Monday, February 06, 2006

Neurodiverse Distortions of VAERS

Some people with an axe to grind seem to enjoy cluttering up the internet with utter nonsense about autism. I can only guess what motivates this obfuscation of the truth. I read one instance of such nonsense today that made me laugh. This writer claimed that a known quack had filed a report with VAERS claiming that a vaccine had turned him into the Incredible Hulk. The quack allowed VAERS to remove the report after they asked his permission. This was supposed to show how inept VAERS was.
It's interesting that this same writer had no qualms about Verstraeten's use of VAERS to keep rewriting a report that showed an association between mercury and autism until his bosses were satisfied that he made the study look favorably upon those vaccine manufacturers who poison babies with mercury.
This same writer claims that the VAERS database is extremely unreliable. How come that wouldn't nullify Verstraeten's most recent hogwash? This guy uses it to wave away the Geier's findings but neglects to mention Verstraeten. He also neglects to mention that the CDC hid the data the Geier's wanted to see by storing it with a private company to keep them from publicizing the truth that the vaccine manufacturers don't want known. It would be counter to his interests to mention the millions in Campaign contributions to those politicians who appoint the head of the CDC and could fire her quickly if she acted in the best interests of babies rather than drug company profits.
There is also the mention of privacy issues as a below the belt jab at the Geier's. There is no privacy issue involved. That's just another low blow by someone who won't admit the truth that his colleagues made a huge mistake by poisoning babies into autism. I seriously doubt the Geiers had a nefarious intention. They were simply trying to find the facts and no privacy was going to be jeopardized by whatever they found. I didn't see any mention in this blatant attempt to deceive the reader of the blockades put up by the CDC to prevent the Geier's from enhancing their proof that thimerosal causes autism.
Then there was the laughable reference to litigation. We are supposed to believe that that falsely makes the numbers for autism look larger. The true fact is that they don't look large enough. Since our paid for politicians have prevented most of the thimerosal injured children from filing under NVICP thanks to the 3 year statute of limitations, the majority of these children poisoned into autism are out of luck. The Geier's didn't give us the proof that mercury causes autism until 2003. Most parents didn't have this information in time to file under NVICP because they were already beyond the statute. Even though some of us knew that mercury caused autism before that thanks to the scientists at Simpsonwood, we were still beyond statute and the drug companies thusly escaped having to pay for their crimes of negligence.
The friends of Neurodiversity just never give up trying to hide the truth about thimerosal. Their shameful arguments of half-truths may fool unsuspecting readers but they can't fool all of the people. The real shame is that the doctors who helped cause the autism epidemic refuse to help the kids they poisoned.