Thursday, August 27, 2009

President Obama, Please Help Cure Autism


Jake Crosby said...

Unfortunately, Obama's pet healthcare plan that everybody hates has received a pledge from big pharma of $80 billion in contribution funds, truly a system only big pharma would like. Also, his HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius went on CBS news saying thimerosal is safe and urging Americans to get swine flu vaccine when it's available. Combine that with a pharma-friendly FDA commissioner, the director of the NIMH having a brother who helped develop a vaccine that contained thimerosal, and the revolving door policy at the CDC, the former director of which, Gerberding now works for a PR firm responsible for the "One Less" Gardasil campaign, and that one of the current IOM panelists reviewing the safety of vaccinations sat on the CDC-sponsored 2004 committee leaving the predetermined rejection of causation and stifling further government funding of thimerosal research and the fact that Harvey Fineberg is still president of the IOM and I'd say it's just as hopeless as it was under Bush, whose administration had a laundry-list of ties to Eli Lilly and Company, including George W. Bush himself.

Foresam said...

The only reason it looks hopeless is because propaganda wizards on our side of the agenda, like David Kirby, have led people down the wrong path. You can't beat a corrupt government by asking them to do the right thing.

If you study about Civil Rights and the Viet Nam War, you will learn that these issues were resolved because enough people got angry enough to affect public opinion and that swell of public opinion forced the government to pay attention. A lot of the parents at Age of Autism were too young to remember this, or not born yet so they might not have learned that lesson.

Kirby is an educated man and he knows what he is doing is just leading parents to waste their time by playing the government's game.

I've tried to educate these parents but they prefer to be lied to by Kirby. So, I just go off on my own and do what has to be done. If they wake up and allow themselves to see Kirby's deception, perhaps they will see that they have to follow the example of Abby Hoffman and Martin Luther King if they want to have any chance of winning.