Monday, December 13, 2010

Justice, Brian Cross of Easter Seals

Easter Seals is a corrupt social service agency who serves the propaganda of the Pharmaceutical industry. They con the public into giving them money by pretending to help disabled children while their main focus is on preventing those children from being cured of their ailments. Easter Seals keeps a lot of people employed caring for these children and, on the surface, they present the illusion that they are a humanitarian entity.

Brian Cross was an Easter Seals vice-president who ran a custodial care facility for developmentally disabled teens. Cross knew how to cure autism but refused to give that treatment to the autistic children in his care. One can only assume that Cross consciously decided to prevent these teens from being cured because curing them would have meant an empty facility and no further need for his employment there.

I recently learned that Cross had intervened when one resident in his asylum was exhibiting some challenging behavior and said resident bit Brian's finger off, a scene I would have enjoyed witnessing.

Here's to you kid! May more of Easter Seals' victims exact similar justice.

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