Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dan Olmsted Admits His Stupidity

Here is an interesting video in which Dan Olmsted admits how he and David Kirby were baited into supporting Kathleen Seidel and her contemptible abuse of all autistic people. Olmsted is mentally challenged enough to state that he believes Cliff Shoemaker's subpoena to silence Seidel was also a threat to him. This begs the question of what Olmsted could possibly fear from a similar probe.

In this video, we hear Kim Stagliano state that Orac is a healer who's coming after our community viciously. While this is true, one has to ask why Stagliano, Olmsted and Kirby would allow themselves to be conned by this jackass doctor. It should be obvious to all of us who know the truth about thimerosal that Orac and all of his associates are just a bunch of lying scoundrels who don't want the truth about thimerosal to be known.

Here we see Stagliano, Olmsted and Kirby discussing strategy on how to handle the Neurodiverse.

This discussion also talked about the epidemic denial, another blatant lie that the panel seemed to agree was pure nonsense.

So, what will it take for Olmsted and Kirby to see that everything that Kathleen Seidel says is also pure idiocy designed to prevent anyone from curing autism? In my book, when Kathleen Seidel does not tell the whole truth about treatments that help ameliorate the symptoms of autism, she is abusing autistic people. Do Olmsted and Kirby think that it is her constitutional right to abuse autistic people with these half truths?

Olmsted seems to have dwelled on the possibility that Seidel's right to free speech being jeopardized could also jeopardize the same right for him. He has neglected to think the matter through thoroughly, to understand how Seidel is abusing autistic people while he is helping them. Olmsted is telling the truth while Seidel is not. The legal problems incurred by liars do not translate into legal problems for truth tellers.

Olmsted could rectify his stupidity of supporting Seidel by listening to people from his own camp who know the nefarious nature of Neuroinsanity. He was dumb enough to be baited by a doctor who commits malpractice every day by lying about autism but he chooses to ignore people who have a hand in curing autism.

I wonder if Olmsted and Kirby will ever smarten up and retract their support of this vicious, lying bitch who is trying to prevent us from curing our children. What else can Orac and his band of scumbags bait these two into stupidly supporting?

In case Orac tries to bait you again Dan, try a two word response. You won't look like such a sucker.


Anonymous said...

Take a look here and you will see rock solid proof Japanese kids got autism from vaccines, including thiomersal containing Japanese Encephalitis vaccine:-

Japanese Autism Numbers Rose & Fell with Vaccinations

Scroll up and down the page and use the "back" link to see more.

Anonymous said...

"No shit" news of the day: Mercury Fillings may Cause Neuro Damage to Fetuses.

Anonymous said...

How long can they ignore the elephant in the room?