Monday, June 07, 2010

Kelly Ayotte (US Senate Candidate) Sells Out Babies

Kelly Ayotte's Facebook page is here. This slimy bitch who's running for Judd Gregg's US Senate seat doesn't want to say anything about the 5,000 autistic kids in New Hampshire who need her help.

Comments on Kelly's Facebook page about autism are quickly deleted. So, we see that Kelly thinks she can hide from facing the facts about how the mercury in vaccines causes brain damage to babies. One would hope that a US Senator would be opposed to poisoning fetuses who have their brains damaged when their mother's have mercury shot into them via the flu shot. That's not the case with Kelly Ayotte though. When I asked Kelly her position about this issue, she promptly deleted my comments and banned me from commenting on her Facebook page.

I can only hope that parents who agree with me that fetuses should not be poisoned will enlighten this ignorant, arrogant swine of a politician by posting the truth about vaccines on her page so she can't ignore this atrocity.


jonathan said...

Well Barack Obama must be opposed to curing autistic children since Ari Ne'eman is appointed to the IACC and the NDC (still awaiting confirmation), so if the president is opposed to helping disabled people, I suppose it is possible a u.s. senate candidate could be also.

Anonymous said...


Finding it more and more difficult to access your website. Problem is that dems have an innate talent for distorting the truth. The primary goal of the lib dems is to subjugate the population. Making them believe that they actually matter when they do not. Why is it that all the politicians are millionaires? Do the burger eating, french fry consuming population actually believe that these millionaires care about them???

If so, I pity them. For they are fools.

a name , any name said...


that's "name, any name"
not "name , any name"

the content of your blog is about as accurate as that mistake; involving lots of extra spaces in your head, I would imagine.

Foresam said...

Only a nitwit would criticize a typo. You're probably stupid enough to vote for Ayotte too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a load of utter garbage.
Perhaps a spot of research on ASD and vaccines before you pontificate?
Starting with the utter lack of mercury compounds in vaccines......

Foresam said...

Anon, Go to the CDC website and look up how much thimerosal is in the flu shot. Then go back to 1999 and see how much thimerosal was in all of the shots. It's simpletons like you who make it easy for Pharma whores like Kelly Ayotte to perpetuate the intentional poisoning of babies. I'll bet you were stupid enough to vote for the bitch.