Saturday, January 23, 2010

Maine Condemns Autistic Children to Life In Prison

The liars and profiteers who control the management of autism in the state of Maine have published the most dishonest report I have ever seen to ensure that no child in Maine will ever receive any help in curing their autism. Here's the link to this pile of pseudo-intellectual, government speak that uses grievous lies of omission to misrepresent the truth about how to treat autism.

You don't have to read any further than the page that lists the authors of this report to know what you will read in the rest of the report. It's exactly the dishonesty that we have been hearing for years from the same liars who profit from our childrens' brain damage. Every person who contributed to this report profits from keeping our children autistic. If we cure our kids, all of these people will be looking for jobs except the state employees who, as always remain on the payroll and just have less work to do.

This report is pure propaganda to endorse ABA as the only method that should be used to treat autism. None of the liars who wrote this dishonesty tried to elaborate on how teachers can reverse the effects of having mercury and aluminum sitting in a child's brain. They just decided not to mention how they designed that miracle. We know that autism is caused by mercury from vaccines and that the mercury will stay in the brain forever where it will keep killing brain cells. Yet, we have these behaviorist "magicians" from Maine who are trying to make us believe that they can help autistic children by using words to provoke the mercury to stop causing harm to our children. I'm sure they can cure rattlesnake bites by using ABA against the venom with equally wondrous results.

The liars from Maine decided to include chelation in their report. They mentioned how one child was killed by intravenous chelation using EDTA. They did not include the fact the doctor who killed this child committed malpractice by using the wrong kind of EDTA and they neglected to mention the fact that no person has ever been harmed by using DMSA and ALA to chelate mercury out of the brain orally.

These dishonest Maniacs spent a great deal of time in their report describing the dishonest term "evidence based medicine". They neglected to tell us that the rules for "evidence based medicine" are determined by the same people who decided it was acceptable to keep shooting mercury into babies and fetuses after they admitted that this caused autism in 1999. It is clear to enyone who looks at these "definitions" that they are merely weasel worded government speak designed to exclude evidence that they want to keep hidden so they won't be identified as criminals. To the liars in Maine, that means they do not accept the fact that we have cured a lot of children with chelation because we have not succumbed to the liars demands to prove our facts by following the rules that they made up for the sole reason of finding an excuse to exclude that evidence.

The truth that the Maniacs will not even address is that there are cured children all over the place who were cured by removing the mercury that caused the autism from their brains. All the Maniacs have to do is look at these children, talk to the doctors who cured them and review parents' records of chelation treatments to see the truth. However, the liars in Maine refuse to accept this evidence because nobody has bothered doing a study that satisfies the demands of the people who caused all of the autism by never bothering to do the same kind of study they ask for, on thimerosal.

Lots of people might read this pseudo-scientific report, read the long list of studies and names of alleged "experts" who support lying to the public about the dishonesty of the medical profession and the Pharmaceutical industry and think that that is a good reason to believe this deception.

Nobody should believe one word of this dishonest report from the lying Maniacs because I, and thousands of other parents are proof that they are being completely dishonest. I cured my son of all of the nightmarish behaviors associated with autism as well as all of the physical symptoms that were caused by mercury. I cured his four or five year battle with constipation within the first two months of starting chelation. When the mercury left his "gut", the constipation vanished and his bowels have been normal for six years now. My son had always dragged one leg behind the other from the time he took his first step and that physical symptom vanished at the same time. He has walked normally ever since. His head banging vanished. His screaming vanished. His sleep was controlled with melatonin, another thing the Maniacs lied about. They support using stronger drugs that can cause harm to the liver and worse.

My son stopped bolting into traffic and out of classrooms. He stopped biting himself, stopped assaulting people who were trying to restrain him since he no longer needed to be restrained. He began to make eye contact again, began to learn in school rather than just being allowed to spin in circles all day because no teacher could communicate with him at all. He learned to hit golf balls rather than eating the golf club, something I had tried to teach him every day for nine years. I taught my other children how to swing a golf club in one day. He learned to understand language and respond to it, though he still can't speak. He learned to use basic signs to have his needs met. He stopped smearing feces. I could go on but, the point is that he is a different child thanks to removing mercury from his brain with chelation.

I don't profit from telling people the truth about how to cure autism. The problem here is that the people from Maine who do profit by not telling people the truth about how to cure autism are just as hazardous to autistic children as the doctors who shot the mercury into them with their vaccines. The liars in Maine will not even make any mention of chelation using DMSA and ALA because they know the truth. They know that it works to cure autism, the same as I do. Maine is condemning autistic children to a lifetime of suffering because the state of Maine is allowing dishonest "experts" to present false information to the public.

Every person associated with this report is a liar. I challenge all of them to charge me with libel for making that statement. I can prove that all of you are dishonest. All I have to do is show up in court with one child who was helped by chelation. That will be proof that you are not looking out for the best interests of any autistic child.

Chelation is cheap, simple but time consuming. It can take years to remove all of the mercury safely but it is the only way to cure autism. All of the junk these Maniacs present in their dishonest report can merely improve some synptoms. Their methods do nothing for the physical pain that autistic kids endure due to having mercury in their organs.

Chelation consists of dosing a child with 1/8 to 1/2 mg per pound with ALA, every three hours for three days. Then take either four or eleven days off. Some other supplements are used but that is the gist of it. The liars in Maine should be telling everyone that that is how we cure autism. The fact that these Maniacs refuse to tell this truth makes them criminally negligent.


Anonymous said...

Out of Maine. You have to wonder if this Mass. advocate is pushing for chelation and other costly biomed treatments to be part of the covered treament for autism. Sadly, I highly doubt it.


Anonymous said...

What's so sad is that the traveling lesbian (which is what this one looks like) runs around helping other states supposedly but has yet to help her own state. Additionally, this rep. from Autism Speaks makes no mention of fighting for ANY biomed treament or chelation getting covered under insurance. Only ABA and possibly some related services (e.g. speech, OT). Spinning around in circles. People like her will be fighting the same fight 20, 50, 100 years from now because ultimately the children will continue to be harmed by vaccines. Foolish people like this are fighting the wrong fight. If we don't damage the children to begin with then fighting for these services will not be necessary. I am stunned by the extreme stupidity of parents failing to see this.