Saturday, August 08, 2009

Handicapping the Disinformation Agents, Swine Flu

From a Prison Planet forum last December, I found this excellent discussion of Gen Stubblebine and Rima Laibow.

A few posts down from where this link picks up the discussion in the forum, we find this statement which is what I've been saying all along about Laibow regarding vaccines. "In tomorrows radio show you will see just how NSF has been trying to steer unwitting vitamin consumers and alternative practitioners into dead ends and into superfluous courses of action and phony fundraising intended to divert our efforts in many ways so that we won't be able to successfully stop Codex. General Stubblebine and Dr.Laibow are highly skilled manipulators, and Dr.Carley and I will build on Dr.Otts efforts to expose them in the hope of successfully countering their efforts against us."

Here, we find an interesting bit of advice from Laibow to her Yahoo group advising followers to let her and her lawyer deal with all claims that they are disinformation agents. This gives her time to think and craft a response.

Here, we see Jane Burgermeister, who Laibow supports, defending herself from True Ott who claims Burgermeister is a nutjob.

And, we see that True Ott is teamed up with Dr Bill Deagle who claims to be a "prophet" and discredits himself intentionally by making the most outrageous claims you have ever heard about practically everything.

So, who do you believe in this controversy about the swine flu and the vaccines? Above, we see that Dr Carley and her radio show are involved. Carley is the one who introduced us to "Dr" Andrew Moulden last year and now claims he is a disinformation agent. What this all comes down to is that all of these public personnas are all spreading slightly different propaganda and are all calling each other disinformation agents.

I say you don't listen to any of them and just be secure in the knowledge that thimerosal causes autism and squalene causes Gulf War Syndrome. That's really all you need to be aware of to know that you should not take the vaccines.

It's funny how all of these doctors and generals are trying to advise us peasants of the impending horror. That's the same profession that is intentionally poisoning our children via vaccines. How can we believe any of them?


Janet said...

There's a whole body of research supporting and opposing your stance on vaccines. This is one of those subjects where the test results are so conflicting that you can't speak with authority either way. The research simply doesn't support vaccines as either safe or dangerous in regards to autism.

There is a different question I'd like people in the Spectrum community to consider. Has there be an increase in actual cases of Autism that correlates with the increase of antibacterial/antimicrobial additions to our soaps, textiles, and household goods. I think there could be some very fascinating research opportunities in this area.

Foresam said...

We nullified all of the dishonest research that exonerates vaccines when we began curing autism by chelating the mercury out of childrens' brains. That's irrefutable proof.

All the rest is propaganda.