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Tell the IACC to Tell the Truth

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The IACC is ignoring the fact that we have been curing autism since 2001 with
chelation. Please note Dr Andrew Cutler's protocol and give it out to the world so
parents can learn how many of us have helped our autistic children safely.

While the IACC has been wasting time by allowing people to serve on your committee who advise people that we should not even try to cure this nightmare, many of us have helped our children by following Dr Cutler's advice.

My son spent the first eight years of his life spinning in circles and screaming in pain for hours at a time because no doctor would even try to help him. His time in school was a total waste because his autism was so severe that no teacher could reach him on any level. He would bite himself for hours at a time, smeared feces all over the house hundreds of times and banged holes in every wall in the house with his head.

Within two months of starting chelation, the head banging stopped, the feces smearing diminished and the constipation that he had suffered from for years vanished. He began to make eye contact, something he had not done since he was ten months old and he began to learn at school.

It took some time to end the self-biting that went on for years but it's now gone.
The feces smearing is gone. The pain that he was experiencing from some unknown source is gone. He no longer needs Seroquel or painkillers that he used to take every day. He is a happy child and he is making progress.

After five years, we are still using chelation and my son continues to improve. We
took two years off due to the biting. Without Dr Cutler's help in removing mercury from my son's brain, he would still be a "zombie" and he would probably be stuck in
an institution.

The IACC has an obligation to learn from parents who have cured their children
completely with chelation and report this success to the world. You need to throw those people off the committee who refuse to accept the fact that mercury caused this "horror show" and go about the business of helping these horribly impaired and
suffering kids.

Dr Cutler's protocol and contact information is pasted below my signature. Thank you.
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE
3006 230th Lane SE #X103
Sammamish, WA 98075
(425) 392-3428
January 22 nd, 2001

ALA/DMSA Mercury Detoxification Protocol

The unique advantage of this protocol is that literature pharmacology and
pharmacokinetics were put into standard textbook formulae to design an appropriate detox approach in the manner major drug companies often do when seeking FDA approval for a new drug to treat a specific condition.


This detoxification protocol uses alpha lipoic acid (ALA), an over the counter
nutritional supplement, and may optionally also use DMSA or DMPS. All are administered orally with adequate frequency to maintain reasonably steady blood levels.

ALA detoxification is effective for the removal of mercury and arsenic from the brain. DMSA is effective for the removal of lead, and assists in the removal of mercury. DMPS assists in the removal of mercury and arsenic.

Due to it?s pharmacokinetics, ALA must be administered no less frequently than every 4 hours. If it is administered less often, e. g. every 8 hours, it preferentially concentrates mercury into the highest affinity tissues. Most patients on infrequent ALA suffer an increase in symptoms rather than a reduction. By administering it at least every 4 hours the toxins are preferentially removed rather than redistributed.
It is essential to continue to administer ALA at night. If the nighttime doses are
skipped the chelation cycle must be ended and several days must elapse before chelation is started again.

Chelation is done by giving ALA round the clock for several days, then skipping at least as many days and repeating. It is necessary to have skip periods to avoid increasing body levels of copper and zinc too much as ALA inhibits their excretion. Chelating for 3 days and the 2 intervening nights then skipping at least the rest of the week is practical in terms of patient (and caretaker) tolerance for lost
sleep and side effects. Giving the ALA every 3 hours during the waking period and every 4 during sleep seems to work well.

DMSA changes the side effect profile of ALA and also accelerates detox by 30-40%. DMSA must be given no less often than every 4 hours and it is best to give it with the ALA for convenience. DMPS may also be used orally in combination with ALA. Subjectively this leads to a much lower side effect profile. DMPS must be administered no less often than every 8 hours. Administration with every other
ALA dose is suggested for simplicity.

Reasonable dosages are 1/8 to 1/2 mg per pound for each of ALA, DMSA and DMPS. There is no need for any specific ratio between them ? most people adjust their ALA dosage up and down to find a level where side effects aren?t bothersome and then stay at that dosage. Since toxin removal goes as the square root of chelator dose there is no reason to tolerate substantial side effects in order to hurry things

Side effects are an increase in symptoms or appearance of new symptoms during the
chelation cycle and for up to one day afterwards.

It is necessary to administer antioxidants due to the increased oxidative stress toxin mobilization causes. B complex, C and magnesium should be given 4 times a day, and zinc, E, carotenes, etc. at least daily. The B and C are not effective if not given 4 times a day due to their pharmacokinetics.


Since this detox protocol is only effective for specific metals a good diagnosis is
required. This may be done according to the checklist method in Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment. Hair element analysis is especially helpful. For mercury, use the procedure at to interpret the results.

Since autism appears to be the final common pathway of several different underlying
conditions differential diagnosis against all other causes must be performed. A high index of suspicion for some other cause should arise if the patient does not show marked improvement within 3 cycles if under 8 years, or 10 cycles if over age 8.

Tracking and management

While hair elements, fractionated urine porphyrins, and any other laboratory abnormals can be used to verify that therapy is working as they will normalize, there is no appropriate ?tracking test.? The determination of when chelation is finally done is subjective and is performed clinically when there are no further improvements and there are no longer side effects. Test results normalize well
before therapy is complete.

Common conditions that should be checked for and treated to reduce symptoms and side
effects are: elevated plasma cysteine (test at Great Smokies Labs) which is treated with dietary and supplement sulfur exclusion (thus no NAC or glutathione for this 50% of your patient population); low RBC magnesium which is treated with oral supplementation to just short of laxative effect, and intramuscular injections if needed; impaired cortisol response which is treated with stress avoidance and medications if unavoidable; impulsivity etc. (or abnormal) which can be treated with carbamazepine or valproate; fast liver phase 1 metabolism (causing chemical sensitivity with anxiety or agitation due to hydrocarbon fumes) treated with niacinamide qid or grapefruit juice qid.

If the case is requiring a large amount of management, go back to differential diagnosis, and make sure that the supplements (e. g. NAC, glutathione) aren?t harmful to that specific individual by appropriate testing.

For more information

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment -
Continuing education -
I can be reached electronically at
Parent reports are on


Kent Adams said...

John, if someone took you up on your belief of Cutler's method, did the protocol with video tape evidence and it didn't work, what would you say?

Foresam said...

As you read in the protocol, Andy advises us that if a child does not show marked improvement within ten cycles, that you should consider another cause. "Marked improvement" is a term open to interpretation. In my case, my son did show marked improvement in physical symptoms while the mental improvement only seemed slight.

However, over time, the mental improvement has been substantial. Andy had advised people that between 100 and 300 rounds of chelation are generally required to restore full mental capabilities.

Nobody has ever claimed that chelation will cure every child. It's just the best option for the majority.

If we wanted to discuss the subject thoroughly, we would have to become involved in clarifying diagnoses and investigating case by case appraisals of the cause. It's not a "quick fix" and, if you aren't lucky enough to have it work quickly, many factors have to be evaluated.

Watching in Washington said...

Glad to see you blogging about this again, John. Keep up the good work. I think you reach more people than you realize.

Do you ever get e-mails from others with severe children thanking you? I'll bet there are kids out there who have been helped because of you.