Monday, May 12, 2008

Easter Seals Fleeces Philanthropists

I received the following email from Easter Seals which purports to give hope to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, the con artists who raise money for Easter Seals are true to their word and only give people with autism FALSE hope.

These scumbags have known for a long time that autism is caused by mercury in vaccines but they refuse to do anything to cure that autism. Instead, they take your money and use it to pay themselves inflated salaries while they allow children with autism to rot in institutions when they could be curing those children.

Donating money to Easter Seals is like paying sadists to abuse children. As long as Easter Seals has lots of disabled kids to allegedly raise momney for, they get to keep their jobs. If they did the right thing and tried to cure those kids, there might not be any disabled kids to justify their jobs.

Please do not donate anything to these child abusing bastards!

Dear John,

Walk With Me
Manchester 2008

What: 5K walk and live
music from Mama Kicks!
Where: Veteran's Park
When: June 5, 2008
How: Register online now!

Easter Seals Walk With Me unites thousands of people in a common cause -- to provide help and hope for individuals and families living with disabilities. In 2007, over 16,500 dedicated participants and donors across the country raised over $3.4 million dollars. And we hope to top that in 2008!

But, to reach our goal, we need your help and your participation. After all, every step makes a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. Please take a moment to register online today at and join us for the 2008 Walk With Me event in your area.

When you register, you’ll be partnered with an Easter Seals Honorary Ambassador -- a child or adult with a disability who has benefited from Easter Seals services. You’ll get to know your Ambassador through personal stories and photos and, on event day, you’ll even get to meet him or her. You’ll leave your event with terrific memories of an inspirational day -- not just a t-shirt!

No matter what your size, age, or ability, you can put hope within reach for people with disabilities and have a great time at Walk With Me! We hope to see you there!

Larry Gammon
President and CEO
Easter Seals New Hampshire

PS. Can't join us at Walk With Me? You can still support a participant or your local Walk With Me event at


nwofighter said...

Easter Seals is only furthering the Illuminati's goal. Brainwash the parents of these murdered children into thinking that little swim teams and organized activites will help these kids, even though they can't talk, eat their own shit and will never propagate their genes.

Anyone who knows what the Illuminati is doing but refuses to help should be put in prison for torture and genetic suicide.

Anonymous said...

Some years back I knew a young man with Spina Bifida who worked for Easter Seals teaching kids to swim. I asked him how many other disabled people he worked with and he told me he was the only one. They did not employ disabled people. He was the exception.


blackplastick said...

I have asperger's syndrome. I contacted Easter Seals to get help, and they simply referred me to the local free clinic. I went to the free clinic and the assholes there had no clue what aspergers was. I called easter seals back, and they referred me to some therapist located in a run down condo who interviewd me in a backroom next to a barely funcitonal copy machine (it made an annoyingly high pitched sound the entire time). Neither was any help whatsoever. Easter Seals website claims to offer housing and employment services for autistics, neither of which they offered me. I asked them about it and they claimed not all of their offices offer all services (even though our local easter seals office stated they DO offer these services). Not long ago I went back to their site, and the services listing were removed. I guess they changed their mind about them. Anyway it looks like Easter Seals is a glorified phone referral services. You're right, they don't do shit to earn their money. I am quit surprised really, since the organization is almost 100 years old with an almost spotless reputation (up until now).