Friday, October 07, 2011

Pure Evil, The Canary Party

Mark Blaxill's Canary Party makes the Nazi Party look like Mary Poppins. The evil of Blaxill and his followers is so much worse than anything the Nazi's did, it's tough to put into words.

The Nazi's set great standards of inhumanity that will live in infamy for a long time. Starving and beating men, women and children before they gassed them to death for no reason besides the fact that they were Jewish will live on as one of the most heinous crimes in history.

We have to look at the specifics of autism to see how much more cruel to children the Canary Party is. Blaxill and the mothers who make up the bulk of the membership of this deranged political party pawn themselves off as parents of autistic children. Maybe this is true but I'm starting to find it difficult to believe that any of them actually have autistic kids.

Autistic kids are pathetic. They can't speak and they endure some incredible physical pain. Sometimes they cry for hours at a time. They can't speak to describe their pain. They can't even point to a part of their body that hurts. They just cry, and cry and cry, so loudly and so intensely that your heart breaks for them. There is nothing you can do to help them. They bash their heads through walls to try to make their pain stop. They bite themselves into bloody messes, sometimes for hours at a time. I think they're trying to kill themselves to end the pain they suffer. When you bring them to Emergency Wards, the doctors throw you out and tell you they won't treat autism. They might give you a powerful drug to quiet them for a little while but they do absolutely nothing to try to address the source of the autistic kids' distress.

Autism is a horror that lasts a lifetime. These children grow up and endure the same pain. No doctor ever tries to help. It is a lifetime of painful torture. They spend their adult years in asylums, unloved, forgotten by all to suffer daily while their caretakers drug them senseless so they don't have to listen to them scream in pain.

The Canary Party knows how to stop this horror. They know that autism is caused by mercury and that most of that mercury comes from vaccines. But these degenerates are playing a game of psychological warfare. They refuse to make any statements about the role mercury plays in causing this condition. Instead, they have gone off on another obtuse tangent to try to make it look like they are organizing their party for the good of all people who may have been harmed by the medical profession. In the process, they have buried the truth about mercury beneath their rhetoric espousing everything else that might be wrong with our society.

When I asked the Canary Party for help to spread the information about how the flu shot to pregnent women gives fetuses up to 200 times the safe dose of mercury, Ginger Taylor deleted my request and threw me out of the Canary party. Ginger made no comment at all, simply deleted this information that she knows is true. Ginger Taylor knows that millions of children could be saved from becoming autistic if we could warn people about the danger in this flu shot. She won't do it. Neither will Mark Blaxill. Neither will any other mother who belongs to this perverse group of deviant parents.

No parent of an autistic child could possibly be this cruel as to wish autism on any child but that's exactly what these people are doing. Anyone who really does have an autistic child has been through the same horror that I've been through with my son. I doubt anyone who has lived through this Hell on Earth wants to see more children go through it.

The fact that the Canary Party refuses to say one word about how to prevent autism tells us there is something seriously wrong with these people. How anyone who has been through autism can be stupid enough to join this pack of sadists is beyond me. At least Hitler eventually killed his victims and ended their suffering. The Canary Party takes no such altruistic action to end the suffering of autistic children. They just let them writhe and scream in pain while they pretend to be working on the kids' behalf. I can only hope that the people who are followers of these psychopathic leaders wake up to the truth soon.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Confirming Age of Autism's Corruption

Most of the stupid mothers who follow the Age of Autism blog are also members of the corrupt Canary Party which is just more controlled opposition to lead these idiots to waste their time. No matter how many times I've tried to explain to these dopes about how they're being deceived, none of them seem to be able to grasp what I'm talking about.

There are several possible explanations for this. They could all really be that stupid, a highly unlikely outcome. There could be a lot more Pharma shills among them than I had thought. Or, there could be a lot more Pharma shiils among them than I had thought and the rest could have a lot more truly stupid parents than I thought possible. It doesn't matter which of those possibilities is true.

The thing that's interesting about all that I have written over the years about this corruption from Age of Autism and the Canary Party is that nobody from the apparent enemy has ever said one word about it. One would think they'd be laughing about having David Kirby and JB Handley exposed as Pharma shills. Nope, silence. If the alleged people with Asperger's from Neurodiversity were genuine people themselves, they'd be gloating at Age of Autism and the dopes who follow them for being exposed. Not a whisper.

As much as these two opponents claim to despise each other, they never miss an opportunity to rip the other apart. Yet, in several years worth of my writing to note the deception, not one word of gloating. Not one jibe that I have ever witnessed. That tells us that the two sides have been working together all along. They work just like the Democrats and Republicans work to fool all of the people so they can serve their masters who bribe them for their service.

Since I'm certain that there are a lot of parents who have been fooled by this whole charade, perhaps some of them will ask themselves the same question and it will help them see the truth.