Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This Is Autism


Kent Adams said...

Jamey Gilbert has the most severe type of autism of all, and he deserves and needs a cure. For cases like Jamey's, the social model of disability will not ever work to bring him relief. He was once on Matthew Israel's earlier shock device called the SIBIS when he was very very young.

Most people turn a blind eye to kids/adults like Jamey and really don't want to face up to cases like his. He desperately needs help and his family desperately needs help. I suspect that I'll be pummeled and ostracized for saying this but I've been saying it for awhile now. The social model of disability has no place for kids like Jamey. They need a cure and they need it now.

Foresam said...

Kent, I told the person who put that video up how I had gone through the same thing and how I had cured it. I left my email and offered to help. They deleted my comments.

I suspect they have been deluded by Neurodiversity. Why else would they delete a comment from someone who knows how to solve the problem?

My son was worse than that, and a lot stronger. That woman never would have been able to restrain Sam.

If Neurodiversity would shut the fuck up, people wouldn't be afraid to listen when we tell them we can cure this nightmare.

Kent Adams said...

John, she probably found your comments insulting and that's why she erased them.

Foresam said...

No Kent, my comments were not the least bit insulting. Just because I insult the hell out of Neurodiversity doesn't mean I insult anyone else.

Kent Adams said...

" I told the person who put that video up how I had gone through the same thing and how I had cured it."

I think she probably found the above insulting. You need to read her letters to the California Department of Social Services where she outlines everything they have tried. Look at more of her videos.

When you look at the hardship for that family, do you think they would ignore any help? I don't. I believe they would do anything to help their son.

Foresam said...

She obviously doesn't want to hear what I have to say. There's no point in trying to learn more. If she doesn't want to learn how others have solved the problem, I can't help her.

She's wasting her time with social services. They'll never help her.

Anonymous said...

Such videos break my heart. That being said, even those with Asperger's like me, have great difficulties. I have put this up once on Age of Autism, to whcih no one has replied. I am a long time reader and a second time poster by the way :).

"All I know is I'm 25 years old, and I am sick! I am sick and tired of being put on a back burner while funds have to be spent to debate these people instead of going towards curing me and those like me!

I am sick and tired of waiting, being told how I don't have a disability, I have a "difference" and that I should accept that and live with it, when it all could have been PREVENTED!!!!

I have a right to a normal life! Free from being serperated from everyone else, free of isolation and dispair! Free of going through day after day fighting so hard to fake normal! Of missed opportunities I could have had because of something that was not my fault!

I, and every other autistic child and adult out there DESERVE ANSWERS!!! We are tired of suffering day after day for Big Pharma's and the goverment's bottom line!

We, like our parents, fight so hard every single day just to be able to fuction in a world we do not understand! And it is painful, and exhausting, a drain on finances, energy, health!!

I am tired of these people and thier excuses!! And I am tired of playing nice!! I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW!!! So let's cut the bs folks, and start doing your REAL jobs!!

Remember the oath? Do no harm? Well every time you tell me to accept that I will never be like everyone else, never be able to do the simple enjoyable things everyone else does, you do me and every other person on the spectrum and those who love them harm!!

I don't even think they are even trying to find a cure! I think they spend all thier funds fighting us, meanwhile, as always, it's the children who suffer!! Well I put my foot down! I am going to start a grassroots campaign here, getting all those who can on the spectrum to write thier stories.

Everything that WE on the spectrum go through just to get through the regular day, and how much it costs us each day. And how much it hurts to see what our disorder does to those we love!

And I am going to send them to not only my state reps with whom I am in close contact with, but federal leaders!! Maybe with parents and ASDS together, we can get someone's attention!!

Anybody with me?"

No one has answered me John! They don't care!


Bugtussell USA said...

Darian, let me know if you do this. I have long thought we need a website of ALL parents and kids stories. That way, parents can see that over and over - this all started within hours or days of vaccination.

If all these stories were in one place, on one website - then anecdotal evidence would only be ignored by the corrupt science - the others may just start thinking outside the box instead of blindly following the hearsay and group-speak of those who are on the corrupt side of science. That can't ALL be bad - can they? I keep thinking that if more doctors and scientists see their kids go through the changes after vaccines then they might start standing up. When it effects your own child, you are less likely to ignore the obvious and more likely to take a stand.

My children are not autistic but my brother was. It happened back in the days before the government and AAP told doctors to lie to the parents. Not a single doctor ever denied the vaccine/autism relationship - not ever. But today they defend vaccines and lie to the parents - often looking them straight in the eyes. I would be ashamed to be an MD in today's world. Maybe some that have even a tad of integrity will begin to speak out one day. Until that day comes, all we can do is work hard to spread the truth.

Anonymous said...


I'd be interested in submitting a story and some information about myself.

How should I contact you? I don't want to give away my e-mail address on here.

Watching in Washington said...

Maybe that's what we need is some adults with verifiable Asperger's or autism diagnoses out there to get together and counter neurodiversity. ND is always saying how parents and NT's "cannot understand" how their minds work. Well, who better to provide a counter to them than adults with Aspergers and autism who DO want to be cured? They cannot use that excuse against their fellow Aspies who do desire that, now can they? I always thought Jonathan Mitchell could not be the only adult with autism out there who wishes to be cured; I am sure there are many more.

Anonymous said...

There are many, I and my boyfriend are two of them. As our many in my advocacy group here. I would like to set up an eamil strictly for this, so that it won't get confused with my other emails and I can get to your responses quickly. Something like a blog would not be a bad idea. Does anyone know wheter geocities still allows those free webpages? And thank you all for replying! It gets lonely out here, having such a small group of the like minded. It's good to know others are out there!

I have something interesting to add that I thought John might like. I was watching a comedy special this weekend, and something the guy said really got my attention!

"They ain't looking for no cure!! What's the last thing they cured? Polio! 40 years ago!! And it p*^ed them off!! Lost millions of dollars! They ain't trying to cure anything! There isn't any MONEY IN THE CURE!! The money is in the COME BACK, in the treatment!It's a con job!"

Keep up the good fight John! It looks like you shall be getting some back up as soon as I can get up a page! It's time someone hear the REAL story about Asperger's for a change,not ND nonsense!

They make my suffering meaningless! Along with millions of others! HOW DARE THEY SAY I DO NOT SUFFER!?!?!

*rant over.... blush*


Foresam said...

Thanks for speaking out against Neuroinsanity. I hope more people who suffer from Asperger's realize that ND is pure propaganda and that they are selling out everyone on the autism spectrum.

Anonymous said...

I found a place that will take me on for free! A blog sharing all of our stories that is. I shall be getting on creating the page this evening after work. :)

We'll hit these haters in the teeth! I DARE someone to try and silence ME! *cue in evil laughter here*

I will not be put in the back ground and treated like I don't count because I don't think Autism is a gift! It's time us aspies who won't be marginalized by ND come forward! It's time for US to be heard for a change!!

I end with the battle cry of our Army and my well beloved brother, HOOAH!!


Foresam said...

Good for you, Darian. ND has brainwashed a lot of young people with Asperger's. It's always good to meet some who were not conned into joining the cult of insanity.

Anonymous said...

"I end with the battle cry of our Army and my well beloved brother, HOOAH!!"


You mean like our own version of the "Inglourious Basterds" with our very own Brad Pitt?

Brandonsrecovery said...

John, the vaccine pushers on the Vaccines Save Lives facebook group REFUSED to watch the before and after videos of my son. My son cannot be compared to Jamey, but still, see the change for yourself.

This is what dietary intervention, supplementation, and Andy Cutler chelation protocol does (in two years).

Foresam said...

Brandon's R,
Those liars will never admit the truth about anything. They're paid to lie about autism.