matter how sick the crime, treated according to his disability- the severity of which we do not know at this point.

Kevin L: I’m so very happy that Lenny Schafer finds the idea of utilising the torture, rape and suffering of children as an opportunity for a delicious cheap shot as in any way an acceptable thing to do. Schafer doesn’t like neurodiversity. Thats his right. He should campaign against it as hard as he likes. However to utilise the suffering of children in his demonisation is beyond sick.

I did disagree with Kevin L on this point. Because ND uses anything it can latch onto to villianize biomed/curbies/mercury parents (whatever ya wanna call us). I think, he is having a gut reaction like I am, as a parent, to this article.

I think this is a sad case all around. I'm going to go hug my precious children again.

maxima said...

Anonymous, putting a mentally disable person in jail is wrong, I think that's the point he's trying to make here.
I think it's inhumane to treat meantally disabled people as criminals that can comprehend what they are doing is wrong.

Googlybear said...


I think it depends on their level of mental ability. For instance, if the Aspie man in question was Christschool or any of the other HFA's from ND, I would definatly say they knew what they were doing. It is a tough call. I think we need to know his functioning level. If he is moderate to low functioning, he definately needs to be in a mental hospital and not a jail. He would be eaten alive in prison.

Anonymous said...

"putting a mentally disable person in jail is wrong, I think that's the point he's trying to make here."

I get that, I really do.

However, in the last few years there have been several cases in the courts of people using Aspergers=dimished responsibilty as a defence.

Years and years of studies have proven that pedophilia cannot be cured. As Googly said, take away the autim and he will probably still be a pedophile.

I don't want this man on the streets ever.

I still support what you are doing here.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, I don't think Kev is the least bit concerned with the abuse of any children. After all, he continually supports Pharma's abuse of children worldwide by pretending to be stupid enough to believe that thimerosal caused no harm. No, Kev is just using a joke at his expense as an excuse to bash a decent parent.
It's impossible to tell from the information we have seen if this guy could be recovered or not. If nobody tries to address curing the autism, the chances are zero. I think every autistic person deserves that chance to live without brain damage, even David Andrews.
Like Andrews, autistic adults are very naive and the severe ones are like two year olds. Who's to say this pervert would even remember being turned on by children if he finally began to progress from being like a two year old?
Suppose Andrews was kidnapped and cured. Don't you think he'd recant on all the idiotic things he said about autism being incurable. Wouldn't he be ecstatically celebrating the joy of normalcy? And, we would all forgive him for the stupid stance he took while under the influence of thimerosal.
Child porn is despicable. Give the guy a chance to live unimpeded by mercury in his brain and he might not be a lonely, twisted pervert. If Leitch and his wack job associates weren't so stupidly defending Pharma, they'd reach the same conclusion since they claim to want what is best for autistics. Maybe they don't really want what is best for autistics.

Googlybear said...


I know ND doesn't want what is best for children, and I do know that Kevin used that line by Schafer to play the wounded. If the pedopile had been a mercury parent or a DAN doctor, they would have been all over that like flies on shit. I won't really go so far as to say that Kevin doesn't care about children in this specific instance, child rape/porn. I do think he is foolish for thinking autism shouldn't be cured though, and dangerous because he takes that opinion to public forums.

I do think the opportunity to be cured from autism should be made available to all autistic people. Unfortunately, what we have available now is still considered alternative, is expensive and is not covered by insurance. Mental health laws also provide the catch 22 that a mentally ill person has to decide to get treatment for their mental illness. Which is supposed to protect rights, but really just allows insane people to slip through the cracks.

Joeker said...

Well, to be fair, the guy isn't affiliated with the ND, so I can't see why they'd want to imply to people that he was a member. After all, he's not an ND, so calling him that only serves to make ND look like pedophiles.
If it was a joke, where's the laughter?

There's making personal insults, and then there's placing a man who has collected over 100,000 images of child porn into an organization without consent of the organization. Like placing a rapist into MADD, to make the organization look bad.

Not guilty by reason of mental defect would be the way to go, though they should make sure he'll spend time in a mental health institution. I don't think it would be right to allow him to continue these... actions.
(I feel quite disgusted, and this topic makes me fairly nauseous.)

I really believe prison will kill the guy. That kind of charge going in, the best thing he could look forward to is either a quick death, or becoming a close "cellbuddy" to one of the hard guys in there, the killers. Surprisingly enough, some hardened killers who slaughtered store clerks for a cash register of money are disgusted and highly violent towards pedophiles and those involved with child porn. Kind of ironic, in a bloody kind of way.

Over 100,000 images, and 5,000 videos? Yikes.

I think that maybe Kev's just really shocked over the fact that this group decided to make this guy out to be ND, and can't really shake the feeling that it was an attack on the character of ND. Make them out to be like this guy. Sure, it may not reflect accurately upon ND, but something like that could be taken as fact.
This is the internet, and there are people who think the world is flat. They have a forum. T-shirts too.

ND philosophy is pretty much Kevin's life, no? His passion? It'd be like making it seem that Fred Phelps is in the Baptist Ministry, and the respnse of a member of that organization about how vile that would be.
Shocking beyond belief, I should think.

I hope this guy gets treatment, and doesn't spend several years dropping soap. He needs help. He won't get it in a jail cell.

I support your stance on this Fore.

Googlybear said...

Well, to be fair, the guy isn't affiliated with the ND,

Actually, Neurodiversity holds the philosophy that anyone who is on the autism spectrum is "neurodiverse". That is what the word means, that a person is diverse neurologically. So there is a group that calls themselves "Neurodiversity" but they also coined a term for all autism spectrum people, neurodiverse. Similarly, "neuro-typical" includes everyone in the entire world who isn't on the autism spectrum. They are terms made up by autism advocates in ND. ND set the rules, not John or the guy who originally posted the article to a group called EOH which incidentally Kevin really has no business being on as he is not a parent who believes his child is mercury damaged. So how did Kevin find out the article was posted that way to begin with?

Like you, Joeker, I am deeply nauseated by the subject of the article. I don't think mentally ill or mentally deficient people should be put in jail unless there is a competency hearing. Admittedly, there are plenty of people on the spectrum who are high enough functioning to understand right and wrong, and are mentally competent. ND knows this, so I'm really not sure what their stance should be. We need to know more about the guy's level of function.

Googlybear said...

I was reading the comments on Kevin's blog. It appears that some of the ND members are on the EOH yahoo group. I thought that group was for parents or people who believe that the thimerosol in vaccines causes autism. Why are they on there? Did they have to lie to gain admittance? Is that part of the high road behavior that Kevin seems to think he takes? Also, I know how those typse of groups work, usually members are supposed to keep what is said on the group, amongst the group. Why is Kevin as a member on the group posting member comments to his public blog?

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Kevin is a coward, That's why he and other cowards hide on the EOHarm group and post comments on their blogs where they don't allow opposition.

Googlybear said...

Yea, they are a nasty lot. I've seen them post obviously provoked comments from parents on EOH or Autism-Mercury group, in which the parents were obviously riled up by some comments by ND people who didn't belong on the group. Then they did not post the original comments made by the ND people. So it makes it look like the "curbie parents" are just a nasty and mean group of people who pick on the poor, helpless disabled ND's who do not want to be called disabled because ASD in their book isn't a disability until it is a useful tool to be disabled. Oh what a tangled web.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Kevin is still claiming I called his daughter a monkey because I provoked him into making that connection himself about a year ago. Of course, when I offered him some bananas to bust his chops, he made a big deal about it claiming I was picking on his daughter.
If anyone took the nitwit seriously, he could probably be sued for all the out of context quotes he's used. A judge would probably toss it though since they would hold him liable for his stupidity.

Joeker said...

Speaking of cowards who don't allow opposition...
I think you should recall one of your favorite sayings...

"The pot calling the kettle black."

Of course it's your favorite saying... After all, it looks like it applies very directly to hypocrites like yourself.