Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Severely Deranged Mental Case Sues Me Again

Who else could this mental case be but Philip Gluyas of Albert St, Sevastopol, Victoria, Australia. This is Phil's third attempt to sue me, all for the same idiotic reason, he doesn't like me.

Since this blogpost will serve as my reply to the court, I ask the judge if there is not a limit on how many times a mentally incompetent person can sue someone. Surely, the court has wasted enough time with this nonsense that they might consider restraining Mr Gluyas from filing these stupid lawsuits.

Yes, I exposed Mr Gluyas to ridicule, though not hatred and contempt as he charges. I know I should laugh off all of Phil's public ridicule of me that he placed on Youtube with his dishonest and idiotic videos, as well as his childish website on which he and his associates bash me and give me awards for "Idiot of the Month". However, I suspect that the planet contains some people who are equally as stupid as Mr Gluyas who might believe some of the nonsense that he publishes about me. So, I certainly have a right to reply to this stupidity and dishonesty in public.

As no mentally competent person can possibly take Phil seriously, his charges that I provoke hatred or contempt for him are ludicrous. People who have IQ's above the retarded range would normally tend to feel sorry for him. But, Phil is so obnoxious that he makes people laugh at him. He brings that all on himself by pestering people in public like a whining two year old. He has provoked all of the ridicule against himself by me and many other sane people who he attacked on the internet.

It was ruled in an Australian court several years ago that Mr Gluyas has a personality disorder, not Asperger's Syndrome. I think he's just plain stupid. By definition, Asperger's is brain damage, as is any condition on the Autistic Spectrum. So, through Phil's insistence that he has Asperger's, he is himself confirming that he does indeed suffer from brain damage. Anyone suffering from brain damage fits under the slang term "mental case" so we see that Phil's contention that I made false statements about him by using those terms is, by his own words, simply not true.

From previous court case:
"The AAT affirmed the decision under review and, in the course of its decision published on 9 December 1991, observed:

"In view of the evidence of Dr Rose and Dr Adrian, which we accept, that the applicant's personality problem has not been caused or made worse by his employment by the respondent and that the episodes of stress have been brief, transient and self-contained, we find that there has been no causal connection between the stress in September 1990 and the later episodes of stress, and also that any rehabilitation which the applicant requires is a result of his personality disorder and not of any stress or resulting anxiety symptoms. If the respondent as a caring employer wishes to assist the applicant as an employee to manage his personality problem, we would not wish to discourage it from doing so; but clearly it has no obligation under the Act to provide rehabilitation in the circumstances of this case.
... ... ... ... ...

There is no doubt that the applicant's behaviour on 4 September 1990 amounted to misconduct and that the stress reaction was the result of that misconduct. When he gave his evidence, it was clear that he had a quite unrealistic idea of what his obligations to his employer were. He appeared not to realize that his employer is entitled to have him do his work in accordance with its requirement and that a proper way of his employer informing him of its requirements is through more senior officers giving him instructions and advice. He appeared also not to realize that his employer is entitled to require its employees to work in harmony with one another and that, in spite of his personality problem, he has an obligation to his employer to make every effort to work harmoniously with other staff. In giving evidence he said that he placed his interests above those of the respondent. Generally, he appears over the years of his employment by the respondent not to have taken seriously his obligations to his employer. He has not conducted himself in a manner appropriate to an employee at his level in the organization; often he has refused to respond appropriately to the advice, assistance and indeed the instructions of those supervising him."

Phil claims that the fact that I stated that he abuses all people on the autistic spectrum is a false statement. Wrong, Mr Gluyas does abuse all people on the autistic spectrum by promoting false information about autism. Anyone who is stupid enough to believe what Phil says about the cause and cure for autism risks harming people who suffer from autism. That harm is manifested through negligence due to ignorance which would result in people remaining autistic when they could have been cured if they had known the truth. I don't think that Phil's abuse of autistic people here is malicious but is due to his stupidity. So, I would not ask that he be formally charged for abusing disabled people. However, the words he uses are still abuse since not all people who might read his words will know instantly that Phil is presenting false information.

As to Phil's complaint that I published his unlisted phone number, Phil left a message on my answering machine on which he left me that number, did not advise me that it was unlisted and did not ask me to refrain from publishing it. Thus, he gave me the number, unprovoked, and I'm free to give it to anyone I choose.

Phil is asking an Australian court to rule contrary to the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Neither I, nor any United States citizen will recognize any ruling by any court which violates our right to free speech. If Phil Gluyas wants to ridicule me in public, as he has done repeatedly since 2006, I will ridicule him as I see fit. Please advise Mr Gluyas to shut up, stop behaving like a whiny child, and stop thinking he can use the court to force people he attacks to refrain from returning the favor.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Justice, Brian Cross of Easter Seals

Easter Seals is a corrupt social service agency who serves the propaganda of the Pharmaceutical industry. They con the public into giving them money by pretending to help disabled children while their main focus is on preventing those children from being cured of their ailments. Easter Seals keeps a lot of people employed caring for these children and, on the surface, they present the illusion that they are a humanitarian entity.

Brian Cross was an Easter Seals vice-president who ran a custodial care facility for developmentally disabled teens. Cross knew how to cure autism but refused to give that treatment to the autistic children in his care. One can only assume that Cross consciously decided to prevent these teens from being cured because curing them would have meant an empty facility and no further need for his employment there.

I recently learned that Cross had intervened when one resident in his asylum was exhibiting some challenging behavior and said resident bit Brian's finger off, a scene I would have enjoyed witnessing.

Here's to you kid! May more of Easter Seals' victims exact similar justice.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

CDC Request for Videos to Promote Flu Shots

I submitted this video to the CDC to try to win their contest to inform people about the flu shot. I told the truth and, within a half hour after I uploaded it to their site, the dishonest pigs from the CDC deleted it. Anyone who doesn't like being lied to by the idiots in the CDC should promote this video to show how dishonest our rotten government has become.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dr Nicholas Dubin, Dubious Morals

Here's the story of a pervert who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age 27. It looks to me like this kiddie porn afficianado wrangled the aspie diagnosis as a method for profit. Nobody with an autism spectrum disorder can possibly be missed for 27 long years. Surely someone would have noticed this psychotic wackjob before that.

Dubin is just another in a long line of liars who have faked being autistic so they can sell books and make big bucks from speaking engagements. Now that we know he's a queer pedophile, Doc Dubin will have a tough time making any more money from autistic people and their parents. We can now list Dubin along with other liars who don't have autism including John Robison, Donna Williams, Jim Sinclair, Ari Ne'eman and Amanda Baggs. One more jackass who used autism for profit exposed for the sick, perverted prick that he is.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amanda Baggs, the CIA and Wikipedia

I had my battles with some real nitwits on Wikipedia trying to present genuine arguments to these disingenuous editors they had who were stifling all rational discussion about Amanda Baggs and her fraud of pretending to be autistic. So did others who saw their legitimate concerns trashed for no logical reason.

I always figured the psychopaths from Neurodiversity had managed to find editing jobs there since I did find one of them who I knew by name, a weird woman who called herself Elmindreda. Now we learn that it was the CIA and COINTELPRO who was reigning in command at Wikipedia. I guess this explains why it was always useless to try to contact the owners of Wikipedia to try to explain Baggs' fraud and ask them to include the truth about her in their pages on Baggs and Neurodiversity.

For the CIA to be involved with Amanda Baggs speaks volumes about why Sanjay Gupta and his crew at CNN originally agreed to investigate Baggs and then dropped it for no apparent reason. After much back and forth with some CNN bigwigs who claimed they wanted to present the truth, there came a time when that attitude abruptly changed and no further contact was had.

Then, the next time Gupta showed her bogus interview, he changed a few of the lies since he must've been aware that Baggs had already been exposed as a fraud. So CNN changed a few bits of their story to try to cover for Amanda's lies.

Why would CNN, founded by Ted Turner and now owned by Time Warner care about a fraud like Baggs? Turner is infamous for his goal of reducing the population of the planet to 500 million. I suppose having Baggs on there telling uninformed parents that autism was a blessing and that she didn't want to be cured fit the agenda to dumb down all of us while they used vaccines to kill lots of babies and reduce IQ's. Most people would believe Baggs since she was on mainstream TV and they'd also believe that autism was genetic so the majority wouldn't give it a second thought.

I once joked that Baggs might've been a product of MK Ultra since she had been involved with LSD. Now that we see the CIA involved with a despicably dishonest site like Wikipedia, where they fended off all efforts to show Baggs for a fraud, maybe the MK Ultra joke was no joke. Maybe Baggs was targeted as a 14 year old at Simons Rock College and is actually oblivious to what she became and how it happened. Nevertheless, she's still nowhere near being autistic.

Monday, August 30, 2010

How Autism Is Caused

This is a rock in my front yard, free advertising against the propaganda of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ari Ne'eman Wants Autistics Turned Into Cat Food

Ari Ne'eman, who Obama appointed to a post on a national disability group, founded ASAN where he employs Meg Evans as his lawyer.

Jonathan Mitchell has written an excellent piece where he describes the dishonesty of this unethical lawyer who apparently uses several identities so she won't be disbarred for suggesting that people should strangle autistic people and turn them into cat food. It seems that Meg Evans has been writing propaganda for years to misrepresent the fate of autistic people under the pseudonym Autistic Bitch from Hell (ABFH). As ABFH has always come across as more intelligent than the average imbeciles who are associated with the Autism Hub bloggers, it's no stretch to believe that she's really an unethical lawyer named Meg Evans.

ABFH fits right in with all of the other demented psychopaths who work with Ari Ne'eman and his ASAN group who constantly campaign to abuse autistic people by denying them the medical treatment they need. This blog, which Mr Mitchell references in his piece, shows how ASAN has even more seriously deranged mental cases engaging in propaganda against autistic people than I was aware of. We now learn that ASAN has as associates a thoroughly dishonest queer named Marc Rosen, a slandering pig named Heather Sedlock as well as the autistic abusing halfwit who calls himself Vince Steele on Facebook. This is quite a collection of idiots, liars and psychopsths that Ari Ne'eman is proud to associate with through his ASAN sham that was designed as a propaganda mill to convince the world that severely brain damaged children do not want to be cured of their conditions that were caused by thimerosal in vaccines.

Mr Obama and the Senate should really investigate these liars from ASAN and reconsider their appointment of Ne'eman as a policy advisor on autism. I mean, we all know the Senate is corrupt as can be and has been bribed heavily by Pharma to look the other way while they poison our babies but geez, look at this band of lunatics and ask yourselves how foolish these people are making you look.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Kelly Ayotte (US Senate Candidate) Sells Out Babies

Kelly Ayotte's Facebook page is here. This slimy bitch who's running for Judd Gregg's US Senate seat doesn't want to say anything about the 5,000 autistic kids in New Hampshire who need her help.

Comments on Kelly's Facebook page about autism are quickly deleted. So, we see that Kelly thinks she can hide from facing the facts about how the mercury in vaccines causes brain damage to babies. One would hope that a US Senator would be opposed to poisoning fetuses who have their brains damaged when their mother's have mercury shot into them via the flu shot. That's not the case with Kelly Ayotte though. When I asked Kelly her position about this issue, she promptly deleted my comments and banned me from commenting on her Facebook page.

I can only hope that parents who agree with me that fetuses should not be poisoned will enlighten this ignorant, arrogant swine of a politician by posting the truth about vaccines on her page so she can't ignore this atrocity.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beat the Brainwashing, Make Your Vote Count

In the USA, we have been conditioned through television to believe that we have to waste our votes by giving them to one of two options. Even in the primaries, we see polls flashed all over the media to tell us who has a chance to win. Instead of voting for candidates who we believe will look out for our interests, we consistently make our choices based on what is presented to us by the media, a media that is controlled by the same people who give our money to bankers and poison our children with mercury in vaccines.

Only candidates who are controlled by these interests can gain the media exposure necessary to win. Our Presidential election is a con game where the public chooses what they believe to be the lesser of two evils. Candidates who tell the truth about corruption in government are excluded from the debates. The corrupt corporations who provide the cash for campaign advertising smother us with commercials to make us believe that we have no choice but to vote for one of their candidates. It makes no difference to them which one wins since the banks and large corporations control both of them. Either way, they keep control of the USA.

All of the money that is spent on television advertising winds up right back in the pockets of the people who control the media. The banks and corporations are part of the media. They own it. The net result is that the $3 that you check off on your tax return for campaign funds goes to the people we have to defeat to stop the destruction of our economy and our lives. Most of the campaign contributions from corporations comes back to them through the media since they own the media. So, the millions that is spent on election advertising is actually free to the companies who make those donations.

The internet gives WE THE PEOPLE a media source that is free so we can use it to compete with the ultra rich and counter their brainwashing. Average citizens can connect with each other and we can give ourselves a real choice so one of us can win the next election instead of electing another corrupt stooge who is only concerned with satisfying the bankers desires to steal as much money from us as they can get away with.

We can end the dumbing down of our children that is accomplished by shooting mercury into them to kill their brain cells and, in some cases, turn their brains to mush. All it takes is honesty, something we will never find in any candidate who has the money to blanket the media with mind numbing commercials that delude us into thinking we only have two choices. We can spread the truth amongst ourselves on the internet without spending a dime. We can use volunteers to print campaign literature and pass it out to the public at minimal cost and we can take the USA back from the large corporations and bankers. We have to do this before the USA is completely destroyed by these sadistic psychopaths who are spitting on our Constitution.

Let's start looking out for our own interests by electing one of WE THE PEOPLE. I'm running to do what's best for our country and I'm not going to take any crap from any corporations or bankers. Instead, I'll lock them up for their crimes against all of us. I'll force Congress to impeach corrupt members and we'll replace them with honest citizens. I'll ban the lobbyists so everyone will have an equal voice, the way it was meant to be. Please support me on Facebook and help me campaign against the corruption that is now business as usual in our government.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Arrest the Rothschilds

The Rothschild crime family is known by many names. New World Order, Illuminati, Federal Reserve Bank, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and United States Congress are the most well known. They control the central banks of every country on the planet with the exception of Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan and Libya, all countries who have been labelled rogue nations or otherwise denigrated throughout the media which is primarily owned by the Rothschilds.

The video below is worth watching because it suggests part of the solution. The whole solution should be obvious to anyone who thinks about it.

We have been led to believe that change, liberty, fair play and common sense can be gained by bringing problems to the attention of our leaders...politicians, judges, industry leaders and assorted influential people including the media. The ex CIA guy in the video above thinks that provoking great numbers of people to spread the truth about corruption amongst our leaders will help solve the problem and that this influence on public opinion will be instrumental in ridding our Congress of corrupt individuals.

While this tactic could produce some ousters of elected criminals through the vote, the problem remains that the Rothschild crime family can still buy every election through their control of the media and continue placing their stooges in office to do their bidding.

The only way to oust the Rothschild family, which includes the Rockefellers, is to use our numbers to elect honest, common people starting with the Presidency of the United States. WE THE PEOPLE must take the presidency back from the control of the Rothschild crime family. As it stands, the Rothschilds decide who will represent both the Democrats and the Republicans. They provide these two candidates with as much money and media exposure as they need to obliterate any true candidates who might take action against the Rothschilds and put an end to their legalized theft that they gained in 1913 through the illegal Federal Reserve Act.

The Rothschilds arranged to conduct these propaganda campaigns to fool the American public for free by virtue of the political contributions that we can check off when we file our tax returns. These matching funds go right back to the Rothschild family since they control all of the major media and all of the money that is spent on political commercials goes right onto their pockets. There are enough fools who contribute money to these corrupt candidates to cover their expenses for whatever small amount is spent in places that are not directly owned by the Rothschild family and their associates. It's a great racket that an unwitting American public continues to fall for.

So, how can the public beat this control of the media? As our friend in the video here advises us, we have to spread the truth about the Rothschilds. We can do this via the internet by using Youtube, Facebook and other sites to reach the hoodwinked public.

It's not enough for seemingly honest politicians to demand that we audit the Federal Reserve. We have to seize it back from the Rothschild family and lock them up for the crimes they have been committing against us since 1913. That means we can take back all of the money they stole from us and we can do it legally. All of the interest that we have paid on the national debt has gone to the Rothschilds, owners of the Fed, and it has gone to them illegally. Since they control the USA by owning all of the top politicians and judges, they will never allow this to happen. So, we will have to use the military and the police to root out all of the corrupt politicians and lock them up too. This should be pretty simple since it is now obvious to a lot of people how these criminals operated since 1913. Any politician who claims to be honest will have to agree to prosecute the Rothschilds or they will be admitting to all of us that they are themselves corrupt.

Everything we see in the media regarding the economy is Rothschild propaganda. It's all based on the lie that we are required to pay the Rothschilds and ther bankers interest. We aren't. It's that simple. We do not have to pay interest to the Federal Reserve since the whole thing is illegal. We do not have to pay interest to banks who have their money loaned to them by the Federal Reserve since the money that the Fed loans to those banks has been printed illegally. It's all counterfeit and our corrupt politicians in Congress know this. That's why the Rothschilds keep them in office, to protect their criminal activity that was designed to steal money from every person on the planet.

When we seize the Fed and lock up the Rothschilds and their associates, we can loan ourselves money without paying any interest on it to anyone. This should be a simple concept to grasp since that is exactly what the Rothschilds have been doing with the Fed since 1913. All loans for mortgages, credit cards, student loans, etc can be granted with interest rates of one percent or less by simply getting rid of the Rothschilds. By taking the presidency under the control of American citizens, we can regulate the Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, etc and put an end to their legalized theft of all of us. We can prevent them from charging us whatever they want to loan us our own money so that they can earn billions from us every year. They have been doing this in collusion with each other forever and making us think that we are getting a good deal when we save a quarter point on our mortgage rates. Nonsense. We don't have to keep putting up with this crap and we can change all of this criminal activity against us by simply voting them out of office.

To accomplish this, we all have to have the attitude that WE THE PEOPLE give orders to our politicians and not the other way around. We have the power to govern ourselves and the politicians are there to serve us. We have become a nation that is scared of our government instead of our government being scared of us. We don't have to take any crap from our government and if every citizen understands that, we can end the corruption. All it takes is your vote.

Once we put an end to this mass robbery of all of us, we can solve all of the other problems that the Rothschilds created like sending our jobs to Asia, poisoning us with vaccines, etc..

Vote for me in 2012 and help me spread this message that we are not taking any more crap from the Rothschilds or the corrupt politicians who they control.

John Best for President in 2012

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corruption, Maxim Healthcare and New Hampshire's HHS

Maxim Health Systems is a division of Maxim Healthcare. Maxim Healthcare is a thoroughly disreputable agency who sends aides to homes to help care for autistic children.

Maxim Health Systems advertised at flu clinics in New Hampshire in 2008 with a deceptive ploy that misinformed the public about the presence of mercury in flu shots. So we see they have no conscience when they fooled the public into accepting flu shots filled with mercury. Their deceptive advertising did not tell the people the truth. As a result, it's highly likely that pregnant women who received flu shots at any of these clinics run by Maxim could have harmed their fetuses by unknowingly injecting them with mercury.

Maxim Healthcare recently sent an aide to my home who could not speak or understand the spoken English language. This useless person could not possibly follow the instructions I tried to give him about how to care for my son because he could not understand any English. This is standard procedure for Maxim who had sent a plethora of aides to me who simply could not understand English. I asked Maxim not to send this person back to my house but they persisted in sending him anyhow.

The action that led to me being forced out of my house happened when this Maxim aide who couldn't understand English decided to perform a massage on my son without asking my permission. I later learned that this aide did not have a license which, by law, means that Maxim is guilty of a misdemeanor. When I tried to have NH HHS enforce this law and apply the penalties to Maxim for committing this crime against my son, HHS refused to take any action. So, we see that this criminal agency who lies to the public is protected by corrupt bureaucrats within NH HHS.

When this unlicensed refugee began the illegal massage on my son, I ordered him three times to stop. Since he couldn't understand English, I then had no choice but to knock his arm away from my sons' face to stop the massage that he was performing improperly and which was aggravating my son. The next day, Maxim Healthcare decided that they would not send any employees to my house if I was home. They did not discipline this employee for the illegal act. So, to comply with this criminal agency's insane demand, my wife decided to lie to a judge and get a restraining order against me instead of simply firing this agency so an aide would be at my house to help with my son.

While I was calling HHS and asking the corrupt bureaucrats there to take action action against Maxim for their criminal act against my son, Maxim was calling DCYF to accuse me of abusing their employee and my child. Maxim, aided by HHS, thus conspired withg HHS to railroad me and turn my wife and I against each other to set this whole thing in motion. With my wife in a frazzled state, DCYF convinced her to lie to a judge to gain an ex parte order against me after I had the original restraining order revoked. They also talked her into filing for divorce. Then, DCYF showed up in court to tell the judge I was dangerous to my children even though I had never broken any law and have never even been accused of any crime. This action by DCYF prevented me from giving my autistic son seven weeks of medical treatment that is essential to reverse the brain damage that was caused by the mercury in his vaccines. The judge who ruled on my case faces a legislative hearing for judicial misconduct in a week or two. I probably shouldn't comment on that bit of the equation.

This is what parents of autistic kids can expect when they hire the criminals from Maxim Healthcare. Maxim causes brain damage to fetuses and children by not advising them that mercury is being injected into them via their flu shots. Then they send people who can't understand English to your house to commit criminal acts against your children while they increase profits. Then they cover for their lousy employees while the bureaucrats who are supposed to oversee them at NH HHS cover up their crimes against disabled children.

Almost forgot to mention Dr Jose Montero. He's the doctor from NH HHS who has been consistently lying to the public for years by claiming that all of the mercury has been removed from vaccines. This is simply not true. Flu shots still contain the full amount of mercury.

Judge Lucinda Sadler ruled against me, thus denying my son essential medical treatment. It was only through a reconciliation with my wife that I was allowed to go back home after I had been forced out of my house for seven weeks by DCYF. DCYF led my wife to lie to the court and almost destroyed our marriage, all to help a corrupt healthcare agency who has friends within HHS.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Description of My Son

This is a pretty good description of what my son has faced. His mother, a judge who ruled that I can't cure him and a couple of twerps from DCYF think this is just fine. They don't give a damn that my son will never have a friend, never be able to speak, will never read, write, use a toilet, get laid, live on his own, or ever be able to enjoy his life.

The "never quit" attitude here has always been the attitude that I have embraced. But, how do you beat a judge who decides your son should remain autistic for the rest of his life when you don't have the money to pay a lawyer? If my wife was a decent human being who cared about her son, she could see the error of her ways and apologize to the court for lying about the whole thing.

Is there an organization that can take action against DCYF when DCYF is the agency causing the neglect of an autistic child? Is there someone who oversees judges who can fire them for making decisions that cause such neglect? These are probably stupid questions. We can be certain our country is completely corrupt when judges can rule against disabled children by preventing them from being cured. This is what happens to autistic people when they have to be placed in asylums (group homes). This is the choice my wife has made for my son.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DAN Dr Lynn Durand Condemns My Son To Remain Autistic

I'm in the midst of a bitter divorce from my wife Karen. Karen has fought me for the last nine years over the treatments I have used to help my son Sam improve tremendously from the nightmarish condition that used to be his existence. She has never bothered reading anything to learn the facts about how chelation cures autism.

I called Dr Lynn Durand of Concord, NH and asked him to confirm his prescription that he gave me to chelate my son. I needed Dr Durand's statement to let a court know that chelation was necessary for Sam to continue to improve from his autism and have a chance to have a normal life. I needed that statement because my wife, if she gains custody of Sam, refuses to continue the chelation. Dr Durand told me he would not get involved and refused to state that chelation is the proper treatment for autism. Without an MD to tell that to a court, my wife will be able to continue refusing to give the treatment and I will not be allowed to chelate Sam and finish the job I started six years ago to cure him.

In 2006, Dr Durand prescribed methyl B-12 for Sam in the hope that it would allow Sam to speak. After only three doses of the nasal Methyl B-12, my wife decided that it was having a bad affect on Sam (it wasn't) and she grabbed the bottle, ran out of the house with it and hid it at her sister's house to prevent me from giving it to Sam. I asked her to call Dr Durand and see what he said about her concerns but she refused. She wouldn't bother calling the doctor and I had no way to force my wife to allow me to give it to Sam so that he could speak. Sam still can't speak four years later and my wife still refuses to give him the medicine that might allow Sam to speak.

I also asked Dr Durand to provide me with a statement to tell the court how methyl B-12 allows a significant number of children to acquire speech. He refused. I called him a "bastard" and hung up.

People need to be aware that Dr Durand is a complete asshole who will not make simple, general statements that he agrees with by virtue of the fact that he prescribed these treatments to help severely autistic children when people really need his help. My son, Sam will now remain non-verbal and will never recover from autism because Dr Lynn Durand will not simply tell the truth.

As an ex-patient of Dr Lynn Durand, I advise anyone who is considering having him treat their autistic child to find someone else.

If anyone reading this knows an MD who will provide a statement to a court that simply states that chelation is the proper treatment for autism and that it is medically necessary for Sam, I would appreciate it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Phony Autistic Jailed, Is Amanda Baggs Next?

Why can't this law be applied to Ari Ne'eman and Amanda Baggs?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Amanda Baggs' Lawyer, Who Do You Believe?

I received the following email from Anne Bevington, lawyer to the fraud, Amanda Baggs who is faking autism to the detriment of all people who actually do have autism.

Isn't it amusing how this scumbag lawyer tries to claim that this picture that Bevington keeps having removed all over the internet is not a picture of Amanda when she was normal. Anyone can see that she looks normal and the young man in the photo has stated that she was normal at this time.

I think that Bevington and Amanda's mother lied when they filed the copyright claim. I can't prove that but that's my opinion based on conversations with the person who tells me that he owns the photo. Notice that Bevington claims Amanda's mother took the picture but she does not claim that Baggs' mother owned the camera. Nor does she claim that Baggs' mother has the negative or the original picture. I chose to believe the person who tells me he owns the photo, not the lawyer who admitted awhile back that Amanda baggs is not autistic.

How many ways can this woman try to deceive people?

To John Best Jr.
Via email: bettwice33@myfairpoint.net

Dear John:

This concerns your use of a photograph of Amanda Baggs at
age 14 that was contained in a video that was uploaded to
the user account JohnBestJunior on YouTube. The video was
taken down by YouTube due to a DMCA complaint I sent.

The photo was taken by Anna Marie Baggs, Amanda's mother.
Anna Baggs owns the copyright, which is registered with the
US Copyright Office under Registration No. VAu 999-067. I
sent the DMCA complaint on behalf of Anna, not Amanda.
Statements that Amanda made any claims of copyright
infringement as to this photo are false.

Anna took the photo in a private setting, and she has never
published it. Anna has the right of first publication, to
determine if, when and how the photo will be published. Your
publication of the photo infringes on that and the other
rights inherent in Anna's copyright. Anna has never
transferred her rights to anyone. The person who provided
you with a copy of the photo has no copyright and no license
to disseminate or otherwise publish the photo.

The photo does not depict Amanda as a normal teenager at
college. The photo was taken around the time that Amanda was
diagnosed with ASD and is a portrait of her as a
developmentally disabled 14 year old girl in a psychiatric
hospital in California. Statements to the contrary are

You do not have permission to display, disseminate or
otherwise publish this photo of Anna Baggs' daughter. Please
refrain from further infringement of her copyright.

Anne Bevington

Bevington Law Firm
870 Market St., Suite 765
San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone (415) 981-9440
Fax (888) 981-9440

This message contains information which may be confidential
and privileged. Unless you are the addressee (or authorized
to receive for the addressee), you may not use, copy or
disclose this message or any information contained in the
message to anyone. If you have received this message in
error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail and delete
the message. Thank you very much.
UPDATE: I have since learned that Anna Baggs did not take that picture and that that picture was taken by the young man in the picture by using a timer on HIS camera. I also learned that the picture WAS taken at a psychiatric hospital.
Nevertheless, whether I have permission to use the picture or not is none of Bevington's business since whoever filed that copyright claim for Anna Baggs had to have lied about the ownership of the picture. That's something the California Bar Association should investigate.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Amanda Baggs, Autism Fraud

Anne Bevington has filed a frivolous copyright claim with Youtube to have this video removed. The owner of the picture in question has assured me that he did not authorize this dishonest lawyer to act on his behalf. So, we see that not only is Amanda Baggs a dishonest piece of dung but, once again her lawyer proves to be the same.

If the dishonest lawyer, Bevington, files the same dishonest claim with Blogger or Googgle to have the picture that remains here removed, I can only hope that they will check with me and I will show them the proof that this lawyer's claim is knowingly dishonest.

UPDATE: Blogger removed the videos that were here. The California Bar Association has received my complaint about Anne Bevington's unethical behavior and are investigating her actions.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kentucky Propaganda for H1N1, The Vaccine Causes Brain Damage

The liars from Kentucky who made this video have the comments disabled on Youtube so you have to go somewhere else to counter their dishonesty. The facts that these lying baby killers don't want you to know are these. The mercury in the flu shot kills brain cells. When injected into pregnant woman, this effect is intensified immeasurably in the developing brains of fetuses. Mercury can be lethal and causes miscarriages and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Mercury causes autism, mental retardation, Alzheimer's, Asperger's, ADD, speech delays, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Lou Gehrig's Disease and more.

Don't let any malpracticing fool of a doctor shoot mercury into you, especially if you're pregnant.

Here's the link to the website of the assholes who made the video. The only email I could find on the site is this one Sherry.Carnahan@ky.gov . I think people should email these scumbag public employees from the State of Kentucky and tell them to stop lying to us. You can also find a number there to report fraud. This ad should be reported back to them for the fraud that it is.

UPDATE: It looks like Kentucky was ashamed of their stupidity and removed the video from Youtube. Fortunately, someone else copied it

Monday, March 01, 2010

Generation Rescue's Fraud Exposed

This helps show what I've been stating for the last year or so, that Generation Rescue is psychological warfare designed to discredit everyone who tells the truth about how thimerosal causes autism. GR jumped into the game when they learned about Desiree Jennings and "cured" her, using a doctor who was infamous for shooting urine into people and calling it medicine. Now, when this fraud is exposed, it adds to the publicity that shows GR to be a fraudulent operation.

This does not mean that all of the decent parents who were conned by GR to act as Rescue Angels and help others to cure autism are doing anything fraudulent. They aren't. I used to be one of them until I saw the corruption within GR. I still advise people how to cure autism.

When Generation Rescue is caught being a participant in this sort of fraud, it makes everyone who's associated with them also look like frauds. It plays to the media so they can use this fraud to discredit all of the decent and honest parents who tell the truth about how thimerosal in vaccines causes autism. It can be used by the media to make it look like everyone who really does cure autism is part of a giant hoax.

One would have to be extremely naive to believe that this whole hoax was not set up by Generation Rescue themselves. If you want to destroy an organization, the best way to do it is by taking over the organization. Let the people within the group believe they have solid leadership. Then, sell them out and discredit everything they stand for. That's exactly what JB Handley and David Kirby have done. I believe they used Jenny McCarthy because they knew they didn't need any help in making her look like an idiot. She could do that all by herself.

The question nobody thinks to ask here is: How come Desiree forgot that Dr Buttar had cured her and she had no need to pretend she was still affected by the damage from the flu shot? We can surmise that Desiree got nervous when the reporter confronted her and forgot that detail of the acting job she had performed some months earlier. So, we can safely conclude that the whole thing was a fraud and the big losers are those parents who tout Generation Rescue and Dr Buttar as curers of autism. Now, more people will see GR as a bunch of loonies, just as it seems JB Handley wanted.

Absolute Corruption


The U.S. Personal Income Tax: It Goes to The Family Rothschild
By William Dean A. Garner
The more people like me speak out about this, the more will scratch their heads and go, “No way!” or “You’re an idiot, Garner!” or, worst of all, “You’re not an American!”

I’ve heard this crap before, and it always comes from ignorant souls who just don’t understand how the political and economic systems work in the western world.

After more than 30 years of anecdotal research, connecting thousands of dots across an endless sky, a distinct pattern begins to emerge, something I’ll share a bit with you here. First, there’re other brave souls out there who also have researched this contentious topic, and have drawn similar conclusions. And we’ve all done so independently, which makes our conclusions all the more striking. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: the evil family Rothschild, which controls what I term The First Sphere of Influence in the western world, hides in plain sight. They even flaunt their wealth and control and power over us with such arrogance and contempt that it cannot be ignored, even by like-minded people as they.

Where shall I start?

The U.S. income tax was a long sought-after tax the Rothschilds had attempted to bring on since the late 1770s, but it was strongly resisted by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison and John Adams, among other less-known (to contemporary audiences) American Patriots. Traitor Alexander Hamilton, a bastard child born in the warm Caribbean, was our first Secretary of the Treasury, sent to the US by the Rothschilds to establish the first central bank. Hamilton had been groomed from the start by the Rothschilds, although few people actually knew of his true identity. Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s killer, knew of his background and often chided and bullied him over it, until Burr finally slapped Hamilton across the face with a leather glove, thus issuing the challenge that killed Hamilton.

While Thomas Jefferson vehemently fought against the creation of such a bank, George Washington believed that Hamilton knew what he was doing and thus must be correct. They bank was started . . . and suddenly plunged the nascent United States into debt.

When the central bank’s charter expired, it was not renewed, so the Rothschilds punished the “Colonies” by having the British attack the US again to commence the War of 1812. When the US “won” the war, once again expelling the RedCoats from our lands, the Rothschilds reveled in their own victory, having established yet another central bank that drained the US taxpayers of their Personal Income.

When this bank’s charter ran its course, the whole Rothschild-US President [Fill In The Blank] battle started again, with one side winning a victory over the other in the ensuing 70 years. Without dredging up reams of references from our beloved annals of history, please note that President Andrew Jackson was instrumental in fighting the Rothschilds, although they tried on numerous occasions to assassinate him.

It wasn’t until 1913 that Senator Nelson Aldrich and his fascist “American Rothschilds” managed to sneak through a bill, during the winter break of the House of Representatives, that imposed a formal personal income tax on all Americans.

Our notion that our personal income taxes go to paying for our country’s infrastructure, social services, military, etc. is inaccurate, to say the least. Our personal income taxes first are collected by the US Treasury via the Internal Revenue Service, which sends the funds to the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a federal bank of any sort. The privately owned Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Rothschilds and, to a smaller extent, other banking families, then sends our tax dollars to its own Bank of England, which is located in the sovereign area of London called The City of London.

Interestingly, The City of London has its own laws, security forces and military, completely independent of the rest of London and the entire United Kingdom. It is considered the most elite banking and economic center in the western world.

The Bank of England, again, owned by the Rothschilds, sends our tax dollars to other central banks, all privately owned, and located in Europe.

Why do we even pay this illegal personal income tax, when our own government can operate without it?

Because our government borrows heavily from the Rothschilds and must pay interest on these loans. Our personal income tax offsets these interest payments. All usurious, of course. And all illegal.

In the coming months, I’ll share more with you. I realize that this information is hard to take, given we’ve been raised on the notion that we live in a free and democratic society, and our hard-earned money goes toward our benevolent US government.

In effect, my fellow Americans, it is all a lie.

The good news is that these bare facts are now more visible than ever and, with sufficient time and effort, people like me will get this word out. We have already seen the power of the American people against the healthcare reform bills: a stunning backlash against the Brzezinski Cartel and The First Sphere of Influence.

Backlashes like we’re seeing now are just the beginning of a new American Revolution, one that we actually win. This time.

More to follow. . . .

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bringing Credibility to Mercury as the Cause of Autism

How many people think that the image portrayed here by Jenny McCarthy adds credibility to the parents of autistic children who are trying to have their message heard?

Would Hillary Clinton have come close to becoming the President if she had made videos like this?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Spits On First Amendment

This is what readers are treated to now when they try to look at Hating Autism.

Content Warning
Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

I understand and I wish to continue I do not wish to continue

Using Google's logic here, they should put this warning on every site on the internet. I'm certain we can find some mental case to take issue with something on every site. We may even find normal people who object to certain sites.

I object to my government lying to me but I don't see Google putting warning signs on the front page of government sites. There's no warning sign here, on what I consider to be the most offensive site on the internet.

When I ask Google to explain why they're messing with my first amendment rights, they refuse to answer. They have a form that you can fill out but they never give you an answer. I don't think Hitler gave answers to people either.

The thing that's really galling here is that this happened because propaganda experts associated with the Pharmaceutical industry flooded Google with complaints because I write the truth about how Pharma poisons children with mercury in vaccines. Pharma doesn't want anyone to see that. These sadists organized a smear campaign against me and Google never gave me any chance to defend myself against their lies. Google just acted based on volume with zero regard for the truth.

The truth, that any moron can see, is that this is Pharma's only option. They can't sue me because I'd eat them alive in a courtroom. So they lie en masse and Google lets them get away with it. I guess this adds Google to the list of dishonest scumbags who have taken action against severely autistic children to protect the vaccine industry who poisoned them.

Is this the United States or Nazi Germany under rule by Google?

Friday, February 19, 2010

What Is Autism?

Tell Your Senators About Ari Ne'eman's Dishonesty

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
United States Senate (xxx.xx.x.xxx) [Label IP Address]
www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=Ari Neeman&aq=f&aqi=&oq=

As you see from the above snapshot from my stat counter, it does do some good to write about the propaganda from Neurodiversity and Ari Ne'eman. I saw that someone from Obama's office was reading my blog the other day and now I see someone from the Senate being educated about Ari Ne'eman's deception.

People who are sane enough to try to help their autistic kids instead of letting them rot in asylums as Ari ne'eman would like need to publicize this deception that has been spread all over the internet. We have to let Congress know what Ne'eman is really doing so they will not allow this liar to serve on the National Council where he can influence policy and see that our kids never receive the treatment they need.

Make no mistake, that's Ne'eman's goal as a drug company shill, to make sure people do not learn the truth about how mercury in vaccines scrambled our kids' brains. Please write to Congress and advise them to research Ne'eman's propaganda. I've already done the exposition of his deception so that Senators do find it on Google.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google Games

This morning, all of my blogs had been deleted by Google. Now, they're back with no explanation. Google apologized but gave me no details. So, until they explain why they thought it was acceptable to ignore the first amendment, I'll leave my opinion of them up on Hating Autism Two. Nobody should ever screw around with the first amendment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Andrew Wakefield Used by Illuminati In Propaganda War

In all the stuff that I've seen written about the Wakefield inquisition, I haven't noticed that anyone wrote the truth. Perhaps I'm the only one who noticed it. I have never wanted to say anything about the MMR vaccine since I knew it didn't cause my son's autism. My son was autistic before he had that vaccine.

The consensus within the autism community has always been that the MMR vaccine caused autism. I never thought so but I never knew for sure until now. Now I see why it has been such a media frenzy. The MMR contributed to symptoms and, as such, was accepted through the grapevine as a cause of the autism itself. Wakefield never said it was the cause, period.

The verdict on Wakefield was merely a propaganda ploy so the media could shout that vaccines do not cause autism. When they decided Wakefield was guilty, it was an acquittal of all vaccines. This is false but that's the way it was used in the propaganda battle.

Mercury is the only thing that can cause autism. Every other theory is just propaganda. All of the studies that make other claims as to the cause of autism can all be debunked by plain old common sense. Just think about them, and when you do, the key element is the fact that autism never existed before 1931 when mercury was first used in vaccines.

Those of us who watched our autistic kids improve by chelating mercury know the truth. Most of us can't be conned by the propaganda that's designed to brainwash us. People who purport to be advocating for autistic kids are going out of their way to show support for Dr Wakefield. That's fine. He deserves support. He found a problem associated with the MMR vaccine that shows up in a lot of kids who happen to have mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as autism. The problem needs to be solved to help those kids. Their "guts" need to be fixed but that won't fix their autism.

The only way to "fix" autism is to remove the mercury that caused it. People who support Wakefield without harping on the fact that we have to deal with mercury to solve the problem are doing a disservice to autistic people. These "advocates" have to start looking at the "big picture" and see what the propaganda is doing for the general public. Engaging in battles about Wakefiled really has nothing to do with autism. This media show makes it look like a bunch of nuts fighting against solid science, science that Dr Wakefield himself agrees with, that the MMR does not cause autism.

The autism "advocates" should be discussing the fact that mercury is the cause of all autism every time they join the fight to defend Wakefield. That's the point that the Illuminati, which is synonymous with Pharma, does not want to see in the media. The Illuminati, which is synonymous with the "media", is very happy to have this public furor that shows the MMR does not cause autism which they misconstrue to claim vaccines do not cause autism.

"False flag" seems to be the buzzword that describes this media circus. The Illuminati has people believing that Dr Wakefield was found to be at fault regarding the MMR which they perverted into meaning that no vaccines cause autism. The great thing about that perversion is that it's true, well, sort of. The vaccines never caused any autism until mercury was included in them. Vaccines with mercury still do cause autism, especially the flu shot to pregnant women. The propaganda claims that the mercury was removed while a little bit still remains in the DTP, HepB and Hib shots. The media constantly advertises this bogus claim without pointing out thee fact about the flu shot, or the largely forgotten tetanus shot by itself, which still contains the full dose of mercury.

The media never reminds us that the largest rise in autism was directly linked to giving the HepB shot on the day of birth. As one would figure if they were a good Illuminati propaganda wizard, the media never mentions how dangerous the flu shot is to one pound fetuses who do not have a blood brain barrier(BBB) to keep the mercury from going to the brain. They also never tell us how aluminum eats holes in the BBB which allows mercury to get in there. That aluminum helps the mercury from tuna sandwiches go to the brain when, with an intact BBB, the mercury would never enter the brain.

This is what must be discussed in defending Dr Wakefield. Autism "advocates" have to see the big propaganda picture if they want to beat the Illuminati and stop them from poisoning our children.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Dr" Anthony Hollander, Autism's Horse's Ass

"Dr. Hollander, PhD., OTR, is a nationally known authority on autism spectrum disorders." and a real horse's ass.

Dr Anthony Hollander, an occupational therapist, writes for Spectrum Magazine. Hollander is not a real doctor. He's one of those phony bastards with a PhD in psychology or some other inane discipline. His bio claims he's been in the business for over 30 years. That means he spent 20 years messing around with autistic kids' heads before anyone knew what was really wrong with them, that they all had mercury poisoning. This jerk still hasn't learned that fact.

Spectrum used to be a good publication. I never expected to see a jackass like this guy touting the language of the CDC to convince people to allow their autistic kids to rot instead of curing them. Occupational therapists (overpriced babysitters) would be out of business if we cured all of the autism. That couldn't be what motivates an asshole like Hollander though, could it?

It's more likely that anyone who spouts this drivel about evidence based medicine is simply a sadistic bastard who enjoys watching kids suffer. It's just not possible for anyone who knows anything about autism to be as stupid as Hollander acts. Everyone knows that children have been cured. So, why else would Hollander make up a fantasy column denying that fact?

Hollander denies that we can cure autism by going after the easiest target. He picks on the GF/CF diet which has about as much chance of curing autism as ABA does. Since no imbecilic behaviorist can cure mercury poisoning by teaching the mercury out of the brain, this failure of an "expert" makes the claim that the GF/CF diet can't cure autism, a true statement. This specious reasoning technique used by sophists only works as long as nobody can corner this con artist and force him to address the facts about chelation which does cure autism by removing mercury from brains.

Dr" Hollander, President of some bullshit behavioral nonsense place, is getting rich by preventing autistic kids from being cured. While he touts his foolish behavioral attempts to deal with mercury poisoning, all of the kids he allegedly "treats" remain screwed up beyond belief because mercury is eating their brains. Meanwhile, people like me watch our kids continue to recover from the effects of mercury because we learned how to solve the problem with chelation.

One would think that a guy like Hollander must have read lots of books to earn that PhD. Too bad this dipshit can't find his way here to learn something from the PhD who perfected chelation. Maybe if Hollander was honest and watched his psychobabble practice dry up because he told the truth, he could cross-train and learn to become a human being.

Grants from Autism Science Foundation

The Autism Science Foundation is giving away grants to attend a conference that allegedly will discuss research regarding autism. Since this group is run by Allison Singer and Paul Offit, we know it will be pure bullshit. I applied for the grant so I could further my knowledge of Pharma propaganda. I hope they like my letter and give me that grant. I could use a vacation. If anyone knows Allison Singer, please put in a good word for me. My application letter is below.

Hi, I'm a father of an autistic child who is being cured with chelation. I don't know what 12 point type is and have no clue what you're talking about for attachments. I hope you'll excuse my ignorance of secretarial tasks and consider my application.

I'd like to attend your conference so I can see what new lies you degenerates have conjured up with which to harm poisoned children. I'm sure the lies will be good ones and may require some thought for me to figure out why there is no truth to them. You see, I know that everything you say is dishonest because my sons have both responded well to chelation after your pals in the medical industry poisoned them. Yet, you filthy, lying pieces of shit continue to tell people autism is not caused by vaccines.

After I analyze your lies, I'll be happy to report my findings to any honest politician I can find and I'll write about it on my blog. I'll also mention it on Facebook as often as possible to make sure you bastards are exposed for giving out false information about how doctors cause autism.
In the interest of honesty, and helping severely disabled children, I'm sure you'll be pleased you selected me for a grant to attend the conference. You might become better people after I further expose your fraud and more people learn what a bunch of scumbags you are. That shame may induce you to reform your nefarious ways.

Thanks for your consideration,John BestLondonderry, NH

To apply, send a letter to grants@autismsciencefoundation.org describing why you want to attend IMFAR and, most importantly, explaining how you would share what you learn there with the broader autism community. Letters should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (use suffix .doc, NOT .docx) of no more than 2 pages, 12-point type, "Arial" font, with standard margins. In the subject line please write: IMFAR Grant. Letters must be received by March 15, 2010. Recipients will be announced in April.

Autistic Adults Curing Themselves

Here's an excellent analysis of autism from Roger Kulp, an autistic adult who's curing himself.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Jesse Ventura, Mind Control

Who's to say that Ari Ne'eman and Amanda Baggs were not invented by one of these government operations? The mind control described here fits well with what Ne'eman and Baggs have done to try to destroy autistic children.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maine Wants Autistic Boys to Look Like This

The State of Maine advises people that using Risperidal to treat autism is "evidence based medicine". However, Maine neglected to include the fact that risperidal has been found responsible for boys growing breasts. So, we can conclude the Maniacs would much rather turn autistic boys into transgender mutants than to cure them.

Please see previous blogpost for a complete description of the idiocy practiced in Maine regarding autism.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Maine Condemns Autistic Children to Life In Prison

The liars and profiteers who control the management of autism in the state of Maine have published the most dishonest report I have ever seen to ensure that no child in Maine will ever receive any help in curing their autism. Here's the link to this pile of pseudo-intellectual, government speak that uses grievous lies of omission to misrepresent the truth about how to treat autism.

You don't have to read any further than the page that lists the authors of this report to know what you will read in the rest of the report. It's exactly the dishonesty that we have been hearing for years from the same liars who profit from our childrens' brain damage. Every person who contributed to this report profits from keeping our children autistic. If we cure our kids, all of these people will be looking for jobs except the state employees who, as always remain on the payroll and just have less work to do.

This report is pure propaganda to endorse ABA as the only method that should be used to treat autism. None of the liars who wrote this dishonesty tried to elaborate on how teachers can reverse the effects of having mercury and aluminum sitting in a child's brain. They just decided not to mention how they designed that miracle. We know that autism is caused by mercury from vaccines and that the mercury will stay in the brain forever where it will keep killing brain cells. Yet, we have these behaviorist "magicians" from Maine who are trying to make us believe that they can help autistic children by using words to provoke the mercury to stop causing harm to our children. I'm sure they can cure rattlesnake bites by using ABA against the venom with equally wondrous results.

The liars from Maine decided to include chelation in their report. They mentioned how one child was killed by intravenous chelation using EDTA. They did not include the fact the doctor who killed this child committed malpractice by using the wrong kind of EDTA and they neglected to mention the fact that no person has ever been harmed by using DMSA and ALA to chelate mercury out of the brain orally.

These dishonest Maniacs spent a great deal of time in their report describing the dishonest term "evidence based medicine". They neglected to tell us that the rules for "evidence based medicine" are determined by the same people who decided it was acceptable to keep shooting mercury into babies and fetuses after they admitted that this caused autism in 1999. It is clear to enyone who looks at these "definitions" that they are merely weasel worded government speak designed to exclude evidence that they want to keep hidden so they won't be identified as criminals. To the liars in Maine, that means they do not accept the fact that we have cured a lot of children with chelation because we have not succumbed to the liars demands to prove our facts by following the rules that they made up for the sole reason of finding an excuse to exclude that evidence.

The truth that the Maniacs will not even address is that there are cured children all over the place who were cured by removing the mercury that caused the autism from their brains. All the Maniacs have to do is look at these children, talk to the doctors who cured them and review parents' records of chelation treatments to see the truth. However, the liars in Maine refuse to accept this evidence because nobody has bothered doing a study that satisfies the demands of the people who caused all of the autism by never bothering to do the same kind of study they ask for, on thimerosal.

Lots of people might read this pseudo-scientific report, read the long list of studies and names of alleged "experts" who support lying to the public about the dishonesty of the medical profession and the Pharmaceutical industry and think that that is a good reason to believe this deception.

Nobody should believe one word of this dishonest report from the lying Maniacs because I, and thousands of other parents are proof that they are being completely dishonest. I cured my son of all of the nightmarish behaviors associated with autism as well as all of the physical symptoms that were caused by mercury. I cured his four or five year battle with constipation within the first two months of starting chelation. When the mercury left his "gut", the constipation vanished and his bowels have been normal for six years now. My son had always dragged one leg behind the other from the time he took his first step and that physical symptom vanished at the same time. He has walked normally ever since. His head banging vanished. His screaming vanished. His sleep was controlled with melatonin, another thing the Maniacs lied about. They support using stronger drugs that can cause harm to the liver and worse.

My son stopped bolting into traffic and out of classrooms. He stopped biting himself, stopped assaulting people who were trying to restrain him since he no longer needed to be restrained. He began to make eye contact again, began to learn in school rather than just being allowed to spin in circles all day because no teacher could communicate with him at all. He learned to hit golf balls rather than eating the golf club, something I had tried to teach him every day for nine years. I taught my other children how to swing a golf club in one day. He learned to understand language and respond to it, though he still can't speak. He learned to use basic signs to have his needs met. He stopped smearing feces. I could go on but, the point is that he is a different child thanks to removing mercury from his brain with chelation.

I don't profit from telling people the truth about how to cure autism. The problem here is that the people from Maine who do profit by not telling people the truth about how to cure autism are just as hazardous to autistic children as the doctors who shot the mercury into them with their vaccines. The liars in Maine will not even make any mention of chelation using DMSA and ALA because they know the truth. They know that it works to cure autism, the same as I do. Maine is condemning autistic children to a lifetime of suffering because the state of Maine is allowing dishonest "experts" to present false information to the public.

Every person associated with this report is a liar. I challenge all of them to charge me with libel for making that statement. I can prove that all of you are dishonest. All I have to do is show up in court with one child who was helped by chelation. That will be proof that you are not looking out for the best interests of any autistic child.

Chelation is cheap, simple but time consuming. It can take years to remove all of the mercury safely but it is the only way to cure autism. All of the junk these Maniacs present in their dishonest report can merely improve some synptoms. Their methods do nothing for the physical pain that autistic kids endure due to having mercury in their organs.

Chelation consists of dosing a child with 1/8 to 1/2 mg per pound with ALA, every three hours for three days. Then take either four or eleven days off. Some other supplements are used but that is the gist of it. The liars in Maine should be telling everyone that that is how we cure autism. The fact that these Maniacs refuse to tell this truth makes them criminally negligent.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

National Autism Association, Please Wake Up!!!

This is a repost. Today it applies to Wendy Fournier for not having the ability to understand the word "UNLESS".
Will someone please explain to Wendy that the words below after the word UNLESS mean that the practice of restraining autistic children will not change at all based on this bill? NAA has decided that the people at TASH are their friends. They do not realize that TASH is synonymous with Neurodiversity and their sole intent in this little propaganda war is to harm autistic children. NAA just sent out a letter asking parents to support this horrid bill and they have no clue what they are asking. They are asking for autistic children to be abused by underpaid nitwits who aren't strong enough to control them safely. Somebody please give Wendy the "slap in the head" that she needs.

Here's HR 4247 which has the deceptive title of preventing restraint.

Under Section 4 (1) and Section 5 (2) (A), this bill calls for chemical and physical restraint for children whose behavior poses danger to themselves or others. Biting, head banging, bolting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and ripping earings out of pierced ears certainly pose danger to the children and the teachers. So, this bill doesn't do anything at all to reduce restraints on autistic kids who will engage in some or all of these behaviors.

All this bill does is further Ari Ne'eman's political agenda of making it look like he's doing something useful for the autism community while he engages in anything and everything that serves the purpose of preventing anyone from curing autism.

Those of us experienced at curing autism know that all of these behaviors can be eliminated by removing the mercury from the brain that caused the brain to malfunction and produce these behaviors. Removing that mercury from the brain is the best way to eliminate the behavior and end the risk of children being harmed while in restraints. Yet, Ne'eman has this bill carefully worded so that autistic children will still be drugged, beaten in self-defense and immobilized by how ever many adults it takes to subdue them.

Any bill regarding autistic children that does not include instructions on how to cure the dangerous behaviors medically is harmful to autistic children and must be opposed. Therefore, I urge everyone to call their Congressmen(women) and tell them to vote against this sham legislation.


In this Act:

(1) CHEMICAL RESTRAINT- The term `chemical restraint' means a drug or medication used on a student to control behavior or restrict freedom of movement that is not--

(A) prescribed by a licensed physician for the standard treatment of a student's medical or psychiatric condition; and

(B) administered as prescribed by the licensed physician.

SEC 5(2) School personnel shall be prohibited from imposing physical restraint or seclusion on a student UNLESS

(A) the student's behavior poses an imminent danger of physical injury to the student, school personnel, or others;

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cass Sunstein, A Description of Neurodiversity

Here's an artcle from Salon.com about Cass Sunstein, head of Obama's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The artcle could be written about Neurodiversity. Sunstein advocates the exact same method of using propaganda that Neurodiversity has been using for years.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rick Tallman Supports Killing Autistic Kids in Schools

Rick Tallman is a father of an autistic adult. Rick also had a child killed while being restrained. One would think that a man who has been through the horror of having a son murdered would oppose legislation that mandates business as usual to drug, beat and restrain autistic people. Any idiot knows that that's the design of this legislation when they see it being touted by Ari Ne'eman. That's Ne'eman's goal, to kill all autistic people. That's common knowledge.

Rick runs some Yahoo groups so I asked him if I could post what I wrote about Ne'eman and this bill that calls for torturing autistic people indefinitely. After several attempts to drag an answer out of Rick, he won't even answer my request.

I have to wonder what is wrong with parents of autistic kids when they support degenerates who abuse our kids like Ne'eman instead of helping other parents learn how evil this college student is. Perhaps Rick will wake up to this evil if Ne'eman manages to murder Rick's autistic son. I can only hope someone can bring Rick to his senses before that happens. In the meantime, anyone who belomgs to one of Rick's groups should hold Rick responsible if their child is killed while being drugged or in restraints. I tried to warn people about the evil that is this bill but Rick would rather kiss Ari Ne'eman's ass then let me disseminate that information.

Here's HR 4247 which has the deceptive title of preventing restraint.

Under Section 4 (1) and Section 5 (2) (A), this bill calls for chemical and physical restraint for children whose behavior poses danger to themselves or others. Biting, head banging, bolting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and ripping earings out of pierced ears certainly pose danger to the children and the teachers. So, this bill doesn't do anything at all to reduce restraints on autistic kids who will engage in some or all of these behaviors.

All this bill does is further Ari Ne'eman's political agenda of making it look like he's doing something useful for the autism community while he engages in anything and everything that serves the purpose of preventing anyone from curing autism.

Those of us experienced at curing autism know that all of these behaviors can be eliminated by removing the mercury from the brain that caused the brain to malfunction and produce these behaviors. Removing that mercury from the brain is the best way to eliminate the behavior and end the risk of children being harmed while in restraints. Yet, Ne'eman has this bill carefully worded so that autistic children will still be drugged, beaten in self-defense and immobilized by how ever many adults it takes to subdue them.

Any bill regarding autistic children that does not include instructions on how to cure the dangerous behaviors medically is harmful to autistic children and must be opposed. Therefore, I urge everyone to call their Congressmen(women) and tell them to vote against this sham legislation.


In this Act:

(1) CHEMICAL RESTRAINT- The term `chemical restraint' means a drug or medication used on a student to control behavior or restrict freedom of movement that is not--

(A) prescribed by a licensed physician for the standard treatment of a student's medical or psychiatric condition; and

(B) administered as prescribed by the licensed physician.

SEC 5(2) School personnel shall be prohibited from imposing physical restraint or seclusion on a student unless--

(A) the student's behavior poses an imminent danger of physical injury to the student, school personnel, or others;

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Phil Plait and the Pharma Whores from Discover Magazine

Here is a link to an article written by a dishonest simpleton named Phil Plait.

This is a good example of how to argue with dishonest Pharma whores who want to keep causing autism by shooting mercury into babies via vaccines. Since these nitwits are always dishonest in every word they utter regarding autism and vaccines, it makes no sense to try to argue with the words they use. Their arguments are all childish attempts at sophistry so you have to argue their motivation for using the sophistry. It only took a few comments from me before Phil Plait tucked his tail between his legs and banned me from making any more comments to expose his band of liars for the dishonest scumbags that they are.

It's always fun to watch these Pharma whores hide from the truth by banning me from their blogs. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite all of them to comment here and show off just how intelligent they are by giving me an intellectual beating regarding thimerosal and autism.

Come on, Phil, show us all how smart you are.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

E-Mail From A Jackass

I get lots of moronic emails like this. This is a good example of how intellectually challenged people are who fall for the propaganda from Neurodiversity.

Anton Feichtmeir" tong.duurai@gmail.com
01/12/10 19:32:25
Your hatingautism blog advocates things which are in direct defiance of GOD'S will! God put autists here on Earth and those who attempt to corrupt them by spreading lies about them such as this stupid fantasy that autism is caused by mercury poisoning...........and I'm talkin' bout you Punk! Calling autism evil is saying prayers to the devil in the eyes of the almighty. Accept the presence of autists on Earth and do not hinder them or eternal HELL awaits you. ~Anton~

Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Hampshire HB 569, Autism Treatment Bullshit

Here's the relevant text of HB 569 which takes effect in March, 2010. This bill authorizes ABA for every autistic person but rules out curing autism by treating the cause medically. You can have ABA prescribed by a nurse, psychologist or a social worker but if you have an MD who prescribes chelation, methyl B-12, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) or any other medical interventions that deal with mercury as the cause of autism, this inane bill will not cover that treatment.

ABA is outrageously expensive at forty hours per week while chelation only costs a few hundred for an intial doctors consultation and another few hundred for the drugs needed to remove the mercury from the brain.

The only people who have ever been cured of autism have done so with chelation. ABA has never, and will never, cure anyone of autism. Behavioral junk does not remove mercury from brains. All it can ever do is improve some behaviors in some children who are only mildly affected by mercury. ABA can not help any severely affected children with autism. It's a complete waste of time, effort and lots of taxpayer money.

Below in red is the key statement from this horrid bill that uses the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as their guideline for treating autism. The key point to remember about the AAP is that they are the mental cases who caused all of the autism by shooting way too much mercury into our infants and fetuses via vaccines. They will not admit that they committed malpractice and poisoned our children into autism, and the idiots from the New Hampshire legislature are using these liars for a guideline on how to treat autism.

Coverage for Treatment of Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Autism

I. For the purposes of this chapter, treatment of pervasive developmental disorder or autism as required under RSA 417-E:1, III(h) shall include the following medically necessary care prescribed by a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, psychologist, or clinical social worker:

(a) Professional services and treatment programs, including applied behavioral analysis, provided by a pervasive developmental disorder or autism service provider to produce socially significant improvements in human behavior or to prevent loss of attained skill or function;

(b) Medications and any health-related service necessary to determine the need or effectiveness of the medications;

(c) Direct or consultative services provided by a licensed psychiatrist, advanced practice registered nurse, psychologist, or clinical social worker; and

(d) Services provided by a licensed speech therapist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist.

II. Treatment, including frequency and duration of treatment, shall be covered in accordance with a written plan signed by a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or psychologist stating that the treatment is medically necessary for the patient and is consistent with nationally recognized treatment standards for the condition such as those set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Coverage shall not be denied on the basis that services are habilitative in nature. The benefits included in this section shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy and shall be no less extensive than coverage provided for similar conditions or illnesses.

3 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.

Here are some sophisticated lies from the AAP to try to convince people not to cure autism. The AAP does not want anyone to cure autism because, curing autism by removing the mercury that the pediatricians shot into our babies proves that they caused the autism. This is where the NH legislature finds what they consider to be "nationally recognized treatment standards". Those of us who have already cured autism by removing mercury from our childrens' brains aver that what is below is pure nonsense.

From the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is defined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine as "a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine."200 The definition of CAM adopted by the Cochrane Collaboration is "a broad domain of healing resources that encompasses all health systems, modalities, and practices and their accompanying theories and beliefs, other than those intrinsic to the politically dominant health systems of a particular society or culture in a given historical period."201 Detailed reviews of CAM as related to developmental disabilities and ASD-specific CAM have been published recently.202–204
Use of CAM is common in children with ASDs.152,205–207 Levy et al206 reported that by the time their clinical population received a formal diagnostic evaluation for a suspected ASD, almost one third of the children already had received a complementary or alternative therapy, and a survey conducted in a predominantly white, middle-to-upper socioeconomic-status private-practice population found that 92% of parents who responded had used CAM therapies for their children with ASDs.205 Another recent parent survey found that 52% of the children with an ASD had been treated with at least 1 CAM therapy, compared with 28% of a group of control children without disabilities.207 Surveys indicate that only 36% to 62% of caregivers who used CAM therapies for their children with ASDs had informed the child's primary care physician,207,208 although more information on CAM is something that families indicate that they want from their child's primary health care professionals.209

It is important that health care professionals understand how to evaluate the evidence used to support all treatments, including CAM, psychopharmacologic, and other interventions. Ideally, the evidence supporting or refuting a treatment should include peer-reviewed studies with appropriately diagnosed, well-defined homogeneous study populations; a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled design; an adequate sample size to support the statistical analysis presented; control for confounding factors; and use of appropriate, validated outcome measures. When evaluating the efficacy of studies, it is particularly important to keep in mind confounding factors, such as the placebo effect, and the natural history of the disorder. Participation in a study may alter the way a parent interacts with a child and confound the perceived outcome,210 and improvements are expected with maturation and educational interventions. Only appropriately controlled studies are helpful in proving that an effect is attributable to the intervention being studied.

The practitioner should encourage families to seek additional information when they encounter the following claims or situations211:

treatments that are based on overly simplified scientific theories;

therapies that are claimed to be effective for multiple different, unrelated conditions or symptoms;

claims that children will respond dramatically and some will be cured;

use of case reports or anecdotal data rather than carefully designed studies to support claims for treatment;

lack of peer-reviewed references or denial of the need for controlled studies; or

treatments that are said to have no potential or reported adverse effects.

To help to describe their proposed rationales and mechanisms, CAM therapies used to treat ASDs have been categorized as "nonbiological" or "biological."204 Examples of nonbiological interventions include treatments such as auditory integration training, behavioral optometry, craniosacral manipulation, dolphin-assisted therapy, music therapy, and facilitated communication. Examples of biological therapies include immunoregulatory interventions (eg, dietary restriction of food allergens or administration of immunoglobulin or antiviral agents), detoxification therapies (eg, chelation), gastrointestinal treatments (eg, digestive enzymes, antifungal agents, probiotics, "yeast-free diet," gluten/casein-free diet, and vancomycin), and dietary supplement regimens that are purported to act by modulating neurotransmission or through immune factors or epigenetic mechanisms (eg, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium, folic acid, folinic acid, vitamin B12, dimethylglycine and trimethylglycine, carnosine, omega-3 fatty acids, inositol, various minerals, and others).203,204

For most of the aforementioned CAM interventions, there is not enough scientific evidence yet to support or refute their use as treatment for ASDs. However, evaluation of treatments is possible, and a few CAM treatments have been appropriately studied. For example, more than a dozen randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials involving more than 700 patients have demonstrated that secretin (a biological treatment) is not an effective treatment for ASDs.212,213 Evaluation of nonbiological treatments also is feasible. This has been demonstrated in the case of facilitated communication, a technique that uses a trained facilitator to provide physical support to a nonverbal person's hand or arm while that person uses a computer keyboard or other device to spell. Evidence suggests that the communications produced actually originate from the facilitator214,215 and that facilitated communication is not a valid treatment for ASDs.216–218

Because of methodologic flaws, insufficient numbers of patients, or lack of replication, many CAM therapies have been inadequately evaluated; therefore, evidence-based recommendations for their use are not possible. The most recent and most appropriately designed trials have demonstrated no significant benefit of dimethylglycine,219,220 vitamin B6 and magnesium,221,222 or auditory integration training.223–225 Both positive226 and negative227,228 results have been described for small, methodologically flawed studies of intravenous immunoglobulin. A recent double-blind, placebo-controlled trial revealed no statistically significant differences on Aberrant Behavior Checklist subscale scores between small groups of children with ASDs who were given omega-3 fatty acids and those who were given placebo.229 However, the investigators noted a trend toward superiority of omega-3 fatty acids over placebo for hyperactivity, which suggests that further investigation may be warranted.229 The gluten/casein-free diet is based on a hypothesis of abnormal gut permeability and exogenous opiate excess. Although use of the gluten/casein-free diet for children with ASDs is popular, there is little evidence to support or refute this intervention, and reviewers have determined that meaningful conclusions cannot be drawn from the existing literature.230,231 Subsequent to these reviews, a randomized, double-blind pilot study demonstrated no significant benefit.232 Double-blind, placebo-controlled elimination and challenge studies are in progress, and it is anticipated that these studies will provide substantially more useful information regarding the efficacy of the gluten/casein-free diet.204,230 Measurement of urinary peptides has not been proven to be clinically useful as a marker for ASDs or as a tool to determine if dietary restriction is warranted or would be effective.

Many popular interventions, such as chelation of heavy metals, antifungal agents to decrease presumed yeast overgrowth, and antiviral agents to modulate the immune system, have not yet been studied in people with ASDs; their popularity is based on unproven theories and anecdotes or case reports. None of these interventions can be endorsed as treatment for ASDs outside of well-designed and appropriately monitored clinical trials. Some treatments, such as intravenous chelation, may be particularly dangerous and should be discouraged. One child with autism died as a result of chelation with edetate disodium (Na2EDTA) despite the facts that a causal association between mercury and ASDs has not been demonstrated, there is no scientific evidence that chelation is an effective treatment for ASDs, and the effectiveness of chelation therapy to improve nervous system symptoms of chronic mercury toxicity has not been established.233 Unless there is clear evidence of current heavy metal toxicity, chelation by any method is not indicated outside of monitored clinical trials.

In some cases, interesting findings await replication or further investigation. For example, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of vitamin C, improvement was found in total and sensory motor scores on the Ritvo-Freeman Real Life Rating Scale,234 and several small studies have suggested that music therapy had some short-term benefit on communication skills but not on behavior problems of children with ASDs.235 Recently, a group of 20 children with ASDs were compared with children without ASDs and found to have an imbalance of methionine and homocysteine metabolism, which was interpreted to represent impaired capacity for methylation and increased oxidative stress.236 Treatment with trimethylglycine, folinic acid, and methylcobalamin resulted in normalization of laboratory findings. The study did not measure clinical response to the intervention, but anecdotal improvements were noted. Interpretation of these preliminary findings awaits further investigation.

Health care practitioners who diagnose and treat children with ASDs should recognize that many of their patients will use nonstandard therapies. The importance of becoming knowledgeable about CAM therapies, inquiring about current and past CAM use, providing balanced information and advice about treatment options, identifying risks or potential harmful effects, avoiding becoming defensive or dismissing CAM in ways that convey a lack of sensitivity or concern, maintaining open communication, and continuing to work with families even if there is disagreement about treatment choices has been emphasized.237 It also is essential to critically evaluate the scientific merits of specific therapies and share this information with families, educate families about how to evaluate information and recognize pseudoscience, and insist that studies that examine CAM be held to the same scientific and ethical standards as all clinical research.202,238

Parents of children with ASDs will understandably pursue interventions that they believe may present some hope of helping their child, particularly if the therapies are viewed as being unlikely to have any adverse effects. Unfortunately, families are often exposed to unsubstantiated, pseudoscientific theories and related clinical practices that are, at best, ineffective and, at worst, compete with validated treatments or lead to physical, emotional, or financial harm. Time, effort, and financial resources expended on ineffective therapies can create an additional burden on families. Health care professionals can help parents and other caregivers to distinguish empirically validated treatment approaches from treatments that have been proven to be ineffective and those that are unproven and potentially ineffective and/or harmful.