Thursday, August 06, 2009

Criminal Deception by Autism Speaks

Here is Autism Speaks' 100 day kit that they ofer to parents of children newly diagnosed with autism. In discussing treatments for autism, they provide a 12 page guide that mentions every obsolete behavioral treatment you can think of and end their propaganda with this absurd statement: "Most children with autism will benefit from intervention. Many, if not most, will make very significant, meaningful progress."

The obvious question that I'm certain Autism Speaks will not try to answer here is this; How can these obsolete treatments that have been used in one form or another as long as autism has existed help any autistic child when the credo associated with this junk has always been to tell parents that there is no known cause or cure for autism? Throughout the history of these behavioral things, the medical profession has always known that only a few autistic kids would gain some minor improvement. The sad fact of the matter is that the majority realize no benefit whatsoever from any behavioral interventions.

Back before we learned what causes autism, thimerosal, we were told by honest behavioral therapists that every child received the same treatment but that, for most, there was no hope for any improvement. A mere eleven years ago, nobody knew what caused autism and nobody had any idea why the few kids who did show some improvement did so.

Take a look at Autism Speaks' statement again (in bold). They would have us believe that some magic is being used so that the same treatments that did not work for 60 years have all of a sudden become effective!!!

This is intentional deception. It simply is not true. The only treatments that make any difference to autistic children are chelation, methyl B-12, and to a lesser extent, ABA. Autism Speaks does not even mention these treatments. By failing to mention these things that Autism Speaks is well aware of, they are intentionally deceiving parents so that their children will not receive the help they need. Autism Speaks knows that the best chance an autistic child has to be cured is by removing the mercury from their brain at as young an age as possible.

Autism Speaks should be shut down and the board of directors ahould be prosecuted for this fraud. I think waterboarding would be a useful interrogation technique here to learn the truth about why Autism Speaks chooses to torture autistic children with this blatant fraud.


Anonymous said...

What happens when you don't give to AutismSpeaks:

Anonymous said...

And posts like these from their sheep followers brainwash other parents. Sad for the kids.

Foresam said...

Hey, That link's to that stupid Judith Ursitti. The bitch claims she lives in Boston when she really lives in some snooty suburb.
I'm a Bostonian and we do not produce imbeciles like that. She ought to be sued for giving Bostonians a bad name.

Anonymous said...

She's not from Boston but indeed from a snooty suburb. She is very involved with Autism Speaks. Apparently she loves their 100 day kit and is one of A.S. foot soldiers sent out to promote it to unsuspecting parents. I understand she has a severely affected kid but is too freakin' lazy to do anything but hand him to ABA people and deny any vaccine connection. Sadly it sounds like he has also made ZERO progress.

Anonymous said...

Also, she's not a Bostonian. She's from Texas and moved to Mass. to get free private ABA placement from her district. I say this piece of shit should go back to Texas and stop steering parents wrong here by shoving A.S. down their throats.

Foresam said...

I wonder what that haircut joint charges that she has on her blog video? Is that her with the dyke haircut?
It looks like I have one more to add to the "dummy mommies" post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's her. She is there, of course, promoting A.S. and their 100 day kit by doing this video. She always wears the A.S. pin on her shirt. She is the queen of dummies. Put her at the top of the list!

She is the oddest looking woman. Huge head, half man (with that haircut), pale as a ghost and just plain UG! Notice all the autism dummies are either misfits or just plain UGLY!

Foresam said...

She probably got a free haircut for doing the commercial. Too bad they didn't show the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they gave her the incredibly bad dye job too.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone else see just how freaking SICK these children often look? They often have those bags under their eyes and just look sad and miserable. How anyone can say that it is all in the kids heads.

Roger Kulp said...

Doesn't anyone else see just how freaking SICK these children often look? They often have those bags under their eyes and just look sad and miserable. How anyone can say that it is all in the kids heads.

You talking about any kids in particular,or all truly autistic kids in general ?I had all of my serious medical problems all established and settled in by the time I was eleven.My new DAN! doctor is probably going to find the cause of all of the autoimmune and metabolic crap I've been fighting all these years to get a diagnosis for.I can't believe all the people who come crawling out of the woodwork to help you once you hook up with DAN!

To repeat what I said here earlier, look at how big strong and healthy most of the most vocal ND loudmouths are.Really does make you wonder don't it?

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Roger, yes, autistic children in general that we are seeing these days look sick to me. At least *I* think so.

My daughter was the same way before we started DAN!; she had puffy bags under her eyes. Within three days of antifungals her whole FACE looked different. I didn't even realize just how bad she looked before until I compared before and after photographs of her from my digital camera.

A lot of her classmates have that sickly look to them also, bags under the eyes, some of them drool, etc, etc. It makes you wonder.

Yeah, the NDs always look pretty healthy, don't they?

Anonymous said...


Our kids don't need Dan! doctors!

Listen to this expert addressing the American Psychological Association.... they need mentally agile people to bring them out of their shells.

I only managed to watch 1 1/2 videos....I couldn't listen any longer.

~ Watson