Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free Advertising Against Vaccines


Emily said...

What I usually say is, if flu shots cause autism, why is it that I am on the spectrum and always have been, despite not having had a flu shot until I was 21 (my mom literally made me get one, despite my protests)?

Alternatively, you may not consider me autistic. But that one did not make me so. Same with other vaccines.

But then, I don't believe in the vaccine theory really. Although it has occurred to me that, IF we are actually seeing more dx'd cases of autism (a greater % of the population), it may be possible that something in the modern environment sort of "flips on" the genes responsible for manifest autism, in the way that certain environmental factors can encourage pre-cancerous cells to become cancerous or for other traits that are genetic to appear. I think autism is genetic but maybe the genes are sometimes recessive or latent. Or at least that's my current theory. But I'd need to think/read about it more, I guess.

Foresam said...

The reason I stress the flu shot now instead of other vaccines is because the flu shot is given to pregnant women and can give a fetus up to 48 times as much mercury as infants used to get with the HepB shot. When Pharma reduced the thimerosal in other vaccines, they added the flu shot for pregnant women to the schedule so they could cause autism intentionally.

The genetic basis for autism is the APO-E4 protein.

Anonymous said...

Couple of points:

Vaccines: Yes, harmful. Genetic predisposition, extremely possible. Testing would be in good order.

ABA therapy: Sucks, waste of time contrary to the what the State/Gubmint employees say. (By the way, did the latest stim (pun) jobs bill get passed? The one that's going to feed the NEA and the union/gubmint folks?

Private OT and Speech: Critical. Keep those appointments.

Biomedical: Go for it. It works. methyl B-12, the full monty. Sort it out and choose what works best for the child.

Guess that's it for now.


Rudy said...

If I ever see that car on Interstate 93, I'm running it off the road!!! You're a jackass!!!

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Thanks for the threat, Rudy. I'm forwarding it to the police.