Sunday, August 30, 2009

How David Kirby Conned Parents of Autistic Children (Part 2)

Understanding the con job.

Here's an example. I left a comment on this video by David Kirby where he discussed the number of Vaccines that Hannah Poling had in one day. I merely pointed out to David that he forgot to mention the fact that those vaccines contained thimerosal. whoever put the video up moderates the comments and mine has not appeared. It's telling that Kirby won't address my concern.

Friday, August 28, 2009

How David Kirby Conned Us All

If you see here how Kirby pulled off this con job, the next step is dealing with the embarassment. It's not easy to admit it when you are taken in by a con artist. You feel really stupid and it's difficult to admit to anyone that you were stupid enough to fall for the lies.
That's the wrong way to look at this though. When you are victimized by a con man and they have your money, they usually disappear and you never see them again. You can file a report with the police but that involves letting the cops know that you were dumb enough to let yourself be victimized. A lot of people will just keep quiet and learn from the experience. Con artists know this and that's how they are able to keep operating without winding up in jail.
In the case of Kirby and his associates, it's not as simple as losing a few dollars to some penny ante thief. What we're dealing with here is either the propaganda arm of Pharma....or...the government. It doesn't matter which one it is and it's not worth wasting any more time trying to find out. The stakes are too high to screw around with revenge.
It's more important to begin taking the necessary action to sway public opinion. After we do that, Kirby can be exposed for the hoax that he perpetrated on us and he won't be able to show his face anywhere. Nobody will ever believe a word he says for the rest of his life.
There are thousands of well meaning parents who have been conned by Kirby. He couldn't do this alone. He had to have help to pull this off so we have to look at who his accomplices might be. There are other people in leadership roles amongst us who helped Kirby lead people down the wrong path.
Knowing the horror that was done to our kids, does anyone doubt that Pharma would have organized skilled leaders to come charging onto the scene riding on white horses to make us believe that they were going to lead us in our quest to gain justice for our kids and stop this horror from happening to more children? Please think about this, and keep in mind that they key year is 2005. Also keep in mind that Pharma has trillions of dollars at stake here and is capable of absolutely anything to protect that money?
A key question to ask here is to find out how Lynn Redwood and the other people mentioned in Evidence of Harm came to be associated with David Kirby. Did they find him? Did he come to them? Did some intermediary arrange that relationship? I knew I was was being conned by David Kirby a long time ago. It's time for every other parent to accept this fact, cut their losses, and move forward. We can win this battle but we can't do it by allowing ourselves to be led by David Kirby. If parents will begin to discuss this fact, the other psychological warfare experts who infiltrated our ranks starting in 2005 will be exposed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Ari Ne'eman is Really Saying

Another Parody

Parody of Amanda Baggs

This is my first crack at using a webcam so I'll welcome constructive criticism. I've never had acting lessons and don't pretend to be skilled at public speaking so this experiment will be a work in progress. Hopefully, I'll improve.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Priceless! Dr Rima Laibow

"Please note that no posts will be approved by the moderators which advocate the violent overthrow of any government, nor any other illegal activity.Yours in health and freedom,Dr. Rima"
This comes from Dr Laibow's No Forced Vaccines Group. This woman is married to an ex Major General whose duty it was to do exactly what Dr Laibow will not allow to be discussed. Every soldier swears an oath to defend the Constitution from Domestic Enemies, exactly the kind of enemies who are allegedly ready to force flu vaccines on us, contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, the same vaccines Dr Laibow is telling everyone to hide from.
It's an outright lie for her to suggest that overthrowing the United States government is an illegal activity when all citizens are, in fact, required by law, per statutes pertaining to militias to fight these corrupt politicians who are trying to usurp our rights. The Constitution requires us to fight, just as we did in 1776, and for similar reasons today if any of the crap that's predicted does manifest itself.
So, as usual, Dr Laibow is engaging in anti-American propaganda, telling people to hide like scared sheep and suggesting that fighting for ourselves against corruption is illegal. In other words, she's saying the opposite of what she preaches, since by not overthrowing tyrants she is advocating for us to succumb to their wishes.
Why does anyone listen to this disinformation agent?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reporting Fraud, Amanda Baggs

Below is an email I sent to Susan Besio, PhD who is the Director, Office of Vermont Health Access and Health Care Reform. If Dr Besio receives emails from a lot of other people who do not like Amanda Baggs masquerading as an autistic person and misrepresenting the horror that autistic children face, perhaps she will take measures to end Baggs' abuse of our children.

From: "" <>

Subject: Fraud
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 14:32:04 GMT

I'm writing to report a case of fraud. The woman involved may be receiving services from the state illegally. Here is 40 page report detailing the fraud of Amanda Baggs in obtaining a bogus diagnosis of autism.

You will see that Baggs was a normal teenager who could speak, was not incontinent, did not flap her arms in a stim and was not diagnosed with any abnormal condition until after she became involved with LSD and wound up in a mental institution after threatening suicide at age 15. At that time, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, had delusons in which she thought she was an elf, was later diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder and, at age 20 decided she would gain an autism diagnosis upon which she began pretending that she could no longer speak.

She has since become somewhat famous through appearances on CNN for her bogus portrayal of being a person with autism who can communicate with a machine that translates her typing into speech. She is part of a cult that is funded by the Pharmaceutical industry that proclaims that people with low functioning autism do not want to be cured. I have a non-verbal 12 year old son with autism who would very much disagree with this phoney opinion. Baggs is usurping the rights of my son and all true autistic people who would love to be cured of their disorder by faking autism, making herself famous and putting untrue words in their mouths by purporting to be the voice of what all autistic people who can not speak would like to say.

I don't begrudge this woman any services that she may be entitled to by damaging her brain with LSD or being truly affected with schizophrenia or some other diminished capacity. To collect money or services from the taxpayers under the bogus diagnosis of autism is, I believe, fraud and I hope you will investigate this blatant abuse of the system.

Here is a description of the overall fraud that Baggs is involved with. This in irrelevant as far as her receiving services illegally but serves as an explanation for her motivation to commit this crime. I have attached a picture of her when she was 15 years old. You can see that is a far cry from the image of herself that she presents now. Since one standard for diagnosing autism is that it must be done by age 3, you can see that Bagggs missed this age cutoff by 17 years and would be the only person in history to have been diagnosed at such an advanced age where these bizarre behaviors typical of autism were never noticed by anyone until that time. I understand that the regulations prohibit you from discussing the case. Since Baggs has thoroughly misrepresented autism publicly on CNN and elsewhere, I request that you let me know if you determine that she is faking autism so I can ask CNN to correct the damage they have done to the public's understanding of autism.

Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

Feel free to release my name to anyone who asks regarding this report. If Baggs wants to know who filed a complaint, I would like to receive the credit.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted Bet On Three-Legged Horse

In the race to solve the puzzle of autism, Blaxill and Olmsted are advising parents to bet on a horse named Honesty who only has three legs and is being ridden by Shaquille O'Neal. You have to take a long look at horses who seem to have such a small chance of winning and try to determine why the owner would put the animal in the race. Is there any possible scenario whereby such a horse could actually win? Sure, the lead horse could break his leg and the rest could all trip over him. Honesty would be so far behind that he could easily go around the pileup and be the only horse to make it to the finish line.

In the case of entrusting the fate of autistic children to the government, the same scenario could unfold whereby someone spikes the water glasses of the IACC with truth serum and the committee calls a press conference to announce the same facts that they told us ten years ago. Of course, this would have to be magical truth serum that stays in the body permanently so that the IACC would then move forward and tell everyone how to cure autism along with removing all of the mercury and aluminum from vaccines that cause the autism in the first place.

Since it should be obvious that both of the above scenarios are somewhat unlikely to occur, the reasonable gambler should be able to see that it would be a foolish wager to keep making this bet over and over, ad infinitum. The chances of cashing a ticket are not zero but it might be possible to win other bets instead of chasing this rainbow.

The autism research that we need is already done. It has been ongoing since 2001 and Blaxill and Olmsted must have stumbled on it somewhere along the line. We have the proof that thimerosal caused the autism as well as the proof that chelation cures it. The proof is just sitting there waiting for someone to put the facts together and publish it.

Instead of assuming leadership roles whereby Blaxill and Olmsted decide to advise us to bet on three-legged horses, it might be wiser for them to hold a brainstorming session and hear opinions from other handicappers who may have better ideas about how to cash a ticket. Their current theory of asking parents to bet on a corrupt government suddenly becoming honest has caused us all to tear up a lot of tickets. It's like betting on Powerball. You play the same number twice a week and if you live long enough for about fifty million draws, your number is bound to come up. The only problem is that the odds of you living that long aren't very good.

What if parents could tabulate the results of everyone we can find who has used chelation and publish the results? The Autism Research Institute has done a horrible job of this wherein they did not update their statistics for six or seven years. They only list results for 803 cases of which they claim 74% got better.

There are almost 400 DAN doctors in the USA. Could the ARI ask all of them to have their patients fill out a form that lists some key points to consider and which symptoms improved? If we could have 20 patients from each doctor return the forms, we'd have a sample of about 8,000. We also have other sources to draw from like the Autism Mercury group which has over 8,000 members as well as smaller groups. One would think we could generate 10,000 responses and publish the results. Then we wouldn't have to count on the government to do this study. As we saw in the study that they had proposed and subsequently cancelled, the government designed the study to fail by not using Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) so they proved they were only going to discredit chelation to begin with.

If ARI is too busy to handle this, I'll create a simple questionaire to cover the key points and tabulate it. Scientists would make it too complicated and screw it up anyhow. I'm sure someone would want a million dollars to do the study but I could have the whole thing organized and tabulated in a month. It's a lot simpler than analyzing the past performances of three hundred horses a day so, if anyone wants to do the study, let me know. I'll just take a break from playing horses and do it. All I'll need is for the DAN doc's to send an email to their patients asking them to fill out the form and send it to me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More on "Dr" Andrew Moulden's Fraud

I can't add anything to this. Just click the link and read.

Friday, August 14, 2009

UK's National Autistic Society Promotes Torturing Children

This is an autistic boy named Kyle who had bleach thrown in his face because of a potty accident. I don't think Kyle agrees with Mike Stanton that lying about treatments that could cure him is a humane act.

Mike Stanton is allegedly a parent of an autistic child. He claims to be a teacher and also claims to be a member of the National Autistic Society in England. Mike has been writing untrue statements about autism on his blog for several years now. Here is Stanton's latest attempt to torture autistic children by lying about treatments that have proven to cure them of the horror they endure.

We see here that this child abuser has taken some true statements made by the American College of Medical Technology and twisted the truth to suit his warped penchant for enjoying the suffering of autistic children. If you decide to read Stanton's misguided opinion, his convoluted conclusion is a gem of illogic:

"They make no mention of autism but their message is plain. There is no scientific basis for using provocation or challenge testing to diagnose metal poisoning. Therefore all the evidence from this type of testing that is used to support claims of metal poisoning in autistic children is worthless. And the repeated treatment of children with chelation agents for this non-existent poisoning has no benefits but carries risk of harm.

So when will the practitioners who carry out this abuse of children be told to stop or risk prosecution?"

Stanton has taken something that we know to be true, that chelation challenge tests can be hazardous by redistributing mercury and made the tremendous leap in logic that, because the test is hazardous the poisoning is non-existent. Stanton does not allow sane people to question his opinions on his blog. He deletes all of those difficult comments. So, the logical question to ask Mike is to see if he can tell us how testing can be hazardous in conjunction with his assertion that the poisoning is non-existent. Isn't it the mercury that causes the problem by being redistributed, Mike?

Next, we have to ask Mike how chelation carries any risk whatsoever. Mike is well aware that nobody has been harmed by chelation that did not involve malpractice. Following Mike's logic, we would have to conclude that all haircuts are hazardous because some barber, sometime in human history nicked an ear, a careless mistake. OK, it's not death but it's the same inane logical sequence.

Mike ends with an unclarified question. It's not clear if he considers chelation challenge tests to be child abuse or if he considers all chelation itself to be child abuse. We also know that Mike is well aware that this is a blatant lie. He knows that children have been cured by chelation. That's common knowledge within the autism community.

So, by announcing to all of us that he is lying about this, he shows us that the National Autistic Society is an organization that promotes lying to prevent autistic children from being helped. Otherwise, the Society would condemn Stanton's dishonesty and throw the bum out.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Handicapping the Disinformation Agents, Swine Flu

From a Prison Planet forum last December, I found this excellent discussion of Gen Stubblebine and Rima Laibow.

A few posts down from where this link picks up the discussion in the forum, we find this statement which is what I've been saying all along about Laibow regarding vaccines. "In tomorrows radio show you will see just how NSF has been trying to steer unwitting vitamin consumers and alternative practitioners into dead ends and into superfluous courses of action and phony fundraising intended to divert our efforts in many ways so that we won't be able to successfully stop Codex. General Stubblebine and Dr.Laibow are highly skilled manipulators, and Dr.Carley and I will build on Dr.Otts efforts to expose them in the hope of successfully countering their efforts against us."

Here, we find an interesting bit of advice from Laibow to her Yahoo group advising followers to let her and her lawyer deal with all claims that they are disinformation agents. This gives her time to think and craft a response.

Here, we see Jane Burgermeister, who Laibow supports, defending herself from True Ott who claims Burgermeister is a nutjob.

And, we see that True Ott is teamed up with Dr Bill Deagle who claims to be a "prophet" and discredits himself intentionally by making the most outrageous claims you have ever heard about practically everything.

So, who do you believe in this controversy about the swine flu and the vaccines? Above, we see that Dr Carley and her radio show are involved. Carley is the one who introduced us to "Dr" Andrew Moulden last year and now claims he is a disinformation agent. What this all comes down to is that all of these public personnas are all spreading slightly different propaganda and are all calling each other disinformation agents.

I say you don't listen to any of them and just be secure in the knowledge that thimerosal causes autism and squalene causes Gulf War Syndrome. That's really all you need to be aware of to know that you should not take the vaccines.

It's funny how all of these doctors and generals are trying to advise us peasants of the impending horror. That's the same profession that is intentionally poisoning our children via vaccines. How can we believe any of them?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Criminal Deception by Autism Speaks

Here is Autism Speaks' 100 day kit that they ofer to parents of children newly diagnosed with autism. In discussing treatments for autism, they provide a 12 page guide that mentions every obsolete behavioral treatment you can think of and end their propaganda with this absurd statement: "Most children with autism will benefit from intervention. Many, if not most, will make very significant, meaningful progress."

The obvious question that I'm certain Autism Speaks will not try to answer here is this; How can these obsolete treatments that have been used in one form or another as long as autism has existed help any autistic child when the credo associated with this junk has always been to tell parents that there is no known cause or cure for autism? Throughout the history of these behavioral things, the medical profession has always known that only a few autistic kids would gain some minor improvement. The sad fact of the matter is that the majority realize no benefit whatsoever from any behavioral interventions.

Back before we learned what causes autism, thimerosal, we were told by honest behavioral therapists that every child received the same treatment but that, for most, there was no hope for any improvement. A mere eleven years ago, nobody knew what caused autism and nobody had any idea why the few kids who did show some improvement did so.

Take a look at Autism Speaks' statement again (in bold). They would have us believe that some magic is being used so that the same treatments that did not work for 60 years have all of a sudden become effective!!!

This is intentional deception. It simply is not true. The only treatments that make any difference to autistic children are chelation, methyl B-12, and to a lesser extent, ABA. Autism Speaks does not even mention these treatments. By failing to mention these things that Autism Speaks is well aware of, they are intentionally deceiving parents so that their children will not receive the help they need. Autism Speaks knows that the best chance an autistic child has to be cured is by removing the mercury from their brain at as young an age as possible.

Autism Speaks should be shut down and the board of directors ahould be prosecuted for this fraud. I think waterboarding would be a useful interrogation technique here to learn the truth about why Autism Speaks chooses to torture autistic children with this blatant fraud.

Carol Shea Porter Helps UNH Abuse Autistic Children

Here is how my NH representative in Congress, Carol Shea-Porter is squandering money from the Omnibus Appropriations Act. Shea Porter arranged for UNH's Institute on Disability to receive $450,000 so they can have Ari Ne'eman teach students how to abuse autistic kids. Parents of autistic kids who would like to see the kids cured of autism should write to UNH and Shea Porter and demand that these child abusers tell the truth about autism. Our tax money is not supposed to be spent to commit white collar crimes against disabled children.

When Ari Ne'eman claims that he is autistic and preaches that nobody should try to cure autism, something that we have known how to do for nine years now, it can only be considered child abuse by deception. Ne'eman's lies prevent uninformed parents from learning that autism can now be cured and he should be in prison for propagating this false information.

UNH Institute on Disability to Receive Funds Shea-Porter Secured

July 22, 2009
Washington, DC — The University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Institute on Disability is scheduled to receive funds that Congresswoman Shea-Porter secured in the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009. This funding will help develop a National Center on Inclusive Education for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related disabilities.
“One in every one hundred and fifty children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “UNH is a leader in this field, and this funding will provide the University with the necessary resources to reach educators and families all across the country and to improve services for students with autism.”
The Fiscal Year 2010 Labor, Health, and Human Services Appropriations bill, which is scheduled to be on the House floor later this week, includes an additional $450,000 for the Center.
The Institute on Disability/UCED at the University of New Hampshire is nationally recognized for its services related to children and youth with ASD. New Hampshire is ranked #1 nationally in the percentage of time students with ASD spend in the general education classroom.