Friday, August 14, 2009

UK's National Autistic Society Promotes Torturing Children

This is an autistic boy named Kyle who had bleach thrown in his face because of a potty accident. I don't think Kyle agrees with Mike Stanton that lying about treatments that could cure him is a humane act.

Mike Stanton is allegedly a parent of an autistic child. He claims to be a teacher and also claims to be a member of the National Autistic Society in England. Mike has been writing untrue statements about autism on his blog for several years now. Here is Stanton's latest attempt to torture autistic children by lying about treatments that have proven to cure them of the horror they endure.

We see here that this child abuser has taken some true statements made by the American College of Medical Technology and twisted the truth to suit his warped penchant for enjoying the suffering of autistic children. If you decide to read Stanton's misguided opinion, his convoluted conclusion is a gem of illogic:

"They make no mention of autism but their message is plain. There is no scientific basis for using provocation or challenge testing to diagnose metal poisoning. Therefore all the evidence from this type of testing that is used to support claims of metal poisoning in autistic children is worthless. And the repeated treatment of children with chelation agents for this non-existent poisoning has no benefits but carries risk of harm.

So when will the practitioners who carry out this abuse of children be told to stop or risk prosecution?"

Stanton has taken something that we know to be true, that chelation challenge tests can be hazardous by redistributing mercury and made the tremendous leap in logic that, because the test is hazardous the poisoning is non-existent. Stanton does not allow sane people to question his opinions on his blog. He deletes all of those difficult comments. So, the logical question to ask Mike is to see if he can tell us how testing can be hazardous in conjunction with his assertion that the poisoning is non-existent. Isn't it the mercury that causes the problem by being redistributed, Mike?

Next, we have to ask Mike how chelation carries any risk whatsoever. Mike is well aware that nobody has been harmed by chelation that did not involve malpractice. Following Mike's logic, we would have to conclude that all haircuts are hazardous because some barber, sometime in human history nicked an ear, a careless mistake. OK, it's not death but it's the same inane logical sequence.

Mike ends with an unclarified question. It's not clear if he considers chelation challenge tests to be child abuse or if he considers all chelation itself to be child abuse. We also know that Mike is well aware that this is a blatant lie. He knows that children have been cured by chelation. That's common knowledge within the autism community.

So, by announcing to all of us that he is lying about this, he shows us that the National Autistic Society is an organization that promotes lying to prevent autistic children from being helped. Otherwise, the Society would condemn Stanton's dishonesty and throw the bum out.


Number one anon said...

Yeah, he's right about the challenge tests, but those are not the only way to check for metals. THAT is what he is dishonest about (what else can you expect from ND).

I know you are a fan of the hair tests to check for mercury, but what about the unprovoked urinary porphyrin test? That's what we had done and my child has slightly elevated levels of both mercury AND lead according to that one.

Foresam said...

Yup, we know Stanton will make as many misrepresentations about the truth as possible.
The only testing I use is increased proficiency at golf. When Sam masters the game, my job will be done.
I'm not too familiar with the porphyrin tests. Have you had more than one test done to measure any difference over time? If so, does that difference correlate with improved behavior?
Is there a consensus among people who use the porphyrin test that it gives any indication of how much toxic metal is still in the brain?

Arthur Golden said...

Would " a sadistic psychopath" also apply to Mike Stanton?

Foresam said...

I don't think Mike is smart enough to be called sadistic. I think it's more likely that his intellectual challenges caused him to fall in with bad companions.

Susan said...

Mike Stanton should have no place within the NAS.
I complained to the NAS about him and drew their attention to his blog, but nothing came of it.

And yes, he either deletes perfectly reasonable 'non abusive' comments that are arguing particulary pertinant points, that would otherwise prove him wrong if he let these comments though.

More than that, he actually 'doctors' your comments by allowing only half of your comment that is the least damaging to his argument.
I gave up commenting on his blog after he did this to me too many times.

But hey, at least he couldn't stop me from getting the wording of the Autism Hub 'advert' on the NAS changed so it couldn't include their lie misrepresenting the Hub as having scientific experts as members.

This took one phone call from me, so I wonder if a written complaint againt Mike Stanton might be taken more seriously?

Foresam said...

Lots of letters complaining about Stanton's dishonesty might do some good. It's more likely that criminal fraud charges would have to be filed against the corrupt NAS before anything would be done though.
It's like Autism Speaks. They keep lying about autism and they steal all of the donations that would otherwise be put to good use by respectable charities.

Susan said...

In all honesty, the NAS were a great help to me in the early days after my son was diagnosed.
They were all I had at the time and I was grateful for their help.

But I lost faith in them when I realised they would give the likes of Autism Hub a 'plug' without thouroughly checking them out first.
That was enough to set alarm bells ringing for me.

I was also horrified to learn about Mike Stanton's involvement with them, and before I gave up ringing the NAS for advice, my first words would be, "Am I speaking to Mike Stanton?"

Lol, I don't know the specifics of Stantons involvement within the NAS, but no-one I spoke to had heard of him :)

I think you're right about lots of letters of complaint, but unfortunately, the NAS is an organisation used by the British, and the vast majority of Brits either don't concern themselves, or are ignorant of the various 'political' issues surrounding autism, so I doubt if many people would even know they had any reason to complain.
Sad but true.

Number one anon said...

That photograph makes me sick. Seriously, I flinched when I came back here today and saw it. That's the kind of crap I'm trying to save my kid from.

About the porphyrin test; I don't know about metals in the brain. I did talk to another mom who did both the urine test and the hair test and they said about the same thing.

laurentius rex said...

I can assure you that there is scant likelyhood of the NAS ever taking much notice of the foul mouthed abusers who seem to populate this blog.

You are all a disgrace, that is the least I can say about you.

Foresam said...

It's too bad I'm not in England where I could walk into the NAS and ask if they'd like to lie to me face to face. Perhaps some sane people over there will visit the NAS and demand that they stop abusing autistic people.
Then you might get the help you need, Larry.

laurentius rex said...

Have you ever had anyone threaten to squirt bleach in your face John?

I have!

It is not a joking matter.

I would rather have the NAS respecting my Autism than any amount of NT and curebie abuse.

Foresam said...

Your right, Larry. It's no joke! That's why you assholes from Neurodiversity should stop ranting against curing these children so they cam be cured and be able to defend themselves. They also won't be subject to this abuse if they're normal instead of celebrating having brain damage as you suggest.

JR said...

"So when will the practitioners who carry out this abuse of children be told to stop or risk prosecution?"

So Neuroperversity stands by vaccine torture and ABA torture but heaven forbid parents MEDICATE their OWN CHILDREN!!! Someone should prosecute these DANGEROUS child abusers and grant custody of their victimized children to a state-licensed care provider!!

It's just like race-baiting; It sounds convincing until you realize you have the identity of the victimizer backwards...