Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maine Wants Autistic Boys to Look Like This

The State of Maine advises people that using Risperidal to treat autism is "evidence based medicine". However, Maine neglected to include the fact that risperidal has been found responsible for boys growing breasts. So, we can conclude the Maniacs would much rather turn autistic boys into transgender mutants than to cure them.

Please see previous blogpost for a complete description of the idiocy practiced in Maine regarding autism.


violinist said...

That is beautiful LOL ROFL!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't really have words after seeing that...

Just what are they trying to do exactly? Create a humanoid version of Baphomet? And this is supposed to be treatment? I wonder how many parents are told the side effects of these drugs before the doctor writes out the prescription. Because I'm pretty sure if parents heard that one, they would tell the doctor where exactly he could go.

Darian (the token pro-cure Aspie girl)

Foresam said...

Most parents will blindly follow what any authority figure tells them to do. I'd like to see these alleged "experts" answer to me.

Watching in Washington said...

All I can say is I about spit my coffee all over the screen when I saw that photo yesterday, John. Thank you for the laugh, although it really isn't funny because it is the truth. So sad, really.

Foresam said...

Thank Socrates. I found the picture on his blog.

Yes, it's very sad that Maine and every other state refuses to tell people the truth about how vaccines cause brain damage.

Anonymous said...

Let alone the fact that there is treatment for it. Outside of voodoo that is (from the I am Autism video, the whole fighting it with voodoo thing made me laugh!).

One should try everything to cure themselves of this horrid thing! To want to be healthy at at full mental capacity! And those who don't can't be intelligent, or they are bluffing what they have, or blowing it out of proportion for attention and retreat when you call them on it.

I speak of the clueless NDs. Whom I sent this to this morning.

"I use to believe when I fist started out that I could speak for all on the Spectrum because I had Asperger's. I thought truly, and honestly, that I understood what people along the spectrum were going through.

When I got my job with the Department of Mental Health, I got a wake up call!! Though there are surface simularities, it is not nearly as extreme as in the case of LFA.

When I first started, they had be visit the habilitation centers. I came across individuals with the incompacitating kind of autism! The kind that never allowed the sufferer to learn how to walk, or to be potty trained.

The kind that at times can look catatonic and at others attacking staff for no reason. The rocking back and forth drooling, looking at the space next you and with a half hum half scream of "mmmuuuaaahhhh MAAAA! MUUUUUWAAAAAAHHHHH!!! AH AH AHA MWAHAAAAAAAA!!!!"

I remember only be able to be around for thirty minutes for the first time before I sought refuge in the bathroom and cried and cried and cried with all my soul and might! I didn't know! I never saw anything like that before!

I cried and cried, terrified by the thought of them being trapped inside themselves. What if there is a consious part of thier minds that is trapped, burried beneath all of that, and they can't get out!! Trapped inside yourself with no way to communicate and come in the world.

Overwhelmed by sensory that you can not move away from. That total lack of any control over themselves and any ability to get across the simplest thing they want. Being in so much misery and mental pain that they beat themselves with thier own fists!!

Screaming while they do it. And the grand finale of an aid having to chase one of the clients who just dropped thier shorts and went to the bathroom right on the floor, screaming while doing it!

Maybe this is an extreme case, but it was the first time I realized that though I can and do speak for those like me and our issues, I have no idea what it is like to go through that, or what parents have to do to take care of children who need such a high level of care.

Perhaps some of these NDs need to go and see with there own eyes what I saw. See the misery, and think about what it would be like to be trapped like that. Then perhaps they will come to understand that we have more in common with NT's than we do with those with LFA.

We can advocate for proper and better supports, and for a cure for such indivduals, but we can't claim we understand them! I learned that first hand! We can advocate for services for them, but we can not claim that we speak for them! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out watching them that they are not happy with what they have!

My fellow aspies have got to realize that many parents on here would jump for joy to have thier child be able to reach the point that people with Asperger's reach! They would praise God without end if there was a way that they could go as far as Ari and those like me have!

But untill there is a cure, the reality of what I saw at that place is all to common place. And no, we DO NOT understand what it is like to go through what they do, and we have GOT to stop claiming that we do."

I imagine it will fall on deaf ears again.

Darian (the token pro-cure aspie girl)

Fielding J. Hurst said...

OK,that is down right disturbing and hypnotic at the same time. LOOK AWAY .... LOOK AWAY ....

Foresam said...

Lots of young Aspies have been brainwashed by Ne'eman's predecessors. Ne'eman is evil enough to carry on their deception.

The jackasses in Maine are pure profiteers. They're getting rich selling junk behavioral services to kids who needs medical treatments. It's criminal.

Anonymous said...

This ugly mom just loves her Risperadol. Shuts her son up and now is horrified she may not be able to use it. What a POS parent.

Watching in Washington said...

I saw that blogpost, anonymous. Her kid is about 100 pounds at eight years of age and she has the nerve to trash biomed?

Although anyone who dyes their hair flaming neon pink in middle age the way all the teenagers are doing nowadays cannot be too bright.

Anonymous said...

She's an aging, hippie California freak. Loves the ND weirdos and weighs about 200 lbs. herself from the looks of it. Her child is fat, severe and the mother drugs him to the max, spends lots of time trashing chelation and is VERY pro vaccine. The kid doesn't have a chance with her.

Anonymous said...

ND freaks like Shannon Rosa of Redwood City, Calfornia are more interested in being accepted by some odd ND movement than she is in doing much for her son. Attention to herself and constant praise by other ND freaks is all she is looking for.

Watching in Washington, I too have to wonder why a woman, who looks to be a pretty haggered woman of about 50 years old, would continue to dye her hair bright pink. It tells you a lot about the maturity level and very strange mindset of a mom like this. God help any parent of a newly diagnosed kid listening to her since she loves to sound so knowledgable when she is really completely clueless and just a follower.

Anonymous said...

The woman is clearly a mental case. Can you imagine that this thing has the nerve to bash parents who are having success with chelation and biomed! I think she feels guilt from giving away the first son. She should crawl back under the rock from which she came!


Anonymous said...

She named her first daughter Zelly. Need we say more about her level of sanity? Her autistic kid doesn't stand a chance with her.

*from someone in CA