Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Parody of Amanda Baggs

This is my first crack at using a webcam so I'll welcome constructive criticism. I've never had acting lessons and don't pretend to be skilled at public speaking so this experiment will be a work in progress. Hopefully, I'll improve.


Droopy said...

Given as what Amanda Baggs has done very nearly literally killed me a couple of years ago (especially when she got her butt on CNN and into the media doing all this, and in the process thoroughly violated and made fun of me to such a grand epic nuclear Cheronobyl disaster-level that in all the things I've dealt with in life, I thought it was over, and I was safe at least, I'd never seen or dealt with anything quite like this or saw anything like this coming, who would?)

I guess I'll be the first (and only?) one to comment on this.
I'll take a crack at it then:

(I learned some time ago (or rather, finally finally remembered) that sometimes humor really is a very good medicine.)

Sometimes when dealing with something that's just so sick and deranged, hell yes, sometimes you've just gotta laugh:

Its just like watching Baggs' partner "Muskie" (in Baggs collaborative effort movies, 3 of them, since taken down) "Interview with Laura Tisonsik"

just like its very reminiscent the flood of all those "Hi there, howdy, I'm Autistic" perfectly normal folks "Asperger/self-diagnosed out there in YouTube-land.

(Its also a video of exactly what Amanda Baggs should and needs to come clean and sayherself , just like John has done here, with her own mouth and voice just the way we know all full well she can)

I love the 'hand flapping' (incidentally that is exactly the way Amanda used to do on her YouTube movies, especially before I got on there, and only when she remembers to do it), you got that down just right

I also loved the laugh at about the 1:00 marker when 'she' is describing how she's schemed out and 'documented' her 'being autistic.'

The fact that John you have a beard (just like Amanda) makes it even all the funnier.

For your first video, John, it was a good one.

Foresam said...

Thanks, Droopy.

laurentius rex said...

There is hand flapping and there is hand flapping, I am not going to accuse anyone of stealing mine, even Amanda, but mine is an art form.

F**k you all if you think you are better than me from whatever perspective you come from.

You wanna claim you are more autistic you oughta claim you are less autistic .... what the hell. truly what do you know, what can you even dredge from a fraction of my memory?

Even Jerry Newport who is not my greatest fan would deny that.

Heck I have been in this disability world for a long, long time, and I can tell you a few things, a few stories.

You think Autism is the capital A I "suffer" from? no it is Arthritis ..


Droopy said...

laurentius rex said...

[a bunch of lovely rambling from our resident one-hand-typewriter-toting angry incoherent woods-stomping giant]

Where ya been Larry? (gee I think I may have actually missed you)

but you know what, Larry?
In spite of all that

"you're just a regular every-day normal guy
(nothing special 'bout you, muthaf*cka...)


(just in case you managed to miss it in the other thread, here it is again, Larry, just for you)