Sunday, May 18, 2008

NH Rep Suzanne Butcher Maims Autistic Children

Rep Suzanne Butcher of Keene is the nitwit in charge of the NH Autism Council. This dumb broad clings to the obsolete notion that there is no known cause or cure for autism. When I tried to explain to this idiot that we learned what causes autism nine years ago, she politely shunted me aside with a condescending grimace and suggested I explain it to another scumbag representative named Dr James Pilliod from Belmont.

Rep Butcher thinks she knows all there is to know about autism because she has a kid who she claims is autistic. This kid just graduated from college. That means he is not a low functioning autistic and probably is not autistic at all. He most likely has Asperger's Syndrome if he made it through college.

Butcher will not acknowledge low functioning autism and is too stubborn to learn that we now know how to cure it. This brain dead jackass who represents children as part of her constituency adheres to the inane belief that the best way to cure mercury poisoning is with teaching. This is no different than running to a school for medical assistance if you are bitten by a rattlesnake. You see, almost all autism is caused by mercury. Removing the mercury is the first step in reversing the brain damage that has been misnamed "autism" for 65 years.

This is a pretty simple concept to grasp. We know that the CDC thinks one microgram of mercury is safe. We know that children vaccinated up until 2003 received almost 200 times this amount in their vaccines. We learned that the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical. We learned a lot of other stuff that gave us more proof that mercury caused the autism that I won't go into here. The important thing is that, once we learned that autistic kids could be made normal again by removing mercury from their brains, we had the basic knowledge we needed to give them back their lives. Yet, here we have Rep Butcher and the rest of the brain dead jackasses on the NH Autism Council insisting that we spend more money on teaching while ignoring the fact that mercury is sitting in children's brains continually killing brain cells.

So, by refusing to learn what scientists have taught us about autism in the last nine years, Rep Butcher is preventing autistic children from receiving the only medical treatment that will help them. Her stubborn stupidity is preventing New Hampshire parents from receiving proper advice about how to help their kids. Every day that goes by with this brain dead jackass helping to hide that knowledge means more brain cells killed in the brains of autistic children by mercury. The more brain cells that are destroyed by mercury remaining in the brain, the tougher it will be for these autistic people to regain the normalcy they were born with.

For those who believe the false argument that claims autism is genetic, let me set you straight. The most common genetic conditions that are similar to autism are fragile X syndrome and Retts syndrome. Virtually everything else that can be somehow linked to genetics requires the introduction of mercury for the autism to manifest itself. Listening to anyone on the NH Autism Council assures one will have no hope of curing your child. All you can ever expect is the slim chance that years and years of teaching may produce some minor improvement in behaviors along with wasting a fortune by trying to cure poisoning with teaching.

You can write to Rep Butcher at if you'd like to ask her to get her head out of her ass. Autistic children will thank you.


Anonymous said...

perhaps this idiot likes the view up there. I heard she was from uranus anyway.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, it is possible for Autistic children to get through college. My partner is Autistic, he has a HND in photography. He has a rough start in school, being bullied and never got his GCSE's. But he has succeeded in life, by learning to control anger, frustration and anxiety. I think its you that needs to get your head out of your backside and wake up to reality.

Foresam said...

If your partner made it through college, he, she or it is not autistic. They might have Asperger's but have nothing in common with kids who can't do anything useful.

Anonymous said...

" Foresam said...
If your partner made it through college, he, she or it is not autistic. They might have Asperger's but have nothing in common with kids who can't do anything useful."

How do you know? Do you personally stalk each and every one of them?!?!

Anonymous said...

Foresam, Autism often occurs with intellectual disability.

I've been working with people with Autism for some years and we are finding that some of the older people diagnosed with intellectual disability also have autism - and have had all their lives but the intellectual disability has been of a severe nature and covered the autistic aspects of their personality.

Among those with Autism who do not have an intellectual disability we also find a wide range of ability - including those who have the capacity to attend university and obtain a degree.

Labelling these people as 'Asperger's' just because they do not have an intellectual disability is inaccurate - no, actually its just wrong.

If the 'kid can't do anything useful' then it is highly likely that their level of Autism is very severe or they also have an intellectual disability.

It happens and seeing it every day I would hesitate to place too many restrictions on what you think people with autism can or can't do.

It is a spectrum - and therefore has a range. . .


Foresam said...

Agreed. The best evidence of this all the of the Neuroinsane who want to remain intellectually incapacitated.