Monday, February 11, 2008

A Letter About Amanda Baggs' Fraud

This is most of a letter written by a friend of Amanda Baggs who knew her at Simon's Rock College. Be advised that anyplace that links to this will see Dave Seidel show up within an hour to defend Baggs. If Dave fails to arrive for spin control, his wife beats him senseless.


So I've known Amanda since 1994. I went to Simon's Rock College with
her. I have the year book to prove it. I also dated her brother Jeremy
from early 1996 until mid 1998. So to say I've got a good history here
is an understatement.

Amanda went to Simon's Rock at 14. She was very bright. And normal.
She lived in a dorm, like everyone else. She had a boyfriend named
Karl, who she was sexually active with. Folks walked in on her. Karl &
she both told me themselves in various contexts. She went to classes,
wrote papers, ate in the cafeteria, talked, danced, shat in the
toilet, etc.

Then she took an assload of hallucinogens. Repeatedly. During spring
break of 1995 she n-talked me (remember n-talk?) and was concerned
because she couldn't come down (stop hallucinating) from a large
amount of mushrooms. Her solution was to take some LSD to
counterbalance it. She claimed this worked.

Soon after she declared herself an elf.

Then the voices started, and the odd clothes, and the rest of the
schizophrenia stuff. She believed she was an elf, mind control, that
people poisoned her food, etc. She was involved with the cops several
times, once when she was found digging in the back field of her former
middle school, looking for a mind control device. She tried to jump
out of the car I was in with her brother a few times, requiring

She left school. In and out of institutions for awhile, initially
declared multiple personality, later paranoid schizophrenic. She was
in a place in Fresno for almost a year. She walked and talked and did
all sorts of normal stuff. She was psychotic though.

Her mother bought into things hook, line, and sinker. Believed she was
MPD. Refused, REFUSED to believe schizophrenia. Amanda was trotted to
every doctor you can imagine. Perhaps it was atypical epilepsy (it
wasn't). Multiple personality (nope). Sensory issues (WTF?). For a
long time they believed it was trauma, since Amanda claimed her
brother SHane sexually abused her, and told me, somewhat graphically,
about being anally raped by him. Now Shane seems to be in her good
graces again. I wonder where Jeremy went, and why she never talks
about him?

Anyway, she's not autistic. She is manipulative. She is schizophrenic.
She is likely malingering. Payoff is big- no school, no work,
attention constantly. Amanda is terminally special. Always has been.

As for me, I have spoken to Jeremy since 09/2001. I saw Amanda on CNN
and nearly crapped myself. I have worked with folks with developmental
disorders for years. Her faking is offensive.

Anyway, if you want more info, let me know.