Monday, March 27, 2006

Neurodiversity Versus Northeastern

I have to thank Kathleen Seidel for showing us the alleged exchange between herself and Dr Deth. I say "alleged" because I never know what to believe from this group of anonymous child abusers.
I can just picture Dr Deth laughing at Kathleen using anonymous blogs as references to support her deranged opinions about the science involved with the autism-mercury debate. Maybe I'll start a blog where I say I'm a surgeon so it looks like I'm some sort of expert to counter the opinions of people who think it's a good idea to keep poisoning children with mercury. If any of these bloggers she uses as expert references were really scientists who had some expertise to share, one would think they would use their names to give credibility to their sites.
I especially like her using Prometheus as a reference. This guy went to the trouble of training his "Yes Men" in reasoning and argument so they could deflect opposing views for him by allegedly using logic. When one confronts Prometheus, they are immediately descended upon by a pack of howling "philosophers" decrying any slip in precise argument technique. They have to use this method since all their arguments are invalid by being devoid of the element of truth.
It amazes me that anyone with an autistic child would turn down an offer to have an expert researcher come to her house to explain the science involved. This woman must really hate her child to ignore this information that might set her kid free of autism. It seems that, rather than being concerned with helping her child, Seidel is more concerned with trying any last gasp measure to discredit the scientists who do want to help our poisoned kids. That must be why she gets bogged down in discussing the lawsuits. Whether Dr Deth testifies or not is irrelevant to the scientific information he gives us that helps us learn how to cure autism. But, character assassination is one of those things you learn how to excel at when you enroll in Neurodiverse Writing 101.
Kathleen must agree with Senator Judd Gregg from our state who repeatedly informs me that we have to protect our drug companies from going out of business. He says the same thing in every reply he sends me when I ask him to address the problem of autism. Maybe Kathleen is heavily invested in the drug market. She can't have any concern for what autism is doing to our property taxes here. They just keep going up to pay for the increased special education budget in the schools. One would think a property owner here would like to see the people who caused that problem pay for it instead of sticking the taxpayers with it. We are well aware that Judd Gregg doesn't give a damn how high property taxes go as long as he takes care of his pals in Pharma. Kathleen must subscribe to the same philosophy.
The most amusing part of her little exchange with Dr Deth is the fact that she won't accept his proposed wager. Kathleen must expect that she will be proven wrong beyond all doubt very soon.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Train Wrecks of Neurodiversity

It is interesting that any organization would bother responding to the crazed rantings of neurodiverse wackos who try to harm autistic children. In the age of the internet where any wacko with a computer can publish lunacy, I suppose the wackos are more difficult to ignore than they were in the past when no decent newspaper would publish their drivel. What would have happened before the internet if some nut like Seidel had written to the MIND institute to complain about something they said? The answer is nothing. They would have had no need to respond to this sadist. They could just throw her letter in the trash and put her name on a list of undesirables with the security guards in case she tried to bother them in person.
Now we have the nut proudly displaying her letter from the supposedly offensive person and other nuts telling her what a good job she has done of being a pain in the ass. This nut thinks it is demeaning to autistic people to refer to them as train wrecks. So, she bothers people about the language and someone decides that the politically correct response should be a retraction and an apology for using an allegedly unkind description of autism. If I were running the organization, I may have done the same thing. I'd suggest sending a nice letter to shut the dumb broad up. Then, I'd keep using whatever term I felt like using.
Autism is a nightmare for everyone involved with it. It turns your whole life upside down. It is gut wrenching to think of your normal child trapped in the endless abyss that is autism. Wackos like Seidel think it is something to be celebrated. This wack job has a kid on the autistic spectrum and she advocates celebrating the news. I think she should be locked up for abusing her kid by not trying to help her. I can imagine what I would have thought of my parents if I broke my leg and they told me I should celebrate my differences rather than fixing the fracture. These nut job parents are going to get some horrible treatment from their kids when they get sent to the old folks home. It won't be long before everyone knows the truth about thimerosal and the AMA will have no choice but to help cure the damage they caused. Social Services will force wackos like Seidel to help her kid then. What will these kids think of their parents who took sides with the negligent criminals who poisoned them after they are cured? Will the kids forgive their parents stupidity or will they let them rot in the worst old folks home they can find?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Knuckleheads of Neurodiversity Attack the Geiers

Since the Geier's gave us more proof that mercury is the cause of the autism epidemic, Neurodiverse knuckleheads have written a bunch of cockamamie junk trying to refute their findings. The curious thread running through all of their nonsense is that they attack the publication. They attack facts irrelevant to the paper, including the fact that the Geier's have acted as expert witnesses. I suppose these lunatics think that some wack job like Autism Diva would be a more appropriate expert witness. She could show up the Geiers easily with her alien abduction theory.
Neurodiversity could also throw Prometheus up as an expert. This guy thinks he is a master of statistical analysis yet, when pressed to prove it, balks at the relatively simple task of analyzing a horse race. Anyone who is a true statistical wizard should be able to figure out the small bit of data in the Daily Racing Form as opposed to working with thousands of pieces of evidence contained in VAERS. This alleged expert scientist spends most of his blogging time trying to refute the connection of mercury to autism and claims he only does this to prevent children from being harmed by "quack" treatments. At the same time he is "protecting" children, he advocates shooting more mercury into them. That's some scientist. Support shooting up babies with known poisons and then rant and rave against those who try to remove that poison. Of course, to try to cover his fallacious arguments, Prometheus recently took a refresher course in reasoning and argument so he could write about it and help some less practiced lunatics hone their debating skills. Now, when one decides to question his idiocy of denying the mercury connection, one must put up with freshman style argument refutation which employs citing every known argument fallacy while evading the relevant questions. Prometheus and his lunatic followers can seem semi-intelligent while he can control comments on his blog but I don't think he'd fare very well when forced to answer questions directly by a competent lawyer.
Neurodiversity also has some surgeon who calls himself ORAC as an ally. This guy admits that chelation is the proper treatment for mercury poisoning yet rants and raves that chelation won't cure autism. He persists in this idiotic rant in spite of mounting evidence that children are, in fact, being cured of autism with chelation. We hear further moronic assertions that it is invalid to ascribe success to chelation alone since autistic kids improve over time. We are repeatedly reminded by him and his associates that improvement from chelation is not proof of mercury poisoning. The problem with this simplistic answer is that he doesn't tell us why the kids improve with chelation. Some of his wackier associates tell us it is a placebo effect. Perhaps ORAC thinks the kids are improving with chelation because their parents are praying at the same time and God intervened. It boggles the mind how an MD can see kids improve with a medically sanctioned treatment and then claim the improvement was not the result of that treatment. Some guys will say anything to protect their negligent associates who injected too much mercury into infants and now want to cover up their error. That's why ORAC also jumps to denigrate the publication that let us see the truth about mercury in print. He praises the statisticians who knock the Geiers but don't have the smarts to figure out a simple horse race. It's always a good ploy by doctors to knock lawyers. To claim that the VAERS data is suspect because some of the reports were made by lawyers works well when all the idiots who read your junk will agree with this stupid argument. However, when one questions the fact that most people never heard of VAERS and the numbers should be much greater back in the 1990's which would show more of a reduction in autism since the removal of thimerosal from some vaccines, the idiots don't have a response. They just maintain that lawyers have contaminated the data. They don't concern themselves with the statute of limitations and the fact that that statute voids claims by most of the injured children. I guess they figure if they ignore that objection that it will go away.
Then we have Kathleen Siedel, the raving maniac of Neurodiversity who has something to say about everything that proves the mercury connection. Her most recent spin against the Geiers claims it is the political far right and their values versus the low brow musings of the far left. How political leanings have anything to do with the science involved is beyond me but that is the gist of her latest deranged rant. Sure, knock the publication's politics when you can't refute what they say. This is how Kathleen helps autistic children. She rants against science that will help them.