Thursday, January 14, 2010

Phil Plait and the Pharma Whores from Discover Magazine

Here is a link to an article written by a dishonest simpleton named Phil Plait.

This is a good example of how to argue with dishonest Pharma whores who want to keep causing autism by shooting mercury into babies via vaccines. Since these nitwits are always dishonest in every word they utter regarding autism and vaccines, it makes no sense to try to argue with the words they use. Their arguments are all childish attempts at sophistry so you have to argue their motivation for using the sophistry. It only took a few comments from me before Phil Plait tucked his tail between his legs and banned me from making any more comments to expose his band of liars for the dishonest scumbags that they are.

It's always fun to watch these Pharma whores hide from the truth by banning me from their blogs. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite all of them to comment here and show off just how intelligent they are by giving me an intellectual beating regarding thimerosal and autism.

Come on, Phil, show us all how smart you are.


Lawrence said...

Calm, rational & scientific information.

And your response?

Foresam said...

I looked at your section on thimerosal. There are several blatant lies.

It claims that nearly all thimerosal was removed by 2001 but neglects to include the words "in the United States". The criminal poisoning of babies with mercury continues unabated in most other countries.

Vaccines with the full dose of mercury were still on the shelves until 2003 and some with the full dose were found as late as December of 2007. I don't believe there is any definitive accounting of how much was available between 1999 and 2007 but it was there in some amount. The flu shot with mercury was added to the schedule for pregnant women and six month olds in 2003, as the supply of mercury in other vaccines began to dwindle. This ensured that mercury would enter the babies' brains before a blood brain barrier could develop to keep it out. As Pharma had learned by giving the HepB shot with mercury on the day of birth starting in 1991, this was the best method to intentionally cause autism. Having shills like Phil Plait lying about the fact that ALL mercury had not been removed had the effect of deluding the general public into believing that mercury could not cause autism since the "great unwashed" thought it was ALL gone.

As we saw in retrospect in 1999, a little bit of mercury from vaccines after the blood brain barrier was in place was enough to cause the onset of autism in 1931 in a few rare cases. The amount of mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women was more hazardous by some unknown multiple than this small dose in 1931. It was all that was needed to keep the autism numbers rising.

One other lie concerns the half-life of ethyl mercury which is thought to be closer to 20 years in the brain, not a matter of days as your dishonest site claims.

Greg in Austin said...

Be fair now.

Your comments on Phil's blog were deleted for one simple reason: You broke his one and only policy: "Be nice." You were welcomed and encouraged to go there and have a civilized, adult conversation. Instead, you decided to act childish and call everyone who disagreed with you filthy names.

Perhaps when you grow up, and learn to talk like a big boy, you can post on that blog again. Until then, you can spew your hate-speech someplace else.


Foresam said...

LOL, you liars are funny.

Greg in Austin said...

Please point out my lie.

You can go to Phil's blog right now and see his comments regarding why you were flagged.

Do you claim that anyone who disagrees with you is a liar?

Jake Crosby said...

I read John Best's comments, they're not any worse than the crap I've taken when visiting "Science"Blogs or its rip-offs like Discover Blogs. They will only delete nasty comments from people with whom they disagree so that people with oppositional views will get shouted down. Then they can falsely claim to be honoring "free speech" by giving those people a say, only to get sacked in the comments section. Afterwards, the tools who run those blogs can claim a sort of twisted victory. For that matter they'll even delete respectful comments as well. When I posted a long list of evidence linking MMR to autism on the Bad Astronomy Blog, it never went up. It's all a double standard, and you can expect nothing more from hacks like Phil Plait or David Gorski.

On AoA, it doesn't matter what you believe, if you're a jerk your comment gets deleted, end of story. I've even had a few comments of my own deleted, the latest one for attempting to out "Socrates" who left a comment under an article of mine because I called him by his real name, Harry Williams, instead of by his pseudonym.

Foresam said...

Greg, Phil deleted my comments because I made a fool out of Todd W.. As usual, lying Pharma whores don't like to admit those things so they make up some stupid lie to demonize their intellectual superiors.

Nobody at the cesspool disagrees with me, Greg. They all know what I know but they choose to lie about it. Every word on that blog is a lie.

Greg in Austin said...

Excuse me sir, but I'll ask you again, WHERE DID I LIE?

You called me a liar, you say everyone else on Phil Plait's blog is a liar, but you don't show any proof that what I nor anybody else said was a lie.

I have seen several people who post on Phil's website regularly occasionally get deleted for being a jerk. Perhaps if you lighten up a little, and drop the foul language, people might actually take you seriously.

Foresam said...

Greg, I didn't use any foul language. I merely made fun of a liar named Todd W.

You claimed I use "hate speech". That not true. Ergo, you're a liar. Any other questions.

Foresam said...

Here's a comment from Todd W. that I can't reply to since I've been banned from this stupid blog.

I'd like to point out here for Todd that I was laughing at him because he refuses to address the fact that I cure autism. Todd thinks that asking irrelevant questions counts as a retort to being able to cure autism.

Todd knows that his idiotic questions have as much relevancy to autism as asking me about his mother's ability to swallow sperm, yet Todd persists in this childish form of argument.

Perhaps Todd will show up here and discuss the best methods for chelating mercury out of brains. If not, I'll just have to assume that Todd's inability to grasp the science involved here is because he's more concerned with whether or not his mother spits his sperm out or swallows it. This line of reasoning makes just as much sense as Todd's debating technique.

89. Todd W. Says:
January 15th, 2010 at 2:45 pm
I took a look at John Best’s post about being banned and the attendant comments. Apparently he made a fool out of me by not answering my questions, not providing any evidence to support his claims and using abusive language, and that he was banned for supposedly making a fool of me, rather than for violating Phil’s commenting rules.

Jake Crosby’s also showed up there, supporting John. He says that a post of his that had a long list of references never got posted. It’s a pity he didn’t provide the title of the post he commented on so readers can verify his claim.

It’s really rather interesting how emotional people like John and Jake can get, and how their anger shades their perspective.

Anonymous said...

So they talk about if you go in respectfully they will not delete you. Or come after you with a battering ram. I call B.s!! I have been called horrible things, cursed out, and treated with absoulutely no dignity when all I was saying was that I want to be cured!

I never said THEY had to be cured! And who are they to take away mr right to choose anyway? Last time I checked, this was still America! I have a right to want a cure, and I shouldn't be harassed, insulted, or have my family be insulted over it!

What ever happened to respectful debate?

Darian (the token pro-cure aspie girl)

Anonymous said...

Off topic John but I read something today that made my jaw drop. Apparently an autistic 13 year old boy murdered his father in cold blood. The story can be found here:

I'm a bit shaken, or I would write a little more. Perhaps you might like to say something on it. I pray for the family members of those effected by the tragic event.

Darian (the token pro-cure Aspie girl)

Foresam said...

Darian, Too bad it wasn't one the Neurodiverse.

That's all I want to say about it.