Monday, May 12, 2008

WBZ TV Boston, Dr Mallika Marshall, Lying Child Abuser

WBZ TV in Boston just had one idiot doctor on to tell us that vaccines do not cause autism. This lying, incompetent, slug called parents irresponsible who do not vaccinate their kids. Dr Mallika Marshall was more concerned with a handful of children getting measles than with a million kids who have their lives destroyed by thimerosal in vaccines.

Dr Marshall obviously has not learned that we are curing autism by removing the mercury that the doctors shot into our babies. This stupid bitch was talking about early intervention instead of chelation. What kind of crap is that when these doctors continue to commit malpractice by giving parents of autistic children this horrible advice instead of telling themn how to fix mercury poisoning?

Before WBZ put this idiot on to lie to us, they showed a moronic mother and a guy named Bill Ahern from the New England Center for Children who tried to lie to us by mentioning that autism has not disappeared since the thimerosal was removed from vaccines. This lying piece of garbage, Ahern, must think that nobody knows that some vaccines DO still have thimerosal. He also must think nobody knows that giving thimerosal to fetuses and newborns before they have a blood brain barrier is the most dangerous time to shoot up a kid with mercury. It has the best results in causing autism.

I think Ahern just wants to lie to parents so he can suck more parents into sending their kids to his useless school where they try to treat mercury poisoning with teaching. It won't work, Bill, so stop trying to bullshit us. And, this place has the nerve to stick some moron mother in front of the camera who's too stupid to try to help her child medically to spout the worn out lines about teaching as a fix for autism.

Ahern and Dr Marshall really should be ashamed of themselves for not telling parents the truth about autism.


Anonymous said...

Bill Ahern....some call him Bill Asshole becaue that's what he is. That entire place is sickening and the stupid parents who fall for their line of crap is amazing.

nwofighter said...

Mainstream tv is the Illuminati trying to brainwash you into sex maniacs. Look at the CBS logo, it's the Illuminati symbol, the all seeing eye.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie Strully is the Director at NECC. He tells parents that anything biomed is psuedoscience and it is banned in his facility. He even makes parents sign documentation saying they will not use any alternative treatments or see certain doctors that he doesn't approve of---sounds like the town of Stepford to me.

Of course he wants the kids vaccinated---doesn't want to lose business. Guess what his background was in before he started NECC? Running nursing homes from what people say---unreal.

And the idiot parents fall for him and his cronnies. I know of a kid who was placed in residential there not long ago--he has done nothing but gotten worse. He now needs two therapists on him at all times which, of course, requires more in tuition dollars. How convenient. The district was pissed. When he started he used to need just one. He now has a lot of G/I issues. You've got to wonder about the parents at NECC who follow this man like a bunch of sheep.

Ender said...

They only tell half the story just like you, whats the problem? Beyond that I can think of quite a few times that you didn't complain when CNN or another station just had one doctor on that said that vaccines do cause autism.

Anonymous said...

Vaccines DO cause autism, vaccines make people sick, but you can't tell them because they are all brainwashed idiots.

I have warned my parents about taking the flu vaccine. I have told them Alzheimers is just autism in the elderly but they keep on pumping themselves full of the crap. I have told my siblings not to vaccinate their poor kids but they keep on doing it and touting the usual brainwashed stories about vaccines saving lives.

Does anyone actually think for themselves?

There have been six or seven measles cases in Toronto, all among adults and it hits the news like the Bubonic Plague just struck.

Measles is harmless you idiots, the vaccine will kill you slowly.

Its like pushing mud uphill trying to educate people about these poisons.

lurker said...

Even if there was an upsurge of measles cases from lack of vaccination, authorities likely could have avoided the panic by admitting it was the thimerosal that caused the danger and that it has been removed from most vaccines. There are too many people not getting the whole story on the vaccine scandal, so some might not even attribute the danger to the mercury because the establishment has tried to keep it from being clearly known about.

That thing about Strully is just as I suspected: condemnation of any alternative treatment, alongside the throwing of children who could receive such treatment into facilities which make a load of money from their phony treatments.

The flu vaccine really makes me suspicious. I once saw some tables set up in a supermarket with some people giving flu vaccination shots to people in the store. I wonder what that was about.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Strully and Offit had a connection. Strully seems to spend a lot of time brainwashing the parents that enter his facility that vaccines have nothing to do with autism. That and they end up fundraising for him so he can make more money. It really sounds like a twisted cult with truly ignorant parents as followers.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to write to WBZ (and NECC) and tell them to actually wake up and pay attention to the fact that vaccines are involved in autism? NECC will never admit this (even if the CDC does eventually) because they are too fearfull of losing clients. (which is all the kids are at that place.)

Foresam said...

Sure, you could write to these bastards but don't you think they'd just toss your concerns in the trash?

That's why I put it on a blog. It ain't ABC but at least it's out in public where it's more difficult for them to ignore. And, more people may learn what a bunch of lying scumbags they are.

Anonymous said...

And when the kids get so out of control isn't wonderful to know that places like this (NECC was called New England Center for Autism back then) resort to such restraint that the child dies. Completely sickening.





Data Key:
N/A -- Information not available
P -- Physical restraint hold | M -- Mechanical restraint | S -- Seclusion
H -- Hospital | R -- Residential facility
(list has been modified to reflect only children and young adults ages 6-19)

Notes on death
Cause of death

Bogrett, Jeffrey
New England Center for Autism
New Hampshire boy died in restraints at a Massachusetts group home.
Sudden death during restraint

Anonymous said...

And despite the fact that NECC publicly condemns the JRC---guess where it refers their kids to once they are so destroyed there is no turning back? The JRC--as do several other places.

Anonymous said...

Here's the kind of crap Bill Ahearn spends his time writing. I wonder why an ABA center devotes so much time and energy trying to brainwash people into thinking that vaccines are perfectly safe. This man is a true asshole.

June 2004

News and Notes about Scientific Research on Autism and other Developmental and Behavioral Disorders

Editor: Bill Ahearn, Ph.D., BCBA
Director of Research, The New England Center for Children

Retraction of Suggested Autism MMR Link

In 1998, Andrew Wakefield and 12 colleagues published a study consisting of a series of case reports in The Lancet tentatively suggesting a link between the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. This paper reported that symptoms of gastrointestinal difficulties and autism emerged in several children following MMR vaccination and that the parents of these children associated the vaccine with the onset of difficulties. Anecdotal report, such as parents correlating the onset of these symptoms with the delivery of the injection, is typically not accepted as scientific evidence, though such reports can lead to productive research that systematically investigates the caregiver observations.

As has been reported numerous times in our Newsletter, the suggested link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been thoroughly investigated by many well-respected autism researchers and no confirming evidence has emerged. For example, Fombonne and Chakrabarti (2001) did an extensive survey of the potential link between autism and the MMR vaccine and found that there was no evidence for a relation. The most definitive study to date was conducted by Danish researchers (Hviid et al., 2003) who looked at nearly three million children that received either a vaccine containing thimerosal or the same vaccine without this preservative and found that the rates of autism were not higher in the group that received vaccines with thimerosal. Some have said that thimerosal damages the gut, however, Taylor and his colleagues (2002) in a study with nearly 500 children with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) found no relation between the MMR and bowel problems. Looking specifically at gut problems in persons with autism, Black, Kaye and Jick (2002) found that children with ASD were no more likely to have a gastrointestinal problem than their age-matched peers.

In February the results of an investigation into the original Wakefield et al. (1998) study was published in The Sunday Times (London) by Brian Deer. Deer's report uncovered that Wakefield was paid over $100,000 by a group of lawyers and parents prior to conducting his research. This group was seeking to sue vaccine manufacturers and wanted Wakefield to provide a link between the MMR and autism. Several of the children in the study were not routine referrals as was suggested in The Lancet but were sent to the Royal Free Hospital by one of the lawyers for this group. The article also stated that the Royal Free Hospital's ethics committee approved the research conducted but the Deer investigation uncovered that the study was not even reviewed by an ethics committee. This scandal has resulted in 10 of the study's co-authors retracting the suggestion of a link between MMR and autism (Mayor, 2004). The finding that the MMR autism link was never solidly grounded in fact may lead to greater public confidence in this and other vaccines. However, it is quite daunting to consider the amount of funding that has been channeled into investigating this claim. There are many other promising areas of research into the etiology and treatment of autism that could have greatly benefited from these resources.

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For more information on Brian Deer visit: